Devasting Wikileaks leads to loss of life and calls for Clinton to Resign!!!

Or not …

Here’s an example:

Addressing the Ambassador directly, Prince Andrew then turned to regional politics. He stated baldly that “the United Kingdom, Western Europe (and by extension you Americans too”) were now back in the thick of playing the Great Game. More animated than ever, he stated cockily: “And this time we aim to win!” Without contradicting him, the Ambassador gently reminded him that the United States does not see its presence in the region as a continuation of the Great Game. We support Kyrgyzstan’s independence and sovereignty but also welcome good relations between it and all of its neighbors, including Russia.
¶10. (C) The Prince pounced at the sound of that name. He told the Ambassador that he was a frequent visitor to Central Asia and the Caucasus and had noticed a marked increase in Russian pressure and concomitant anxiety among the locals post-August events in Georgia. He stated the following story related to him recently by Azerbaijan’s President Aliyev. Aliyev had received a letter from President Medvedev telling him that if Azerbaijan supported the designation of the Bolshevik artificial famine in Ukraine as “genocide” at the United Nations, “then you can forget about seeing Nagorno-Karabakh ever again.” Prince Andrew added that every single other regional President had told him of receiving similar “directive” letters from Medvedev except for Bakiyev. He asked the Ambassador if Bakiyev had received something similar as well. The Ambassador answered that she was not aware of any such letter.
¶11. (C) The Duke then stated that he was very worried about Russia’s resurgence in the region. As an example, he cited the recent Central Asian energy and water-sharing deal (septel), which he claimed to know had been “engineered by Russia, who finally pounded her fist on the table and everyone fell into line.” (NOTE: Interestingly, the Turkish Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic recently described her analysis of the deal to the Ambassador in strikingly similar language. END NOTE.)
¶12. (C) Showing that he is an equal-opportunity Great Game player, HRH then turned to the topic of China. He recounted that when he had recently asked the President of Tajikistan what he thought of growing Chinese influence in Central Asia, the President had responded “with language I won’t use in front of ladies.” His interlocutors told the Prince that while Russians are generally viewed sympathetically throughout the region, the Chinese are not. He nodded, terming Chinese economic and possibly other expansion in the region “probably inevitable, but a menace.”

I’m sure we should designate Wikileaks a terrorist organization over these terribly embarrassing diplomatic moments!!!!      Lives are undoubtedly being lost at this very minute due to the nature of these sensitive topics.  Hang them from the Treason Tree, I say!!!

Oh, and Jack Shafer needs to remember his monkeyfishing expedition and be relegated to writing obits for Salon.

I guess this is my way of saying a lot of people are going completely over the top about the Wikileaks drop including the next Congressman in charge of the Homeland Security Committe. A terrorist organization, Congressman King, really?  And what’s with the press? Is Wolf Blitzer pouting because he wasn’t included in the drop?

And my next question is this:  VP Cheney can get away with outing an undercover CIA agent and violating the Geneva Convention for all to see, why is this garnering more hand wringing and  more talks of treason than that?

Perspective any one?

Notable Tweets from Glenn Greenwald on the subject:

I’m keeping a running list of all the lives lost from the WikiLeaks disclosures – here are the names so far:

The Watchdogs: RT @digby56 “Right now, Wolf Blitzer is on TV acting very upset that the government was unable to keep its secrets from him.”

@erikkain That’s precisely the dynamic driving this. They’re guardians of power and the status quo. That’s what is threatened here.

and one from Jeremy Schahill via Empty Wheel!!!

RT @jeremyscahill: We do know this: Wikileaks didn’t leak the NY Times the bullshit about Iraqi WMDs or Bob Novak Valerie Plame’s identity

and one from Greg Mitchell via Eric Boehlert!

As palm hits forehead…..RT @GregMitch Jack Shafer: Hillary Clinton must quit after these WikiLeaks.