Elizabeth Warren: The Woman Who Would Throw Rocks

What is it about Elizabeth Warren that makes Republicans foam at the mouth and turn apoplectic?  Surely her tenure as a presidential adviser and creator of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau brought her into direct fire and criticism for anyone singing the corporate/banker tune.  Though the Bureau was presumably a joint venture with Treasury, it soon became apparent that Timothy Geithner was a less than enthusiastic partner in Warren’s brainchild, an agency to protect consumer interests from confusing, often unfair financial contracts.

To many in the public, Elizabeth Warren was and has been a vocal advocate of the 99% before the 99ers were a twinkle in anyone’s eye.  She had famously said she would fight for the Bureau’s legitimacy and was willing to leave “blood and teeth on the floor” to make that happen.  That attitude and her frank support for middle-class, every-day concerns made her wildly popular in the public arena.

Well, that was then and this is now.  Warren would not receive a permanent position to head the Bureau she created and breathed into life.  That would have entailed a fight from this Administration, something for which President Obama has shown little talent or willingness.

Instead, as we all know Elizabeth Warren is running for the US Senate in Massachusetts, the seat held by Ted Kennedy for nearly 47 years, now occupied by Scott Brown, who was swept into office primarily over Obama’s botched healthcare plan.

I suspect that the GOP’s real problem with Ms.  Warren is she did not go quietly into that good night, otherwise known as:  back off and shut up.  Not only is she running for the Senate but she’s giving talking tours, explaining the current financial crisis and serving up some very inconvenient truths about what Bush’s eight-year stint of failed economic policy actually did to the country.  Remember?  Cut taxes; run two, hideously expensive, unfunded wars; and create a Medicare drug program out of thin air and magic money.

Ms. Warren’s unforgiveable sin is simply this:. Tell the truth.  Not only that, but then suggest the rich have an obligation to pay their fair share, to give back to the society that made their success possible. Known as pay it forward.  And if you’re going to go to Hell, why not go out in true glory?   Warren went on to suggest that no one who has become rich did it all on their own.  Her statements went viral.

Republican and Libertarian heads exploded in short order. Blasphemy must be punished, they screamed. Bring the woman to heel.

The new Republican assault is as predictable as it is laughable.  Elizabeth Warren is now charged with a ‘collectivist agenda.’  She is an enemy of free enterprise, a threat to capitalism [which needs redefining because as I recall Banana Republic economies are hardly free, nor dedicated to capitalism].  And so we come to the rather pathetic campaign ad that declares Ms. Warren is calling for violence, the overthrow of the State itself.

She is the Woman Who Would Throw Rocks.

Personally?  I hope her aim is deadly.

9 Comments on “Elizabeth Warren: The Woman Who Would Throw Rocks”

  1. boogieman7167 says:

    hmmm well she’s got someone scared and in a good way

  2. bostonboomer says:

    I just can’t wait to go home and vote for Elizabeth Warren! I want her to crush Scott Brown.

    • Peggy Sue says:

      I really wish I lived in Massachusetts so I had one candidate to cheer and feel good about casting vote for. It’s really hard having the heart of a liberal and live in a Red State.

      The very fact that Warren makes Republicans go crazy is a good reason to support her bid. The only disappointing thing I’ve heard about Warren is a very clumsy statement she made about OWS, something to the effect that people should follow the law [meaning the protesters]. That stance seems to fly in the face of so many of her other statements [as far as I know the Movement has been within the law and certainly we’re all guaranteed the right to peaceable assembly and voicing grievances].

      I believe it was George Will who referred to Warren’s ‘collectivist agenda.’ If I didn’t know better, I’d swear we’d gone back to the Red scare days. The accusations are beginning to sound like a mega dose of deja vu. Or maybe it’s because the GOP has moved so-o-o far to the right that anything and everything left of that mark sounds like a Commie plot.

      Hope she does well!

      • Fannie says:

        I wish she were in my state……..I like the way she has handled the job, and am happy to sign up to support her. I really hope she does well.

      • bostonboomer says:

        I hope so too. She really isn’t all that liberal, but she’s a lot better than Scott Brown. Plus she does seem to care about the families that are getting screwed.

      • madamab says:

        Peggy Sue, I think you are on to something about the Red Scare, I believe if you scratch any of these wingnuts, you’ll see McCarthy’s face peeking out.

        McCarthy ruled by fear, and fear is what motivates modern conservatives, In order to feel safe, they must first identify, then destroy “the other.” That is what makes them feel good about themselves – well, as good as they ever can feel.

        I would feel sorry for them, but they have done too much damage. They have both pushed and enabled the creeping fascism and domination of the banksters that has spread around the globe. They have no problems with these things because they only feel threatened by women, people with dark skin, and their own latent homosexuality. As long as those things are taken care of, they don’t care about much else. They think they are “tough” and can deal with financial hardship on their own.

      • Minkoff Minx says:

        Oh Peggy Sue, a liberal living in a red state…or a liberal in a little redneck town is also a living hell! Damn BB you are lucky to be able to vote for someone like Warren.

  3. The Rock says:

    Whatever GOP operative thinks that ad will be bad for Elizabeth Warren needs to send me at least a sample of what they are smoking….

    Hillary 2012

  4. Deborah says:

    Elizabeth is the first politician I have donated to since Hillary. Throw those rocks, girl!