Dead Enders and Picking on Poor Ol’ Barrack

Puma has been receiving a lot of media attention recently.  Some of the most interesting came yesterday when the MSM tried to determine the role of PUMA in seeing that Hillary Clinton’s name was properly placed in a roll call vote from the floor of DNC convention.

Every one was buzzing about the AP article yesterday as well as the appearance of Will Bower and Darraugh Murphy on MSNBC.  What really got to me yesterday was one comment by Anderson Cooper to Candi Crowly late last night.  Candy and Anderson were analyzing the impact of the Hillary Floor vote which the Obama campaign tried to twist into, well ‘it was always our intention’ and ‘we were okay with this all along’ moment.  David Gergen on the same program said that the decision made it look like Obama could be bullied into anything.  Anderson and Candy began to use the term ‘dead-enders’.  I guess I was some what used to this word after having been compared to Japanese soldiers holding up in remote places after World War 2 earlier.  However, Anderson did the term one better. He side joked to Candy about the last time they were using the term dead-ender.  I’m not exactly sure what all he was intending to imply, but being compared to Sunni insurgents and the infamous Donald Rumsfeld/Dick Cheney neocon excuse for why Iraq just wouldn’t settle down and be happy after being invaded was an interesting metaphor.  It took me aback.

Yesterday’s AP article was perhaps the first time the press really started looking at PUMA as something more than a group of disgruntled Hillary dead-enders.

Obama needs Clinton’s supporters to beat Republican John McCain. Polls show that he has won over most of them. But some simply don’t like Obama or still feel Clinton was treated unfairly during the primaries.

These groups are not affiliated with Clinton, who has endorsed Obama and campaigned for him. Representatives from the Clinton and Obama campaigns said they are working to unify the party because Obama will champion issues important to Clinton supporters, such as reforming health care, improving the economy and ending the war in Iraq.

“Senator Clinton understands and appreciates that there are supporters who remain passionate, but she has repeatedly urged her supporters to vote for Senator Obama,” Clinton spokeswoman Kathleen Strand said.

Within the PUMA movement itself there are a variety of differing opinions on where to go from here.  This is because PUMA is somewhat bigger than Hillary at this point.  It’s not just our support of Clinton and her treatment, but the cavalier way the DNC has tossed aside the one-man-one vote principle, adopted wholesale the Obama Agenda by disallowing and ruling off limits certain topics in the platform drafting process, allowed the caucus process to be pirated, and set up weights on election results that so obviously put an unqualified lightweight on a fast track.  I don’ think we’re so much dead-enders for Hillary, but dead-enders for the Democratic Process and the American value of dissent.

I was listening to Proud Military Mom describe her frustration with the platform committee on River Daughter’s Internet show.  She said many tried to discuss a future democratic party that relies on primaries and not caucuses because of their un-democratic outcomes and obvious openness to fraud.  All discussions, she reported, were ruled out of order. She said the committee was there basically to rubberstamp the Obama agenda which had been part and parcel of this latest Obama book deal.  Now the profits from this book deal are supposed to go to charity.  One has to wonder if some of the charities will be Father Pfleger and Reverend Wright’s payment for staying out of the limelight until Barrack has convinced every one that his 20 years in learning to be black in that community was not the transformational process he bragged about in his book.  After all, as the product of Ivy league schools (legacy and affirmative action points given) and an elite Hawaiian prep school, we all know exactly how he suffered a ‘black like me’ existence.

This gets me back to the dead-ender label.  If you actually read PUMA blogs and follow those most active in forming the PUMA agenda, the focus is rapidly switching to Barrack’s shortcomings and the DNC subversion of the process.  I think most of us are well-aware that Hillary’s been forced into sack cloth and ashes.  Even CNN reported this week that she’s the FIRST EVER person defeated in the primary to actually support, campaign for, and travel with the presumed winner of the primary prior to the convention.  Let’s not forget, Barrack pulled off a relatively insignificant lead in delegates.  Let us also not forget, the delegate lead was based on some whacky formulation where Rhode Island wound up counting more than Pennsylvania and states, like Texas with its Two step, granted more electoral representation to relatively few voters attending caucuses than thousands and thousands more that turned up for primaries.

These PLUS the overwhelmingly bad treatment by the press for Hillary with the insipid silence of the DNC led to PUMA.  Most PUMAs want to remain democratic.  We are not a republican movement.  We want the values of the Democratic Party.  However, we will not sell out to people that set up rules that basically violate those values, and then be subjected to extortion with threats of Republican pre-occupation of misogyny and gay-baiting.  The Democratic Party has not stood up for women and gay rights in an honest way for years.  They have no right to black mail us now with further erosion of our rights when they have consistently backed away from fights with republicans on these very issues.  Fights they could have easily won.

I hope the press continues its current fascination with the PUMA movement.  I hope the PUMA movement continues to show that it’s not about being a Hillary dead-ender.  It’s the DEMOCRACY stupid!!! Maybe, in that way, Anderson Cooper is correct.  We are an insurgency fighting for our survival in country invaded by a party system interested in self-preservation and disinterested in doing what’s right.

8 Comments on “Dead Enders and Picking on Poor Ol’ Barrack”

  1. warrior princess says:

    I am a die-hard Hillary supporter, and it breaks my heart to get e-mail from her talking about the poser.There is some anger here about how they treated Hillary, not least because she is a surrogate for other women, and as they treat her, they are ttreating us, but I was a human rights supporter, and a women’s rights supporter, and a gay rights supporter, and a Democrat ( both capital and small d), before I ever heard of Hillary Clinton.

    I am angered that she has been threatened, coerced, and cajoled into leaving a movement that she should be leading, but that doesn’t erase the validity of the movement. I also beleive, with all my heart, that were she free to tell you, she would say the same thing. I beleive that Chelsea would say the same thing, and I beleive that , before this is all over, Bill may come out and actually SAY the same thing.

    As hard as it is, I look at Hillary now, as a fallen comrad, and make my vow of restitution for what has been done. I hate to say revenge, or vengence, but there is a lot of accountability to be placed here, and we have just begun the process of placing it.

    I will not allow into my home, through any kind of media; Donna Brazile, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Edward Kennedy, Michele Obama or her husband. I spent the last eight years enforcing that rule on a different set of people, and I am capable of doing it again. I worked hard to see that the Rep. were thrown out two years ago. Now, the fact that I will have to turn that kind of energy on the party I beleived in for forty-two years may heighten my anger and disjust, but it certainly doesn’t weaken me.

    I truly feel that the Dem. leadership and their Obama cohorts don’t understand what they have done, or the depth of the enmity they have engendered. Well, that is the lesson that time will teach them.

  2. boxer says:

    All I can say is: November 5.

    That is when they will finally feel the “depth of the enmity they have engendered.” It is amazing to me the denial they are in. Apparently they think if they insult, degrade and ridicule us enough we’ll come around. I have never been part of a despised constituency before. Always in the past, politicians have courted my vote. Now that it’s primarily a constituency of women, we are to be beaten into submission.

    Let’s see how that strategy works out for them this fall.

  3. Jmac says:

    The Democratic party simply didn’t have the spine to stand up for her. They were afraid of Obama supporters (netroots, African Americans, Air America, the media) and were willing to fall in line because they assumed her supporters (many who have fought for the party a long time) would roll over for them. If they had picked her his supporters would have gone ballistic.

    What they completely ignored were the VOTERS. The voters chose her. He can have all the delegates he wants (like the three add-ons he fought so hard for in Texas) but they don’t represent voters.

  4. eriezindian says:

    warrior princess and boxer ..two of the best, to the points postings I’ve seen. Hillary and her supporters have been trashed and left by the side of the road. However, the DNC isn’t yet satisfied and wants to inflict more humiliation. “Remember in November” I hope to give the DNC a memory they will never forget. One of thousands of PUMAs exacting their pound of flesh. PUMA

  5. dakinikat says:

    I want to make sure that the DNC can no longer take women and their work for the party for granted. They expect us to fall in line without protecting our rights or furthering are expectations of equal treatment and equal rights. This HAS to stop now!

  6. kenoshaMarge says:

    Let them have their sly little laughs at “deadenders”. If they were journalists who actually found out the facts instead of parroting whatever popular talking points are printed on their teleprompters they might be worth the time to refute their lies and spin.

    PUMA is here. PUMA is made up of millions of Americans of all ages, genders, races and socio-economic class. We are here because we kinda think democracy is a good idea. And we’d like to see it here.
    And we have come to believe that maybe we won’t be getting it from either of our Corporate Owned Political Parties. The Demcratic Party has a chance to prove us wrong. And thus far, they are a dismal failure at doing so.

  7. Annetoo says:

    Great post dakinikat

    PUMA has been brewing for years. Anger over the Dem elite HELPING Bush over the last 8 years was building to a boiling point. Particularly over the last two
    years when the Dems were in the majority…and the excuse of “well we are in the minority ” was removed . They have spent their time in the majority rolling over for Bush with increasing sped and barking at their own voter base . I wish Nancy scolded and did nothing for Bush half as much as she scolds and does nothing for her voter base .She started barking at us even before she got in office when she announced that impeachment was “off the table” People were upset, but took it because we thought that might she would hold Bush’s feet to the fire . LOL! What they did to Hillary and the theft of vote on May31st was the straw that broke the back…. but this break was coming.

    I guess the Dem elite figured if we worked and voted for the likes of Kerry, we will do whatever they say. And they might have gotten away with it expect Hillary stayed in and there fore the DNC had to become increasingly more openly criminal . Dem elite’s fangs came out for the Dem base like we have never seen before….however it was clear they always hated us.

    My anger actually extends back to ’72 . I voted for all their sans Bill losers and now find out I was despised all along. That’s a seismic game changer.