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I can’t understand how it happened, but I’m sick again with the same symptoms I had a few weeks ago. I’m coughing so much that my stomach muscles are sore. It hurts every time I cough. This started out with a sore throat that lasted three days, and then the coughing began. I’m also going through Kleenex at an unbelievable rate. I didn’t have a single cold for about two years during the pandemic, but now I keep catching things. I don’t know how either, because I stay home most of the time. The only explanation I have is that other people in my building are not taking as many precautions as before. Almost no one wears a mask anymore. Anyway, this may not be much of a post.

As everyone knows, the State of the Union address is tonight. It will begin at 9PM. I’m still worried about whether there will be adequate security for President Biden. Will anyone be checking to make sure none of the insane House members bring guns with them?

From Raw Story: Christianity ‘has devolved into a rabid tribe’: Lauren Boebert bashed for praying for Biden’s death.

Speaking to a church audience, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) told the crowd to pray for Joe Biden: “May his days be few and another take his office.”

It isn’t the first time she’s made such a “prayer.” She’s been using the line “may his days be few” since 2022, when she spoke to the Charis Christian Center Family Camp Meeting in Colorado.

It once again caused an uproar among those on social media who saw the video.

“THIS is the self-proclaimed party of Jesus Christ,” tweeted political commentator Lindy Li. “This is the self-appointed party of Christianity SHAME ON YOU! This is why church pews are emptying at a ferocious rate. Why increasing numbers of Americans now say they are religiously unaffiliated. Christianity in America has devolved into a rabid tribe of Talibangelicals and gun-totin Y’all Qaeda fanatics.”

Others noted that her so-called “sermon” included her promoting her legislation to impeach the president and argued that bringing politics into church pews is yet another reason that churches should lose their tax-exempt status.

Another called it a federal crime to threaten the president, which Boebert has gotten away with in the past because she’s not asking activists to actively kill, but rather praying for death.

I just hope that Boebert and Marjory Taylor Greene and the rest of the crazies will be frisked on the way in.

Here’s a preview of the speech at The Guardian: Biden set to highlight economic gains in State of the Union address – live.

State of the Union addresses are usually a pretty big deal – it’s a major opportunity for the president to set the tone for the year in front of the most important people in Washington. This year, the stakes for Joe Biden are even higher. The 2024 presidential election is already looming on the horizon, and while Biden has yet to officially launch a reelection campaign, he is expected to do so in the next few weeks.

Biden has been prepping for his speech for weeks and is expected to lay out an underlying theme of unity, angling for stable leadership over one drenched in partisan disarray. He is expected to speak at length about the achievements of the last two years, including the passage of the $1.2tn Bipartisan Infrastructure bill that was passed in 2021 and invests in repairing America’s roads and bridges, among other investments. He will also touch on recent good news around the economy, including a low unemployment rate and the decreasing inflation rate.

Republicans are already readying up their punches in response to tonight’s address as the party tries to make their own case to Americans that Democrats have failed while in power…..

It’s been less than a year since Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address on March 2 of last year, but a lot has changed over the last year. Top of mind for many Americans has been the economy, with inflation rising to decades-high level over the summer. Republicans gained a slim majority in the House during the midterm election. One thing has not changed: The war in Ukraine is still rattling on.

In last year’s 62-minute speech, Congress was largely unified in support of Ukraine, with the invasion having taken place just a week prior. Both Democrats and Republicans were wearing yellow and blue in solidarity with Ukraine, and some held small Ukrainian flags.

This year, First Lady Jill Biden has invited Ukraine’s ambassador to the US Oksana Markarova to be her guest to the address for the second year. Markarova received a standing ovation when she was introduced during Biden’s speech last year.

Biden is expected to ask for bipartisan support in sending more aid to Ukraine as the anniversary of the invasion approaches. Yesterday, NBC News reported that Biden is expected to travel to Poland later this month for the anniversary, though the trip has not been confirmed.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is doing the GOP rebuttal to the speech.

SOTU rebuttals are often the kiss of death for the speaker’s career. Remember the ones by Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio? I hope that holds true for Sanders. For old time’s sake you can check out these NYT articles:

Governor Jindal, Rising G.O.P. Star, Plummets After Speech.

Here’s another preview from the AP:

From the article: What to Watch: New political vibes this State of the Union.

Look for new faces and fresh political dynamics as President Joe Biden delivers this year’s State of the Union address, coupled with attention to some old problems brought back into painful focus by recent events.

The president on Tuesday night will stand before a joint session of Congress for the first time since voters in the midterm elections handed control of the House to Republicans. Biden, like presidents past, will make the case that the nation is strong and that better days lie ahead. But he finds himself in choppy waters as he passes the halfway mark of his term.

After a series of legislative victories during the first two years of Biden’s term, Republicans are looking to undo some of his early wins. Recent mass shootings and a police killing in Memphis, Tennessee, have brought renewed focus to the issues of gun violence and excessive police force. And on the foreign policy front, Biden faces the formidable task of keeping a Western alliance — and the American electorate — united behind Ukraine in its effort to repel Russia’s ongoing invasion. He’s also dealing with fallout from the U.S. downing of a suspected Chinese spy balloon that floated across the U.S. last week. On top of all that, a special counsel is investigating how classified information from Biden’s days as vice president and senator ended up at his Delaware home and former office.

Read the AP’s suggestions of what to watch for in the speech at the link.


From the White House website: The White House Announces Guest List for the First Lady’s Box for the 2023 State of the Union Address.

A few of the guests, from Twitter:

[I’m having a formatting problem that I can’t figure out–I can’t get double spacing to work.] I’m going to end with some stories to check out while we wait for the big speech tonight.
CNN: ‘He was one of these rockstars’: Former FBI agents shocked at the indictment of one of their own.
David Kurtz at Talking Points Memo: WARNING: Republicans Are Up To Their Same Old Tricks On Social Security
Semaphor: The Fair Tax is haunting the 2024 GOP field

AP: White House: Improved surveillance caught Chinese balloon

Defense One: China’s Balloon May Have Taught Pentagon More Than Beijing Learned From It, General Says

CNN: Exclusive: US intel assessment documents Chinese spy balloon incident under Trump

NBC Washington: FBI Arrests 2 in ‘Racially Motivated’ Plot to Attack Baltimore Power Grid.
Politico: Federal judge says constitutional right to abortion may still exist, despite Dobbs
Take care everyone, and have a nice Tuesday.

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  1. bostonboomer says:

    Sorry about the formatting. I tried everything, to no avail. I hope you are all well.

    • Enheduanna says:

      I didn’t notice any formatting issue BB!

      Please take care and don’t worry about “being late” etc! We can handle it – lol.

      P.S. I’m wearing my masks no matter what anyone else does – ever since “droplets” appeared on my radar. No thankee.

  2. dakinikat says:

    Lauren Boebert is a menace to society.

    • Enheduanna says:

      She’s among several who make my skin crawl.

      BTW Dak – loved your pic yesterday of yourself and Adrastos. Have followed First Draft for a long time also. I know you and I are the same age and I must say – you look FABULOUS.

  3. NW Luna says:

    BB, I hope your symptoms resolve soonest. Please don’t worry about a late post or weird formatting! You’ve seen your PCP? There is a non-opioid cough suppressant.

    So many people are not wearing masks anymore, or not wearing them often enough. Ventilation and air filtering in most buildings is subpar. It’s too easy to catch someone else’s respiratory virus — there are still aerosols/microdroplets in the air up to 9 feet from and for some minutes after a sneeze (yuk). It wasn’t unusual in Japan or South Korea to see people wearing masks in public spaces to reduce transmission of illness even before Covid. I wish the US’s mainstream cultural values included a sense of responsibility for community health.

  4. NW Luna says:

    “THIS is the self-proclaimed party of Jesus Christ …This is the self-appointed party of Christianity SHAME ON YOU!

    Amen. I seem to remember from childhood Sunday School something about “love your neighbor as yourself.” Boebert and her ilk must have special redacted bibles.

  5. bostonboomer says:

    CNN is reporting that the Capitol Police and Secret Service are worried about an attack on the SOTU. McCarthy claims there is nothing to be concerned about and it’s “a bad look” to have extra security.

    • Beata says:

      I’m worried, too. Almost afraid to watch, not knowing what might happen. As far as I’m concerned, they can’t have too much security.

      BB, sorry you are sick again. I hope you can find something that will relieve your coughing. I took guaifenesin when I had Covid in December. It helped me, but it’s an expectorant, not a cough suppressant, so it wouldn’t be the right medication for you.

      The formatting of today’s post was fine. Lots of excellent information as well. Take care. xoxo

      • NW Luna says:

        Tessalon perles (benzonatate) are a nonnarcotic cough suppressant. If it’s a dry cough it’s fine to suppress it. If you’re coughing up stuff, it’s a better idea to get that stuff out so it won’t get into/stay in your lungs; that’s when the expectorant is better. Sorry if this is all obvious — it’s my automatic counseling re: URIs/coughs.

  6. Va in SC says:

    Formatting is good…Your coverage of many topics great. I learn something here everyday!

  7. quixote says:

    Hope you feel better soon,bb! If there’s a building HVAC supply piped to your apartment, any way you could put a HEPA or MERV filter on the incoming air?

    I cannot buh-leeeeeve that Sarah H Sanders, she who burns the truth to make her smoky eyeshadow, is giving the “rebuttal.” How can we still be dealing with these treasonous lying clowns after all this time. /endless screaming/

    • dakinikat says:

      I had to turn her off. The mishmash of right wing word jumble was annoying. I don’t know who can relate to her. She always looks like sour grapes are her thing.