7/31 Hillary Video by SimoFish: Must See

SimoFish just posted this comment and link on Riverdaughter’s Site: The Confluence.  I consider it a must see.

Off topic — I saw Hillary yesterday !! LOVE HER. I feel so energized just from being with her and being with my East Bay Warrior Puma’s !!! I took video !! Here’s one of them — I grouped together 3 different pieces on Hillary and the ballot. I am also uploading Hillary’s comments on VP — Hillary on respecting her supporters – will publish once finished.

UPDATE: GaryChapelHill has just written a thread on the Confluence:  http://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2008/08/01/sweet-little-lies/ explaining the importance of this tape.   Axelrod has been spinning the tail that Hillary’s getting ready to release her delegates and it’s been taken up by the Daily News.  Alegre was all over that this morning on her blog here:  http://alegrescorner.soapblox.net/showDiary.do?diaryId=433.

More from Puma-SF on the nature of the event yesterday:

Puma-SF on August 1st, 2008 at 2:00 am
Man, I have a ton of pictures and tomorrow SimoFish will publish the video she took while Hillary was speaking.

Originally it was labeled an event to help pay down her debt but some how it morphed into a unity event. Hell, there were about 10 Pumas that I know for sure but I’m sure there were more. Afterwards, we all stood around and told each other our pen names.

She said that she thinks it would help unify the party if her name was put into nomination and that she wants her supporters and delegates to be recognized and heard.

I shook her hand. I hugged her and I told her to sign the petition that she would win and that we had her back.

Update AGAIN: Three videos of Hillary at yesterday’s events have been posted now by SimoFish at Hillary Clinton Forum.  Here are the other two:

UPDATE:  The video’s gone on to the MSM: this links to its broadcast by ABC on 8/7


26 Comments on “7/31 Hillary Video by SimoFish: Must See”

  1. JWL says:


  2. glen says:

    She said at the last its not going to happen that she will get the nomination….boy is she in for a big surprise !!!!

  3. ahh I’ve missed her. Good to see her. go roll call!

  4. Jmac says:

    That was great. Thanks so much. I’ve forwarded it to a number of people who had questions about the nomination procedure.

  5. suzz says:

    Love the video, and the content. However, one little, I found it a little off to call her by her first name, and loved hearing that you called her Senator at the end. Just a sign of respect, after all, even though we all feel close to her, almost in a personal way…it seems more correct to address her as Senator.

    Again, loved the video, and SHE IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!

  6. Lou says:

    Hillary lives in a bubble. She’s not aware of what’s going on under the radar. She said she doesn’t have total control off what’s going on and she’s right. The electorate does. She won the most votes and is the peoples choice.

  7. edgeoforever says:

    Thank you so much for bringing us the truth – just as B0 camp with their surrogates in the media were attempting a disinformation campaign (again).
    I doubt that unity in this party can be achieved in any way, but for whatever reason, let the process develop.
    You guys did great – thanks again for the video!

  8. fif says:

    Thank you so much. I LOVE seeing and hearing her again. She is still talking up the Unity theme, but as she said, “She is not in control of this thing.”

    I do disagree with her theory that we just need a cathartic experience, almost as a symbolic ritual, and then we can all get behind Obama. For me, that’s never going to happen. I love ya Hill, but it’s you or the highway for me.

  9. fif says:

    That link for the 3 videos didn’t work for me.

  10. foxyladi14 says:


  11. dakinikat says:

    fif: I just put the other two youtubes up, that should make it easier. The first is on being put into nomination at Denver, the second is on treatment of her supporters, and the last is on the VP nomination process.

  12. Catherine in Michigan says:

    Thank you so very much for this video! This is the Hillary I know and love! I don’t agree with her assessment of the situation either, but boy did she present it beautifully! She totally deserves the nomination. I miss her dreadfully!

  13. Janie says:

    So Glad to just hear her talk again. I hope it gets turned around and they can pick her. She is the smartest person I have ever heard. SenObama is an ok guy but it was Sen. Clintons time. He should not be there yet.

    I hope if she cant win he is smart enough to pick her for VP as she will lead us well if he cant some day. I was a democrat and now I am so sick of the way Hillary was treated. I am sick of the media. I dont know if I will vote yet unless its her. I just hope shes the VP if not Pres. Thank you Sen. Clinton for all you do and you taught us so much this year never give up on your dream. Since you started health care reform when Bill took office you are the only person who understands it. That is the only way I might vote for Obama as I hope you will be there too.
    Thank you again for everything. Keep on fighting and joking its your personality everyone loves and your hard work.

  14. Ron says:

    Hillary is finished politically if she supports Obama. Stepping aside for the Affirmative Action President of the United States. They (blacks) have led this country down the path of degeneracy and loss of freedom. (Read Bolingbroke, Jefferson’s favorite.) The Republicans have played it perfectly since 1968/ ( See “The Future of Conservatism” written in the 60’s with Ronald Reagan on the Mt. Rushmore cover.) The Dem leadership pinheads think that a black winning the Presidency will defeat the total STRATEGY of the Republican party. They are mistaken. Cut the blacks and gays (codeword liberal) from the Democratic party and you will defeat the STRATEGY. The fact is, Americans ARE essentially conservative. A real leader would see that the two candidates left in this race represent the two politically elite groups who are both hell-bent on the destruction of the United States of America, the behaviorially protected, and the financially protected. Where does that leave us, We the People? We need leadership, not politics. If Obama is elected, the history of the United States of America will have the hubcaps stolen off of it, just like this election primary. When the reality sets in, that Americans have been slaves, (and are now properly led), chaos will come as it did in LA after the Rodney king verdict. The comforting delusion will be gone. This election is uglier than a mud fence. But a spite vote for Obama at what the Republicans have done to this country (again), is self-loathing. Thye wool has pulled over America’s eyes. By the Republicans. For 40 years. Let a good American like McCain deal with the Depresion mess. He dont know nuttin about economics. That’s great. A perfect Republican. He’s saying that he’s not restricted by the Republican strait jacket that will sink us like a 3 foot put if it goes much further. (The GOP won 8 of 10 preceding the Great Depression.). Lets build a giant Lenin/Saddam statue so we can tear it down. They have Leninized Reagan. A moron.

  15. Pat Knif says:

    Thanks so much for the 3 videos. It’s great to see & hear our Hillary again, but I can’t agree with her about supporting Obama if he gets the nomination. I believe he’d be a danger to us, our nation, and the world if he had the enormous power possessed by the U.S. president. Simply because a candidate says he’s a Democrat doesn’t mean that he truly embraces the values and principles that the Party has always stood for. Even a cursory review of Obama’s past, who his closest confidants and chums have been and are, and his basic beliefs and principles proves that he has his own agenda and that what he claims and promises has little or nothing to do with the truth. To give him the power of the U.S. president would be equivalent to electing a Louis Faraquan, el sisl or Reverend Wright. Even Jesse Jackson, who initially was completely supportive of Obama, has clearly realized this and that Obama isn’t the paragon painted by the Obama camp and the media. Obama must not become our president, and although I disagree in some respects with Sen. McCain, he is enormously safer and preferable to Obama and will get my support if Obama is nominated.

  16. Jacki says:

    Don’t be to quick to state ; “They (blacks) have led this country down the path of degeneracy and loss of freedom. ” It’s our greed that takes us down that road…. Skin color has nothing to do with it….

  17. Puma-SF says:

    Can you guys comment here. I spoke to this woman about the event yesterday.


  18. At HuffPo They Have Just The Opposite That She Is Asking That Her Name Not Be Put Into The Nomination And That She Asked All Of Her Delegates To Support Mr Illinois Obama,Which Is Correct,I Hope It’s Not The Latter

  19. Trixie says:

    I would never vote for McCain. The McCain term would be an extension of the 8 year killing spree of the Bush administration. I have a conscience. I will never play a part in the killing for profit of the neocons.

    This is about our country. It is not about one person, or even one party. It’s about our children and their children.

    A vote for McCain is morally indefensible.

    Hillary not doing everything in her power to put a Democrat in the White House is morally indefensible. I think less of her for this.

    What happens if she is put into nomination and loses the delegate count? What then?

  20. Trixie says:

    The article posted at HuffPo is all over the place. It says one thing, then at the very end it says another. HuffPo headline writers are notoriously bad but anybody can take anything away from the Daily News article that they want. I’ve posted a protest at HuffPo and so have others.

  21. Zoe says:

    The video is great and it’s getting around. The lie that she would refuse to have her name put in is refuted by her own, very classy, words.
    Go PUMAs

  22. nativeamericansagainstobama says:

    I am so glad to see and hear this video…..


  23. nativeamericansagainstobama says:

    I am dissapionted she will support Obama, but it is what is expected of her by the party…


  24. Annetoo says:

    on policy , I see no difference between McCain and Obama . Both are a continuation of Bush , that’s why they are there. However when I protest McCain’s wars,
    I won’t be called as racist for doing so like I would be for Obama’s wars. If you think Barry the peace candidate, please look behind him and you will see the geezer, Dick Cheney’ wannabes by the score.
    We know GE-MSNBC WANT Barry very badly …that means he’s the worst of the two for the adverage person . IMO.

  25. Very interesting blog, i have added it to my fovourites, greetings

  26. Mobydick says:

    Wow, it was refreshing to see Hill again. Man, a ton of us in Texas miss her. Obama, wake up and get real, you need her man!