Mid term Vote: Live Blog as we and the West Flip!

It’s been a bit of and up and down night.

There are some flips and as we move west. The flips are getting more frequent and many are surprising.  Some of my Republican family in the Kansas City suburbs must be acting like the Rockefeller Republicans we’ve always been.

She’s a native American woman and an out lesbian and a now, a Congresswoman!  Congrats Congresswoman Sharice Davids representing my family there!

Not only that went right in Kansas but Kris Kobach just went down and Laura Kelly will now be Governor of Kansas.  I guess they learned how fucked up things can get after Sam Browback pulled a Jindal on the state. It’s better when you make policy that actually works.

Mitt Romney will be going to the US Senate so no knitting needles for that failed presidential candidate. Nevada, North Dakota, and Montana are all too close too call Senate races

Let’s look and Westward ho!!!

So, it’s 10 pm eastern and the flips are coming fast and furious!

It’s looking much better!!!


California could be really great and you can keep up with it here at CNN if you want!

and Omigawsh Staten Island just flipped from Republican to Dem. The only Republican congressman from NYC is now out!!!

 If control of the House comes down to these hours, it’s time to make more coffee.
Polls will close on competitive House races in IowaNevada and Washingtonstate in this two-hour span — all states where Democrats believe it is likely they will pick up seats — but the biggest prize of these late-night hours comes from California, where at least nine House races up and down the state are worth watching.
An important note: If Democratic control of the House comes down to California, the country is in for a long ordeal. California is notoriously slow at counting votes, meaning races could be decided in days and weeks, not hours.


Only really sad news so far is we’ve lost Heidi Heitkamp.

Make some coffee and hang out!