Eyes in the Sky

For anyone who is not persuaded that this country has made a significant U-turn in terms of privacy, civil liberties and what we used to quaintly refer to as ‘freedom,’ this You Tube report is for you.  Hat tip to Democratic Underground on this particular find.

Personally, these drones scare the bejesus out of me.  But any public official saying that ‘nothing is ruled out’ when it comes to drone application in the domestic arena is even more frightening. It should also remind us that this is what perpetual war and disaster capitalism creates–a security industry for profit wrapped in secrecy and the American flag.

The Eyes in the Sky will be watching.  All of us.

8 Comments on “Eyes in the Sky”

  1. northwestrain says:

    These things should scare everyone. Armed drones are next — with gamers sitting somewhere ready to shoot.

    The more we all know about drones and the dangers that will follow — like the military trying to take over a major chunk of south eastern Colorado for a major Drone research and flight center — the more likely this new fad can be nipped and canceled.

    • northwestrain says:

      More and more often the cops are becoming the terrorists — by using terrorism tactics on innocent civilians.

  2. dakinikat says:

    This gives new meaning to the phrase “no place to hide”. Even those survivalists in the mountains can’t escape these babies.

  3. Delphyne says:

    This will not end well. Very, very disturbing on so many levels.

  4. peggysue22 says:

    I just finished rereading Klein’s ‘Shock Doctrine’ and was struck at how perfectly this sort of thing fits her thesis–the whole security industry that has gone gangbusters since 9/11, the fear-mongoring that helps rattle the public, convincing people these heightened measures are necessary and the nationalistic fever whipping up faux dangers [or exaggerating the threats].

    The whole idea of drones is creepy in my estimation. The idea of bringing these off-shoots of war into the domestic realm is beyond chilling. I’m not sure which is worse: the drones or the public officials eager and ready to put them in the skies.

    Brave New World is fast becoming a reality. Too bad our current crop of pols seem to think BNW is a model to imitate, rather than a cautionary tale.

  5. Susan says:

    This seems like more of a public relations error than a vast new threat to freedom. Any police department of significant size has at least one helicopter that is used exactly the way an aerial drone would be used. Why HPD made it such a big, frigging secret is the real mystery. There are NO secret weapons in policing because there are too many people involved in creating, providing and utilizing those weapons. Having an “eye in the sky” has been part of American police procedure for decades.

    This is much ado about nothing, imo.

    • jawbone says:

      Helicopters can’t stay up for 24 hours and they cannot circle a specific area without being noticed. Drones can.