New Hampshire Republican Primary Results Live Blog

New Hampshire’s primary voting began with the nine voters in Dixville Notch cast their votes today.

The polls opened here at midnight and closed less than a minute later, and the tally was final by 12:05 a.m. On the Republican side, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman tied, with two votes each. Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul each got one vote. President Obama received his very first live votes of confidence — three of them.

The New Hampshire primary, the nation’s first of the 2012 presidential campaign, is Tuesday. That means the tiny village of Dixville Notch casts the first ballots of the contest just after midnight, a tradition since 1960. (Jan. 10)

In Hart’s Location, another village that traditionally votes minutes after Dixville Notch, Romney was a clear winner. There, the former Massachusetts governor took five votes to four votes for Paul. Huntsman took two votes, Texas Gov. Rick Perry took one and Gingrich took one.

New Hampshire election law permits unincorporated towns of fewer than 100 residents to open for polling at midnight, and Dixville Notch has done so since 1960, at The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel high in the North Country, about 20 miles south of the Canadian border. There were nine votes cast that year, too, all for Richard Nixon.

Most of the polls will close at 7 pm eastern.  A few close at 8 pm.  CNN is reporting that early exit polling show that most voters have at least a $50k a year salary.   Of those voting, 69 percent are concerned about the economy.  CNN breaking news also sent this interesting tidbit to its subscribers.

One in four said the deficit was the most important issue. Also, more than three-quarters of respondents said the series of Republican debates was important to their final decision, while less than half said television ads were important.

CNN also reports they are expecting a record turnout in the Republican votes.  New Hampshire is having ‘unseasonably’ warm weather and that should improve turnout.  That makes me wonder if New Hampshire Republicans are  climate change deniers.  Probably not.  New Hampshire is it’s own little state.  John Avalon tells us that New Hampshire is all about the independents.

While Iowa’s caucuses are disproportionately dominated by social conservatives, in New Hampshire’s open primary, independents can vote — and they make up more than 40% of the local electorate.

That’s right — in New Hampshire, registered independents outnumber Republicans or Democrats.

It’s a libertarian instinct reflected in the state’s motto, “Live Free or Die.” It’s captured in the wonderful fact that in the northern town named “Freedom,” independents make up the bulk of the 1,000-plus voters.

It’s also reflected in the fact that New Hampshire is one of the least religious states in the nation.

Likewise, a Pew Research Center poll conducted before the 2008 primary found that 55% of New Hampshire Republican primary voters believed that abortion should be always or mostly legal, while just 13% of New Hampshire GOP primary voters said abortion should be always illegal — posing a problem for fundamentalists like Rick Santorum who support a constitutional ban on abortion.

Fiscal conservatives rule the roost in the New Hampshire Republican Party, which is committed to the state’s anti-income tax tradition with a focus on balanced budgets and a concurrent aversion to deficit spending.

Events surrounding the Democratic primary in New Hampshire made me very fond of the state four years ago.   This youtube shows them moment that really drove me to firmly support Hillary.  Well, that and her heartfelt speech about why she was really running.

“Some people think elections are a game: who’s up or who’s down,” Clinton said, her voice breaking and tears welling. “It’s about our country. It’s about our kids’ future. It’s about all of us together. Some of us put ourselves out there and do this against some difficult odds.”

I doubt we’ll have any sincere, heartfelt moments tonight, but we’ll be watching!!!  What’s it look like from where you’re at?

63 Comments on “New Hampshire Republican Primary Results Live Blog”

  1. ralphb says:

    Wonder if Buddy Roemer isn’t listed on the NH primary ballot? In the list of names on msnbc, he’s not even there but Bachmann is still in it.

  2. bostonboomer says:

    More bad news for Rick Santorum and Rick Perry. 50% of NH Republican voters call themselves moderate or liberal on social issues.

  3. dakinikat says:

    Well, that’s that. CNN called it for Romney as the last poll just closed.

    • bostonboomer says:

      That wasn’t in doubt, but we’ll have to see what percentage of the vote he got and who comes in second and third.

  4. Fox is projecting Romney the winner (not a big surprise) and Ron Paul 2nd, Huntsman 3rd, santorum and Newtered locked in battle for 4th, Perry in 6th

  5. bostonboomer says:

    According to exit polls, Ron Paul is running second and Huntsman is third. That’s from NPR.

  6. bostonboomer says:

    AP is already saying Mitt Romney is the winner.

  7. bostonboomer says:

    CNN says Romney is the projected winner. Rick Perry is doing very poorly.

  8. ralphb says:

    Actually I think they’ve been calling it for Romney since Iowa. The only race was for 2nd and 3rd.

  9. dakinikat says:

    They just gave second place to Paul and third place to Huntsmen.

    Looks like Newt, Perry and Santorum will be slugging it out at the bottom during SC.

    Mitts’ about too speak. Ann is talking right now.

  10. ralphb says:

    Has Princess Dumb Ass of the North Woods become Romney’s speechwriter or did he copy her BS? He’s pathetic!!!

    • bostonboomer says:

      Someone on MSBC said a little while ago that Romney is dangerous without a teleprompter or memorization. If he talks off the cuff, he always gets in trouble. Obama’s kind of the same way, but he’s better than Romney.

  11. bostonboomer says:

    Josh Marshall on why Romney doesn’t release his tax returns:

    We might say that a specter is haunting Mitt Romney — the specter of the Buffett Rule.

    That’s right, we haven’t heard a lot about the so-called Buffett Rule in a while but it’s the concept pushed by kabillionaire Warren Buffett and embraced by Democrats and particularly the White House, which says that the superwealthy should not pay lower tax rates than your average secretary or auto mechanic or office manager or anybody else who gets by on a salary.

    It’s a very resonant concept. It makes intuitive sense to people. Overwhelmingly the public supports the idea. And it’s very easy to understand.

    This is Romney’s problem. While we don’t know the specifics of Romney’s tax returns, we know enough about his finances and sources of incomes to know that he is likely the poster-boy for the Buffett Rule. As Romney likes to say, he’s unemployed. He doesn’t draw a salary. But he seems to still be making big big money off capital gains which are currently taxed at a very low rate. He doesn’t seem to have drawn a salary at any time recently. So he likely pays no payroll taxes. And that’s before you get into legal but aggressive tax-sheltering. It seems virtually impossible that Mitt Romney doesn’t pay the sort of effective tax rate that would make people’s eyes pop when compared to middle income and even relatively wealthy (by normal standards) people who pay considerably higher rates.

    That might cause a little problem in any election year. But issues of income inequality and particularly tax policy are right at the top of the political agenda in 2012. And that dictates keeping those tax returns under wraps as long as possible.

  12. im like you DK after NH 08 i was behind hillary

  13. Yawn. Hillary, waiting for you to launch your foundation for women and girls already. Bored to pieces with ’12 election

  14. ralphb says:

    Oh Jeez, Ron Paul is one demented little old man.

  15. ralphb says:

    Well now I think I know why Huntsman hasn’t caught fire. Is it just me or is he almost as bad as Mitt at faking sincerity? Not to mention the penchant for sanctimony which is darned unattractive.

  16. bostonboomer says:

    RIck Santorum: sounds like sour grapes….

    • dakinikat says:

      He and Perry are still trying to prove that Gawd has annointed them … maybe they should talk to Timbus and see how he gets baby jeebus’ attention

      • ralphb says:

        Maybe Gawd was trying to help Texas by getting Perry out of it for a stretch? I’d rather think that was the case.

    • dakinikat says:

      His kids always look so miserable. Didn’t they hear that the state no longer considers them property after they reach a certain age?

  17. bostonboomer says:

    Daily Beast says Gingrich’s hq is empty except for media.

  18. bostonboomer says:

    Everyone probably read it already, but Charlie Pierce has a very funny post about Buddy Roemer.

  19. bostonboomer says:

    You’d think Romney would have learned something in 2008 when Obama was hounded for talking about bitter, gun-toting bible thumpers. The “bitter politics of envy”? Ugh.

  20. dakinikat says:

    on to south carolina

  21. Pat Johnson says:

    I must be a sucker for punishment to sit here, channel surfing, hoping against hope to see Mittens barely breaking 25% again.

    Is it me or is Ron Paul beginning to look creepier and creepier as this thing continues to roll on?

    My last wish is that between MItt and Newt they each manage to eviscerate one another to the point that Herman Cain is called back into action just of the laughs.

    What a sorry assemblage of morons to ever put themselves out there for consideration. All for the most part, “dirty” in some way and all speaking out against the very issues solidly backed by the majority of voters.

    Never thought it possible that I could detest Mittens far more than I detest Newt, who makes me sick. But there it is.

  22. Pat Johnson says:

    We did dodge a few bullets though.

    *Quiterella decided to stay home and shoot whatever is left of the moose population.
    *Donald Trump who decided he did not like sharing a stage.
    *Mitch Daniels whose private life would have made the others blush when it came to “family values”.
    *Chris Christie one donut short of a heart attack.
    *And Haylie Barbour who just “pardoned” 4 convicted, life serving killers, who used to dust and sweep his governor’s mansion.

    This is what was left. Like dregs at the bottom of the coffe cup, these are the finest the GOP has on display.

    • ralphb says:

      If you listened to Willard’s speech tonight, I think Princess Dumbass of the North Woods wrote half those lines or he stole them from her.

      • Pat Johnson says:

        Exactly! And with the hated teleprompter they had so much to say about Obama’s usage.

        I’m sure that Fox found time to drag out another segment of Palin offering her “valued insights” once again.

        Don’t see her being too happy over a Mormon leading this pack of useless baggage.

      • ralphb says:

        Gee I’m so sorry I missed those “valued insights”. Now if I could only find out who valued them. 🙂

    • bostonboomer says:

      If Mitt reminds me of anyone, it’s Donald Trump. He has better hair, but he’s just as much of a blowhard and just as ignorant of government, history, economics, and the Constitution.

    • Minkoff Minx says:

      *Chris Christie one donut short of a heart attack.

      Ain’t that the truth…

  23. Pat Johnson says:

    The following dialogue will be heard over the next 6 weeks between Fig Newton and Mittens:

    “You are a bigger crook than I am.”

    “Not so, you are!”

    “Uh uh, you are a bigger phony!”

    “No you are!”

    “Oh no!”

    “Oh yes!”

    Should be illuminating.

  24. ralphb says:

    NE Dem primary results with 94% of the vote reported.

    Obama 82%
    Write-in 10%