Donald Trump’s Deep Thoughts on Abortion, Religion

I’ve never been very interested in Donald Trump. To be honest, until today I had never actually heard him speak two consecutive sentences. Trump has given several interviews lately, and based on watching them and/or reading the transcripts, I must say the man strikes me as a complete idiot. Next to him, the “P” woman looks slightly above average in intelligence.

Trump addressed his “pro-life” stance with Savannah Guthrie of NBC News and George Stephanopoulos of ABC News. Here are his words of wisdom on the subject.

Vaugn Ververs at MSNBC’s First Read:

Donald Trump appeared stumped when asked [by Savannah Guthrie] about the legal principle that served as the cornerstone for the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion….

Guthrie: “Is there a right to privacy in the Constitution?”

Trump: “I guess there is, I guess there is. And why, just out of curiosity, why do you ask that question?”

When pressed to explain how his position on the right to privacy “squares” with his anti-abortion position, Trump responded: “Well, that’s a pretty strange way of getting to pro-life. I mean, it’s a very unique way of asking about pro-life. What does that have to do with privacy? How are you equating pro-life with privacy? ”

Guthrie asked, “well, you know about the Roe v. Wade decision.” Trump responded, “yes, right, sure. Look, I am pro-life. I’ve said it. I’m very strong there.”

Trump left the interview still not seeing a connection between a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion and the right to privacy. What a loon!

On ABC’s Good Morning America, George Stephanopolous asked Trump directly about the fairly recent change in his abortion stance.

Stephanopoulos: At that time, you were also pro-choice. Now you say you’re against abortion. When did you change your mind on that?

Trump: I would say, you know, a while ago. Quite a while ago.

Stephanopoulos: Why?

Trump: Because a number of cases, but in one particular case, I had a friend and I have a friend. And he would– did not want a child and his wife didn’t want a child. And they were going to abort. And they didn’t do it for very complicated reasons. And now they have the child. And it’s the apple of his eye. And he said, “Thank God.” He changed also, by the way. “Thank God, I didn’t do it.” And I’ve seen that, and I’ve seen other things. And I am pro-life.

That makes a lot of sense. Some rich golfing buddy of Trump’s didn’t want a baby but then changed his mind after the baby was born. Therefore all women must be forced to bear children they don’t want.

Maybe a religious conversion contributed to the change in Trump’s views since 1999 when he told Tim Russert he was pro-choice? He assured David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network that he (Trump) is church-going Christian.

David Brody: You talk a lot about business obviously, but talk to me a little bit about how you see God. How you see God in everything from what happened to your brother (he died of alcoholism at the age of 42) to how your life is today.

Donald Trump: I believe in God. I am Christian. I think The Bible is certainly, it is THE book. It is the thing. I was raised and I gave you a picture just now and perhaps you’ll use that picture I found it from a long time ago. First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica queens is where I went to church. I’m a protestant, I’m a Presbyterian. And you know I’ve had a good relationship with the church over the years. I think religion is a wonderful thing. I think my religion is a wonderful religion.


Brody: Do you actively go to church?

Trump: Well, I go as much as I can. Always on Christmas. Always on Easter. Always when there’s a major occasion. And during the Sundays. I’m a Sunday church person. I’ll go when I can.

He’ll go on Christmas and Easter and when he can the rest of the year? I’m not sure Trump understands the evangelicals any better than he understands the U.S. Constitution. Maybe Trump is actually secretly auditioning for a new reality show? He can’t possibly be serious about running for President of the U.S. Can he?

39 Comments on “Donald Trump’s Deep Thoughts on Abortion, Religion”

  1. madamab says:

    Oh my Gawd, they’ve found someone who makes Dubya look articulate. How, how do the Republicans keep doing it?

    Prediction: This guy implodes before the end of the summer.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I honestly never listened to him talk before. No one could be that stupid.

      • dakinikat says:

        There are so many ways to describe this pathetic man. Let’s see … pathological liar.. self promoting narcissist … egoist … asshole … they’ve got all kinds of stuff on him. Today he said Reagan was his favorite prez…in his book he said Reagan wasn’t so great and he admired Carter. The guy will say and do anything to get attention. He’s a walking case study for crazy. He was born into money. Otherwise, he’d be institutionalized one way or another.

      • madamab says:

        I know, right? This is the guy who thinks he’s going to beat Obama?

        Je pense que non!

      • Pat Johnson says:

        Have you not being paying attention to Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann??

        They each raise stupidity to new levels.

      • Minkoff Minx says:

        BB, I have only heard him talk in very short sentences on the commercials for the apprentice…your fired…never heard anything else from him. And since he started this hilarious game of his, I haven’t really paid any attention. You are right, he is an idiot.

  2. bostonboomer says:

    Trump also told Savannh Guthrie that he would put a 25% surcharge on everything we import from China and he would not raise the debt ceiling.

  3. Seriously says:

    Lol Oh boy, he and Anthony Kennedy are going to be bffs for sure. Best rationale for being anti-choice EVER!

  4. Pilgrim says:

    Boston Boomer….that picture you have up, it reminds one of the cartoon of him that Doonesbury is running this week.

  5. bostonboomer says:

    Bradley Manning will be transfered to Levenworth, where he will probably be held under less restrictive conditions.

  6. Pat Johnson says:

    Trump is a wonderful Christian who reads his bible and goes to church sometime during the year!

    Good enough for me! At least as yet he has not admitted that he has a personal relationship with God whose advice he seeks before screwing his competitors so we have that much at least to be thankful for.

    Another dimwit with a huge ego that does not have clue about what he is talking about. Fits right in.

  7. Peggy Sue says:

    I thought this whole Presidential probe was merely a publicity stunt on Trump’s part. But now, I’m starting to believe the man might actually run.

    I caught the Savannah Guthrie interview and Trump did very poorly on the “privacy” question. In fact, it was clear she caught him totally off guard. So, if he’s going to run he’ll need a Palin tutorial in how to answer the controversial questions and not look like the deer in the headlights.

    I have no problem with Trump stirring the pot because he’s driving establishment Republicans crazy. I saw Karl Rove the other night and he was literally sputtering all over himself. Trump has called out George Bush, dissed St. Ronnie and is on the warpath against Obama. He brought up the Rezko connection in Florida, something the press refused to address in 2008.

    In fact, this afternoon I was sitting with my laptop with the news in the background. I started flipping through the cable shows. Each and everyone was talking about Donald Trump, Left, Right and Center.

    The man knows how to get the buzz on. I also read an interesting theory over at Hillary is 44–that The Donald is using a strategy straight from his own playbook, The Art of the Deal [a book I never read].

    Interesting times we’re living in–theater in the round with a cast of mind-boggling characters.

    • Seriously says:

      For real fun, he needs to run as an Independent with Perot.

    • dakinikat says:

      I’ve never seen a bigger crop of shallow,uninformed, and self obsessed people in my lifetime than this group of presidential contenders. The two party system is showing itself incapable of providing candidates with even a common sense of decency let alone solutions to and understanding of today’s world and problems. All they seem good at is self promotion and garnering media attentionm

  8. Susan Livingston Harris says:

    Be that as it may, he’s going to be your next President….

    • dakinikat says:

      You’ve got to be kidding! The bankruptcy king is going to run the government? He lost his family money and a bunch of state money in all his bad business dealings. The only way he’s made money is to be a self-promoting con man. Get me to the Canadian border fast if that happens. I’ll even leave all my assets behind in the dash.

      • BxDemFem says:

        Trump used to attend Marble Collegiate Church in lower Manhattan. That is where he met the infamous Marla. He may still go there for all I know. MC is a beautiful church and the services there are impressive. I do not think any of the sermons made an impression on him, just Marla I guess.

    • Good timing for Rosie O’Donnell to come back on OWN.

  9. foxyladi14 says:

    he is a red herring.don’t be fooled…

  10. Rich says:

    I have heard about him for many years. I do not know this man or his heart. As a Catholic I know God loves Mr Trump just as much as He loves me. We should pray for Him, as he might end up being our president. If you know what is in his heart comment on it. If not remember all of those who have commented on your heart!

    • dakinikat says:

      Wishful thinking or praying-in your case-isn’t a very useful strategy for choosing a leader. It’s wiser to arm yourself with knowledge of what he has done over his lifetime. This is a man who inherited vast sums of money and blew through it all with bad decisions. Then he took vast sums from the state in form of grants and blew through it all. He is a con man. He is telling people what they want to hear to get where he wants to get. It scares me that rather than relying on finding out the reality that you are relying on denial of reality. Look for the truth rather than falling back on superstition or lazy thinking.

    • dakinikat says:

      You should spend more time finding out about what people have said and done in the past and less time waxing philosophical about the musings of other people or invisible beings. The information is out there if you look. As for me … I will take science and reason any day over and finding out the reality through research. This man would be in jail if not for the circumstances of his birth into money.

  11. Rich says:

    Donald Trump has given thousands of jobs to the average person. I refuse to climb into his heart and be his judge. I prefer to pray for this man that his heart can be full of justice for all as he may end up being our next president.

    • paper doll says:

      oh honestly……you both chant the mantra how he’s going to be our next president. I wish you trolls were given diffrent scripts at least.

      If that turns out to be the case, the powers that be have decided to completely destroy this country…I’m not ruling it out. But I do agree with you on point point. I won’t be climbing into the Donald’s heart either.

  12. Damhnaic says:

    Trump will never get the GOP nomination; he’s contributed strictly to Democratic nominees in the past. He’s not a career politician either. I actually predict Romney will be the GOP nominee though, he’s run before, a career politician and least polarizing.

    If he did somehow win and become President then he’ll be vetted and cannot do much without the consent of Congress and the Senate so his brand of crazy will be tempered. Being a loose cannon and not rank-in-file style republican could be a good thing, we need serious effort and drive which he has. Regan was an actor too, it may turn out alright.

    • dakinikat says:

      The republican establishment has used a lot of people to get a critical mass of voters to support their monopoly agenda. All this craziness is the result of their inviting crazy people to their party. You can’t open the door a little bit and not expect that crazy people won’t crash in. First it was the southern strategy which brought in racially and xenophobs and then it was the xtian version of the taliban in the us. Donald trump takes his playbook from PT Barnum. He thinks he can run the freakshow and make millions while staying on the front page. This may just well be a move for him to boost his negotiations of a new contract for his reality show. Afterall, he is a failure in real businesses. He is the poster child for bankruptcy and self promotion.

      • bostonboomer says:

        The Xtian Taliban may vote for Trump as an alternative to Romney. They certainly won’t vote for a Mormon.

    • paper doll says:

      Nothing and no one will stop the billionaire’s drive for the trillions but the people….the top .9999% have set things on that course

      • dakinikat says:

        did you see this from the WSJ??

        Real estate tycoon Donald Trump has called South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and is serious about a White House bid, the Republican governor said Wednesday.

        “Anybody that thinks he’s doing this for name recognition — that’s just not true. He’s very serious about it and he’s convinced he can win,” Haley said.

        The governor’s endorsement would be important for any 2012 GOP presidential hopeful in this early primary state.

        They should call him the real estate bankruptcy tycoon

    • bostonboomer says:

      Romney is horrible. I speak from experience. I don’t think he can get the nomination.