Have we reached the Cross-Roads?

Is the press starting to hold the President accountable for his action or inaction for the Gulf Oil spill and his many unanswered campaign promises? Are we finally getting real coverage on a do-nothing, speechifying, megacorporate-enabling White House?

I’m going to make this brief, but I’m going to point you to a few headlines that show that reality may be sinking in for That One and his fluffer brigade. Hopefully, you can share some insight of your own too.

From Politico; Headline: White House takes heat over spill response


“We have been frustrated with the disjointed effort to date that has too often meant too little, too late to stop the oil from hitting our coast,” Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said during a Monday news conference at Port Fourchon with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

“BP is the responsible party, but we need the federal government to make sure they are held accountable and that they are indeed responsible. Our way of life depends on it,” Jindal said.

Gen. Russel L. Honore, who helped oversee the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina, didn’t criticize the administration’s actions — but suggested the federal government could assert more control by declaring a national disaster in the Gulf.


The president’s visit this week comes amid stepped up criticism on the administration’s role in handling the oil spill.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday that everyone within the administration is “frustrated that there’s still a hole in the bottom of the ocean leaking oil” – and that the president is not going to be satisfied until it’s plugged.

Washington Examiner; Headline: Fawning press now gets Cold shoulder from Obama


Will Barack Obama go an entire year without holding a formal news conference? He’s getting close: The president’s last full-scale session with the press was on July 22, 2009, which was 307 days ago.

WaPo, Headline: The big offshore lie

The Obama administration, in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico disaster, has apparently decided that digging in on its misguided decision in March to expand offshore drilling is the way to go.

Even the blogosphere is beginning to realize the emperor never had any clothes. There’s more heat over at FireDogLake then any outraged PUMA blog during the primaries; including here. HuffPo (whose banner today says “IMPOTENT RAGE”), DU, and others are all voicing concerns over what kind of leadership enables the very corporations that create international disasters to continue forward with their cost-minimizing, profit-maximizing, programs of mass destruction. From derivatives to drugs to drilling, we’re seeing the same monsters that crashed the process lead the response to them with follow-up record profits and tax payer funding. It’s a pattern now. There’s no escaping it.