Late Night: Iowa State Senator tells Concerned College Students to “Go Back Home.”

Shawn Hamerlinck

Earlier this week, five student leaders from Iowa universities attended a budget hearing in the Iowa state senate to describe the effects that a proposed $40 million in university budget cuts would have on students.

Students told of growing personal debt, “wildly” rising tuitions [sic] and other costs, strained resources and declining quality at regents institutions that have been repeatedly subject to state budget cuts.

“I’m learning just how many flavors Ramen Noodles come in,” said Spencer Walrath, UNI student government president, in discussing the impact that state budget cuts have had on college students.

They described

how state spending cuts were making college less affordable for students because of rising tuition rates at the same time that class sizes have been increasing and programs have been reduced.

Republican state Senator Shawn Hamerlinck told the students they were being “used as props in a Democratic “propaganda” effort to leverage more state spending.”

More of his condescending lecture:

“I do not like it when students actually come here and lobby me for funds. That’s just my opinion. I want to wish you guys the best. I want you to go home and graduate. But this political fear, leave the circus to us, OK?” he said.

Hamerlinck then proceeded to thank the student leaders for coming, and he said it was a good thing that they had carefully prepared their remarks. “But actually spending your time worrying about what we’re doing up here, I don’t want you to do that. Go back home. Thanks, guys,” he said.

Gee, I wonder if he tells corporate lobbyists the same thing? Listen to it:

17 Comments on “Late Night: Iowa State Senator tells Concerned College Students to “Go Back Home.””

  1. bostonboomer says:

    Shawn Hamerlinck is impressed with crazy Republican candidate Herman Cain.

    State Sen. Shawn Hamerlinck, R-Dixon, who has not yet signed on to a 2012 Republican presidential candidate, said he was impressed with Cain after hearing him speak to the Iowa Senate Republican caucus.

    “I was actually impressed by his guy-next-door, down-to-earth approach,” Hamerlinck said. “He’s not doing it from the political setting. Sometimes … you’ve been here a number of years, they speak like politicians. But I’m impressed that he’s actually taking it on from the guy that’s part of the working community. He’s saying, ‘Hey, I’ve got a fix that politicians haven’t seen before.’ Pretty impressive.”

    Hamerlinck said Iowa is spoiled by the fact that presidential candidates are “tripping over your feet” by the end of the legislative session, because they all want to come in to speak with state lawmakers.

    He said Iowa Republicans are gauging the viability of all candidates simultaneously. He said Cain stacks up well.

  2. Peggy Sue says:

    What a condescending douchebag!

    Yeah, please go home and let us [the clowns] run the circus. What do we care if you’re steeped in debt, have no prospects after graduation? Our kids will get into college and we’ll make sure we, the priviledged few, don’t pay through the nose. And with all our splendid contacts, our kids will be sure to get a prime job, too.

    Run along now. Party hearty and blow a few thousand brain cells on drunken escapades [because secretly we know that’s all you’re good for]. Don’t bother us with your petty complaints.

    And then these people wonder why they’re held in such contempt!

  3. dakinikat says:

    These idiots are all over state legislatures these days. Every educated person is an enemy to them and for good reason.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I can’t figure out where the Republicans find so many of these morons.

  4. bostonboomer says:

    John Boehner sex scandal?

    when it comes to divining why Boehner — who as the same Politico piece mentioned is not normally averse to giving a teetering scandal-plagued politician a “forearm shiver” — is keeping silent, the Politico people leave out one key thing.

    One very key thing.

    What is it? Try Googling “boehner sex”, for starters. The very first thing you’ll see is what I’ve put at the top of this post.

    The deets can be found here:

    Capitol Hill insiders and political bloggers have been buzzing about an upcoming New York Times probe–detailing an alleged affair that the 61-year-old married father of two had with pretty Washington lobbyist LISBETH LYONS.

    And an ENQUIRER investigation has uncovered a bedroom encounter that Boehner–second in line of succession to the presidency–allegedly had with LEIGH LaMORA, a 46-year-old former press secretary to ex-Colorado Congressman JOEL HEFLEY.

    Well, well, well. This isn’t just alleged actual affairs as opposed to sexting, but affairs that include one with a lobbyist — a person whose job involves finding ways to influence politicians like John Boehner. Hmmmm.

    Does Boehner cry during sex? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. Fannie says:

    I think that approach was used on women, blacks, and hispanics back when. I was thinking changes had occured in academic areas since then, but listening to this man, we haven’t overcome unequality in this country.
    Hey, the young people just need to knock down the damn doors, and march right in, and demand CHANGE from the administration, the faculty, and other bureaucracies.

    Needless to say somebody better get it together.

  6. Minkoff Minx says:

    Check it out, Santorum is trying to get Google to fix the search…I mean remove the filth.
    I guess the ass man is a bit tired of being associated with, well, y’all know.
    Santorum hopes Google will do something about ‘filth on the Internet’ | Video Cafe

    Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum hopes that Google will do something to disassociate his name with with a sex act.

    The top search results on the worlds most popular Internet search engine conflates the former senator’s name with anal sex.

  7. Minkoff Minx says:

    Back in 2003, when I moved to my little Banjoland red neck of the woods my family went to a Classic car show that is held in downtown Banjoville…I mean Blairsville. They were having this trivia contest where they would ask a question over the loud speaker and gave 5 minutes for someone to come up to the main stage and give an answer. One of the questions was about a law in Alabama…
    What item of clothing is illegal to wear while driving in the state of Alabama?
    I went up to the man at the booth and said, “A hood?” (It did not go over very well.) I guess they take their drives to the weekly cross burning seriously around here.

    The reason I bring that up is this:

    BBC News – Alabama passes tough immigration law

    The US state of Alabama has passed into law one of the most stringent immigration laws in the country.

    The new legislation, similar to one passed last year in Arizona, requires schools to find out if students are there illegally.

    The law, which takes effect on 1 September, also make it a crime to give an illegal immigrant a ride in a car.

    Advocacy groups say they will challenge the measures, which they call racist and unconstitutional.

    I don’t know, makes me want to go to Alabama and give a illegal immigrant a ride, and be sure to wear a mask while I do it. Cause come September, they both will get you arrested.

  8. Sophie says:

    Brilliant, Hamerlinck! Democrats have been struggling for ideas to fire up the base and get disenchanted college students to return to the polls. Thanks for the assist!

  9. okasha says:

    Go back home, indeed. Go back home and VOTE.