The Obama Nation: Increasingly Desperate

I’m noticing a distinct tone change in the MSM and among many key Obama supporters.  It’s that sound of desperation.  It’s the sound of whining … PULEEZE vote for him!  After all, the world will fall apart if we get another Republican in office.  Today’s New York Times Op Ed page is full of the whine of the Obamanation.

Among the many issues voters need to consider in this campaign is this vital fact: The next president is likely to appoint several Supreme Court justices. Those choices will determine the future of the law, and of some of Americans’ most cherished rights.

John McCain and Barack Obama have made it clear that they would pick very different kinds of justices. The results could be particularly dramatic under Mr. McCain, who is likely to complete President Bush’s campaign to make the court an aggressive right-wing force


While that’s a really nice argument , we need to remember that it takes two to stack a supreme court.  The President may appoint the justices, but remember, there is that advice, consent, and approval of the senate thing stuck right there in the constitution.  If progressive Senators would’ve grown a pair (or borrowed them from Hillary), we wouldn’t be in this position now.  Obama was going to happily vote for Roberts until an aide told him otherwise.  Think Bork.  He  was stopped.  Hell, Joe Biden could have prevented the appointment of  Clarence “Uncle” Thomas had he acted like he had some sense and a pair! The head of the senate just needs to make sure that the president knows who will get through and who will experience nomination hell and then make it so!  This is why it is important that some one like Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton holds leadership in the Senate.  We will not see this kind of leadership from Senator Reid.

Also, overturned laws go back to the states.  The bottom line is, if you want to live in a state that resembles the christian version of the taliban nation, move to nebraska.  If you want rights and civil liberties, move to california, new york, or minnesota.  I think you see what population patterns suggest here.  You live in nebraska, you live among cows. You live in minnesota, you live among university attending people.

The next whine I’m hearing over and over as Obama’s numbers vacillate but never reach that 50% number is that we’re just not ready for a black president.  This is despite the fact we have black governors, black mayors, black representatives, and black senators in places where there are indeed, white voters.  Just ask me!  ALL of my local government leaders and representatives are nonwhite. I’d never vote if I had an issue with black or minority candidates. Democrats think that only by gerrymandering the country and the primaries, we’ll finally get a black president because americans follow their lesser angels.  I will grant you, there are some racist hold-outs all over the country, but they are not the majority. 

A lot of these “They are RACIST!”  whines come from folks that think they know places like the South and the midwest and then slime us with some outrageous caricature.  Obama’s own characterization of us as bitter folks clinging to religion and guns shows exactly how unaware many folks are about the nature of the citizens of this country.  With the exception of a few nasty people, most americans are willing to give just about any one a fair shake until you insult them and their intelligence.  We all might not be Harvard-educated, but we have our own set of skills and sense by which we get by in life.  Why can’t we just call it what it is.  We’re rejecting Obama not on his race, but on his merit.  He is pathetically short on merit.  McCain may be a crusty old goat with a temper, but he’s a crusty old goat who put his time in the military and the senate and paid his dues.    Americans like some one who shows stick-to-itness.  The only long term commitments Obama has made are to his very irregular friends and associates.  Folks that just about no one can imagine putting into their address books, let alone clinging to for years.  Well, I don’t cling to a bible or a gun, and I sure don’t cling to a former weatherman who bombed the pentagon and is sorry he didn’t do more effective bombing.  Nobody gets Obama because of his ‘not us’ element, none of us get Obama because he shows poor judgement in the selection of his friends and associates.  If there’s one old slogan Americans do cling to it’s “Birds of a feather, flock together.” If you want to mistake that and intrepret it for racism, I’d suggest you develop some critical thinking skills.  That old saying is far deeper than that.

Then there is the whine, you lost, just get over it and get on the bus! Pelosi is the head whiner on this one.  She is also the one that ensured the roll call at the DNC broke every rule in the book.  “Stop the Hate” Brazille has also taken this tact.  She being one of the main instigators of the gerrymandered primary system that delivered one more weak and unsuitable candidate to us.  Listen, I voted for Mondale, I voted for Kerry, and I even voted for Dukkakis! I’m way pass the fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me … I’m into some other zone here on being fooled that the DNC-delivered candidates will get elected outside of those solid blue states.  The deal is, we didn’t lose, and that makes us not get over it.  I didn’t even have a chance to get my voice heard before Iowa handed me John Kerry.  I didn’t like it.  I thought he’d lose.  I did get on board, because the process delivered the outcome in a way with which I could not argue. It sucked but it was a process no one gamed.  I also thought Kerry was capable of doing the job, even though I figured he wasn’t going to be a Truman, a Jefferson, or a Roosevelt.  Obama was the result of gerrymandering and tricks AND he’s not capable of doing the job.  Biden probably is … but if that’s the case, put Biden up there on top.  What?  He never garners any votes?  Go figure!  What is this?  Win the presidency by putting a silver tongued puppet up there then let the VP run the show?  Didn’t we get enough of that with Dubya and Cheney?

So, anyway, stop the whining!  I’m still note voting for him!


11 Comments on “The Obama Nation: Increasingly Desperate”

  1. MessyMarcy says:

    Obama is like an abusive husband who (1) delivers a slap across the mouth to his wife because the household is not being maintained to his standards even though said wife is also working full time and is the primary (or more likely sole) caregiver for the children and does 100% of the household chores, and then (2) is shocked that said wife doesn’t want to have sex with him that night.

    He and his co-conspirators stole the nomination, called us Hillary supporters every vile name they could think of for the past few months and have set back race relations and women’s rights to the point it will take years to recover from this crap; but they still expect us to lie back and think of the Party. Bullshit.

    Since I have been voting, only two other candidates for President have instilled the fear in me that Obama does — Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Considering the harm they did to this country, I will never vote for Obama. He has no qualifications, no principles, and is surrounded with the scariest bunch of thugs and crooks I have ever seen in politics. Furthermore, if they wanted to be able to credibly scare us with Roe v. Wade, they should not have sat idly by while Bush replaced O’Connor with Alito.

    And on another topic, stop badmouthing Nebraska. If you want to insult a state, how about Iowa? They’re the ones who set the Democratic Party on this long, dismal journey to oblivion.

  2. dakinikat says:

    I was raised in Iowa for awhile then my family moved me to Nebraska. I have experience with both places. All i can say is any one who lives there can have them! I’ve argued loud and clear hear that I’m tired of Iowa sending us complete losers!!!!

    Other than that, I agree with everything you say Marcy … i’m roflmao with the lie back and thinking of the party! So True!!!!

  3. Jmac says:

    Ditto on Nebraska! Two years were one too many.

    The O supporters are getting desperate. My sister sent my husband an email and asked that he spread it around. Said it was important to get signatures – the email was on McCain releasing his medical records.

    Even the NY Times seems to be getting desperate. To print an op-ed calling Palin SnowJobSquareGlasses is digging low.

    It’s sad. But it will be sadder still if he somehow manages to win.

  4. mgreenwood says:

    You know, I really am starting to feel sorry for you guys over in the US. You don’t seem to have a credible duo to lead your country through a recession which is getting worse, a war which you can’t get out of and the threat of WW3 with the Russians. You either vote for a president who has been a senator for just the last four years with a loose cannon VP who’s been there forever or an ancient president who in all probability won’t last a full term and “struggled with mathematics” and a VP who has been governor of Alaska for 2 years and before that the mayor of a town of between 5000 and 9000 people.
    But heck, at least they are all good Christians, that’s the important thing.
    And yes, of course the racism, sexism, ageism cards will be played. It would be un-PC for them not to be. That’s why you have to fight the prejudices and look at what they actually want to do for your country.
    I don’t know how I would vote if I was there and seeing as I will be before the next election I hope I have a better choice.
    I suppose we just duck and cover and wait for the bomb to fall?

  5. sharmajee says:

    Glad to see you are back in business, dakinikat., hopefully none the worse for Gustav and Ike. Real glad to read a post that lays outtrue feelings. You speak for many. I think I am going to quote you and link to it. I’ve become pumas4palin. Finally, I concur, it is Iowa’s fault. No wonder it’s name is so apt. IOWA=I Owe the World an Apology.

  6. MessyMarcy says:

    Oh, up yours, mgreenwood. Pray tell, what country do you live in that has such a pure, perfect and wise leader? But thank you for coming by and summarizing the issues for us; I was quite surprised to learn that Obama’s only negative was that he had only been a Senator for less than four years. I had previously believed his lying, associating with criminals, being in the pocket of the banking, nuclear and big media industries, together with his unwavering bigotry toward women and the aged, were all good reasons not to vote for him. But now, having read your comment, I realize that he is truly THE ONE and will, of course, vote accordingly.

    I will actually be choosing the old guy and the girl. I believe it important that McCain, in spite of his ancient age that you so charmingly referenced, is able to verbalize a coherent thought without the aid of a teleprompter, unlike Obama. And while I may disagree with him on some policy issues, at least he has a record by which I can judge him, again unlike Obama, who has done very little in life other than that which would directly benefit himself. And I realize that to you Obama worshippers, the experience of running a state and a small town absolutely does not compare to the all-important community organizing experience of the Chosen One, but I would actually be more comfortable with Palin as President than either Obama or Biden.

    You see, strange as it may seem to you, I really don’t care how old they are, what color they are, what sex they are or what church they attend; I’m choosing the two who have a proven record of fiscal responsibility and fighting government waste and corruption over the two who have used such waste, fraud and irresponsibility to line their own pockets.

    I think enough voters probably see through Obama that he can’t win this election; whether he can steal it remains to be seen, as that has turned out to be the one thing he is really good at.

  7. mgreenwood says:

    Don’t want to start an argument Marcy, really don’t know who I would vote for. I could’ve listed far more things about Obama but dakinikat does that far better than I can, and didn’t realise it sounded like I would vote for him. Obama doesn’t impress me at all, whenever I see him giving speeches he seems like such an amateur, wouldn’t want him running the country, let alone everything else that’s wrong with him.

    I actually hope you’re right and that McCain and Palin can win it, even though I was a bit disparaging to both, because they do seem like the better candidates, but I don’t think I would personally vote for them.

    I live in the UK, where I wouldn’t say our leader is pure, perfect and wise (I mean, name me a politician who is) but who has at least had ten years running the country’s economy, can put together his own speeches and isn’t in the pocket of any major companies, but however, wasn’t elected to the position.

  8. MessyMarcy says:

    mgreenwood, I apologize for my overly snappish comments. This is a bad year for me — I have also voted for the Democratic nominee every election since Carter, and I do not recognize what the party has become. I didn’t just vote for all those twits (Clinton not included in this category) because they were Democrats, however; in every instance I truly believed they were better than the Republican nominee. I decided after Hillary ended her campaign and even before McCain named Palin that I would be voting for him. I truly believe he will be a better President than Obama would, just on merit alone. I have some serious policy disagreements with him and Palin on several issues, but since Obama cannot be counted on to remain firm on any position on any issue, I can live with that. And accusing veep nominee Palin of inexperience is ridiculous in light of Obama’s history, or lack thereof. When you add in how Obama came by the nomination, his attitude toward women and his connection to the Chicago machine, I have no problem whatsoever not supporting him. Anyway, I don’t understand your comment that you think McCain and Palin are the better candidates but don’t think you would vote for them. Bottom line, either McCain or Obama will be the next President. Obama seems more similar to Bush than McCain does. Obama has that same arrogance combined with the unwillingness to do the hard work necessary to know what you are doing. The thought of someone like that getting another term frightens me; so, while I will never become a Republican, I’m voting for their nominee this time.

    Now that I think of it, perhaps our system of selecting leaders is becoming more similar to yours. If Obama wins, the last three terms of the Presidency will have been filled by persons not elected to the position either. I know a truly minimal amount about the parliamentary system, but the one feature that I would steal for this country would be the one where the Prime Minister has to stand in front of, is it the House of Commons, and answer questions, and gets booed and hissed at and has to endure all sorts of taunts and indignities. Although, now that I think about it, our Congress is so wimpy it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun over here.

  9. mgreenwood says:

    Hi Marcy. It’s quite alright, I think I’d be quite pissed if a party I’d been voting for, for over 30 years, had given me a candidate that I couldn’t vote for.
    Why I wouldn’t vote for McCain is not really because he’s too old, I think it’s because is the current world political climate, what we don’t need is another American president who thinks war is the answer to everything and I think I remember a quote from McCain saying that he was a war president, whatever that is. It would weigh on my conscience that I helped him into his job.

    As for our Prime Minister, I don’t hink I’m overly qualified to comment on our political system. What I can tell you though, is:
    a) we do usually get the leader most of us want, the current Prime Minister is still the leader of the Labour Party who were voted in, he just got the job because Tony Blair stepped down.
    b) yes he does get questions and taunts every Wednesday when he’s in the country. If you ask me, it’s all a bit childish, but at least he does have to answer for himself.
    c) we have a three party system, and the third party has been gaining ground since the 80s, so if we don’t like the two main parties, we have a viable third choice. Strangely they are called the Liberal Democrats.
    d) There’s no Prime Minister veto.

    If you’re interested in finding out more, I’m sure google will help. In the mean time I wish you luck with your choice, I really do hope I’m wrong.

  10. MessyMarcy says:

    In re b), he has to do this every Wednesday? It may be childish, but I find it strangely appealing, especially when I picture Dubya in that situation.

  11. mgreenwood says:

    From Wiki:
    Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) (officially Questions to the Prime Minister) is a constitutional convention in the United Kingdom, where every Wednesday when the House of Commons is sitting the Prime Minister spends half an hour answering questions from Members of Parliament (“MPs”).

    I see your point, Dubya having to answer for himself every Wednesday would be something all the family could enjoy. I should also point out that they are televised. Here in the UK we have a channel devoted to Parliament so if you so desire then you can keep an eye on the people that you voted for to see they are doing their job.