Let them eat Dead Fish and Oily Seaweed

I used to think that no one could top George W. Bush’s air guitar trick at a Republican fundraiser during the Hurricane Katrina period but I was wrong. You would think no one in their right mind would repeat a similar public relations nightmare. So, Senator Boxer is in so much trouble right now that we get repeat of similar callousness. While the people around me (including me) worry about how they are going to provide their next meal, I see this on NBC: “Let’s see What to Eat on a $17,6000 Date with the President.” BostonBoomer highlighted the dinner at the GETTY (as in GETTY oil fortune) mansion earlier today. The details coming out appall.

So what does $92,000 an hour buy you in food? If you’re President Barack Obama it gets you a plate full of hors d’oeuvres, a salad and ribs.

Mr. Obama’s 19-hour whirlwind Bay Area fundraising trip filled Sen. Barbara Boxer‘s wallet with $1.75 million and he used a $17,600 a person dinner at the Getty Mansion in San Francisco to bring in the big bucks.

The president’s 80 dinner guests were treated to an elaborate meal prepared by chef Jennifer Johnson, according to SF Gate, who got the scoop on the menu.

Diners were treated to quail egg with caviar and salmon ceviche with jicama and avocado on a tortilla chip
as their starting hors d’oeuvres. Next they were served a spring onion-asparagus tartlet with Meyer lemon vinaigrette-dressed frisee salad.

We have to wait for a visit until Friday while we all cling to our beers watching the live feed from the bottom of the Gulf and some method they call Top Kill that thankfully has nothing to do with Tom Cruise. Every one down here is praying to whatever it is they pray to that this works. WTF is he doing? Is this a let them eat arugala moment or what? Politico has the link to the fundraising speech where the beautiful people basically paid for a lecture on how us little people are afraid of change. “Change can be scary.”

No Mr. President. Losing communities, ecosystems, tax bases, jobs, entire generations of animals, and coastal marshes and fearing for the air you breathe and the water your drink is scary. Being unemployed for years and facing an endlessly high unemployment rate is scary. Being told you have to buy overpriced health insurance that you can’t afford or pay more taxes is scary. Being told some one you love is going to do one more rotation in Afghanistan is scary. All of that is scary. What you represent is NOT CHANGE. It’s pathetic sameness.

These problems that we confronted didn’t come out of nowhere. They didn’t just happen. There was a consequence of policies that had been in place for years, that Barbara’s opponents, that the other party have promoted. And so we had to move fast, and that’s what we did.

On day one, we took the reins and we said are going to make sure that we don’t slip into a Great Depression. And we are —

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Move faster on “don’t ask, don’t tell”!


THE PRESIDENT: It’s good to see you again.

AUDIENCE: Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can!

THE PRESIDENT: I have to say — you know, I saw this guy down in L.A. — (laughter) — at a Barbara Boxer event about a month and a half ago, and I would — two points I want to make. Number one, he should — I hate to say this, but he really should, like, buy a ticket to — if he wants to demonstrate, buy a ticket to a guy who doesn’t support his point of view. (Laughter.) And then you can yell as much as you want there. (Applause.)

I’ve got Tim Robbins flying over and voicing over tapes of the damage down here. Kevin Costner is providing venture capital and testing machines to separate crude from water and has offered them up for test runs. We’ve got Mary Matalin and James Carville standing with Bobby Jindal screaming at the top of their lungs and showy the oily mess to whomever will see. What sort of show of solidarity do we get from the President? What show of leadership do we get in what will probably be the worst ecological disaster since Chernobyl, if not ever? How many folks down here have to lose everything they have before we get a scrap off of that dinner plate, Mr. President?

Couldn’t you have taken the opportunity to suggest they send some of that money to the National Audubon Society or any of the number of fundraisers we’re having down here to try to feed fisherman, shrimpers, charter boat companies, etc. whose lives will never, ever be the same. How about a little a suggestion that folks get their asses down here and help clean up this mess? No, this is what we get.

Hello, California! Thank you! (Applause.) Thank you. Thank you. You doing a little dance? Thank you. Thank you, everybody, thank you. Oh, thank you. Now, it is good to be back. But I resent I didn’t get a chance hear the choir sing. (Laughter.) I was up somewhere. They were working me hard. And I could have used a little lift of the spirit there. (Laughter.)

Do you remember that tape staffers had to make for Dubya in order to get his attention down here for Hurricane Katrina? I think it’s about time President Obama starts seeing some videos of the folks losing every thing they’ve got as well as all the dead plants and animals killed by the toxins as well his inability to get off the lecture circuit and show some leadership. He may not be a geological engineer but he’s the President and he can marshal resources and responses like no other. Once, we got to the moon on the dream of a president who was not an astrophysicist. Twice, we won world wars with presidents that were anything but career soldiers. Leading a country means commandeering whatever resources it takes to get the job done and telling the people who look up to you that you’re in charge.

How about the President come down here and eat dinner with some of the just plain folk in these newscasts?

Here’s a little of what I get to see and hear day-in and day-out. It’s unbearable some days. I could add a lot more but I doubt it would do any good, any way. He’s on vacation in Chicago next. Who does that remind you of?

Pathetic sameness.

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  1. deadenders says:

    oilsoc really does believe he’s the comedian in chief. The problem with his jokes are that he’s making fun of the Americans that don’t adore him but Americans nun the less.
    This is his Katrina. If Top Kill works it should have been done on day 2. And in the mean time they should have been using the RedNeck geniuses Hay Plan to absorb the oil at sea before it reached to coast.