Some Positive Steps to Support a Great Woman

There are several things going on with Hillary’s campaign that I’d like to highlight this morning.  A lot of the credit for this goes to my friend Heidi Li who has been endless in her support of Hillary’s candidacy.  First, let me show you this great Youtube made by my friend GeekLove.  After you see it I’d like to encourage you to help Hillary pay off her debt.  You’ll reach Heidi’s site if you click on the pretty Hillary Poster in the sidebar.

I’d like to encourage you this Independence Day to help Hillary become independent. She’s asking not for money to pay off the millions of dollars she’s donated to her campaign, but for money to pay the remaining bills to vendors.  She kept her promise to us and I’d just like to encourage you to support her hard work and commitment to us.

The second item is for a project started by Heidi and Marc Rubin (great blogger of Tom in Paine).  It is called the Denver Project.  It’s purpose is to ensure that the continued DNC dirty tricks against Hillary don’t continue into the Denver Convention.

This is the link to this very good site:

The Denver Group has been formed to insure that the Democratic National Committee respect and carry out the democratic process at the convention in Denver this August by meeting certain specific goals. We will be advocating, and if neccessary pressuring, through purchased mass media as well other accepted avenues, the Democratic National Committee to see to it that these goals and the interests of tens of millions of Democratic voters are met.

Our goals are:

An open convention.

Senator Clinton’s name on the ballot

Speeches allowed by supporters of Senator Clinton on
behalf of her candidacy.

A roll call vote.

No coronation

Our email address: The

There are HOTLINKS for all of these efforts and blogs in the sidebars.