Count the Votes: Live Blog

Good Evening!!

I just returned from voting with the rest of the Ninth Ward of New Orleans in our little 1920s era fire station.  I love my polling place. They move one of the big fire engines to set up the 4 booths.  All of my poll workers are nice little church ladies with a strong memory of Jim Crow and the Civil Rights era.  We’re always a nice usual mix of an inner city, working class neighborhood folks with lots of young creative types and gay folks.  We’re the kind’ve people that Romney considers to be the 47% worth his contempt and I can guarantee he probably got very few votes here. Obama and Jill Stein topped the ballots here. Romney came next with about 14 names I didn’t recognize following him.  Johnson was way at the bottom.

All eyes are on the swing states tonight as voting continues.   These are the swing states along with their associated number of electoral vote:

Colorado 9 , Florida 29, Iowa 6, Nevada 6,New Hampshire 4, North Carolina 15, Ohio 18, Virginia 13, Wisconsin 10.

Virginia will be the first state to watch.  There is also an important senate seat there where former Governor Tim Kaine is facing former Governor McCawCaw .  We are also following the MA senate race were Senator Misogyny will helpfully lose his seat to Elizabeth Warren. It will be the first of Four Romney Home states that will go Obama.  A fifth Romney Home state–New Hampshire–is likely to go for Obama since a lot of Republicans up there are of the libertarian stripe and my go for Johnson. North Carolina is also sitting in the group of states.  If Virginia and North Carolina come in for Obama, we can all go to bed early or switch to watching a movie.

Who knows what’s going to happen in Florida?  We’re already getting reports of shenanigans. We’ve got at least two bloggers on the ground there so maybe they’ll help us out!

Coming on the heels of those states will be the big prizes of swing states Ohio, Wisconsin, and the little state that drives us nuts every primary seasons–Iowa.

My bet is that if we get results early in any of the states we will have an early night.   Otherwise, we may have to way to Nevada and Colorado for some closure.

My research into forecasters who use polls to provide analytical forecast indicates an Obama win.  Pundits are still feeling Romney.  Hopefully, this is the last time any of us have to feel Romney EVER again.

So, here come the results from the first states.