Donald Rumsfeld’s Book Event Spurs Protests in Boston

Former Bush Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld stopped by Boston on Monday night to sell his book. The event was disrupted by protesters who heckled Rumsfeld and attempted to make a citizen’s arrest for war crimes. From WCVB Channel 5 in Boston:

Several protesters tried to disrupt a forum with Rumsfeld at the Old South Meeting House, shouting and holding up signs as most of the audience shouted and booed them down.

“I went down in front and looked Donald Rumsfeld in the eye and said, ‘I’m making a citizen’s arrest,’ said protester Nate Goldschlag, a member of the group Veterans for Peace, who had to buy Rumsfeld’s book to get into the event.

“He lied us into Iraq. He lied about weapons of mass destruction. He lied about Saddam Hussein being involved in 9/11,” Goldschlag said.

Four demonstrators were dragged out of the hall by police and one person was arrested outside the building for assaulting an officer with a bullhorn, police said.

The event was sponsored by right wing talk radio station WRKO, which explains why most of the 300 people there were supportive of Rumsfeld. Unfortunately for the protesters, they had to purchase copies of Rummy’s book in order to get into the event.

It did my heart good to learn about this little demonstration–sorry I’m a little late finding this story. Here are some videos from and about the event:

9 Comments on “Donald Rumsfeld’s Book Event Spurs Protests in Boston”

  1. dakinikat says:

    off topic, promise I’ll go back and read it but had to put this up:

    RuwaydaMustafah Ruwayda Mustafah
    Gaddafi’s spokesperson has been captured while trying to flee Sirte dressed as a woman – Moussa Ibrahim down, copy that. #Libya

    this had me roflmao

  2. dakinikat says:

    okay, now to my on topic comment … there should be some kind of a law against guys that are basically international war criminals from profiting from book tours and trying to resurrect their torture policy creating asses …

    this guy is consummate evil and should be afraid of being Gadhafi’s girl friend in a jail in the Hague

  3. Peggy Sue says:

    Good. About time there was some expression of disgust with what these people did and continue to spout as they trot around the globe selling books. Cheney was booed and called a ‘war criminal’ on his Vancouver book tour. Rumsfeld is right up there. Just because Pelosi and her crew, in their infinite wisdom and behind the velvet curtain, said there’d be no investigation of this inglorious crew, doesn’t mean that these men should escape the condemnation of public opinion.

    Rumsfeld, btw, has been advising Rick Perry on foreign affairs. Obviously, they need to call in the tutors because Perry still sounds as if he has a mouthful of marbles. Maybe call Cheney in for the finer points.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  4. dakinikat says:

    Charlie Rose and Desmond Tutu and Aung San Suu Kyiare having a conversation at the Clinton Global Initiative with President Clinton there. It’s on my local public tv station. She is so wonderful! Tutu is in love! It’s on Charlie Roses’ program.