Mostly Monday Reads: Trump threatens the US with his QAnon Crazies

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Yesterday, JJ put up some video of a Trump Rally highly reminiscent of NAZI rallies. Trump has taken to threatening Americans and Democracy, warning us that ‘problems’ like ‘we’ve never seen before are coming if any court dares to indict him.  This is from Politico on September 15: “It’s not the first time Republicans have hinted at potential civil unrest.”  Frankly, he and his droogs in Congress have gotten more threatening the closer Trump comes to an indictment. This is from the Hewitt interview.

Former President Donald Trump said Thursday the nation would face “problems … the likes of which perhaps we’ve never seen” if he is indicted over his handling of classified documents after leaving office, an apparent suggestion that such a move by the Justice Department could spark violence from Trump’s supporters.

The former president said an indictment wouldn’t stop him from running for the White House again and repeatedly said Americans “would not stand” for his prosecution.

You may recall Lindsey Graham also linked a threat last month. The threats have gotten so frequent and disturbing that AG Merrick Garland felt the need to give a speech on Ellis Island while welcoming new;y minted American Citizens.  This is the New York Times covering the event: “‘As Trump Inquiry Heats Up, Garland Says Divisions Imperil the Rule of Law.  Addressing new citizens on Ellis Island, the attorney general emphasized that all Americans are equal under the law.”  It seems weird that anyone these days should need to say that since Nixon argued that crimes weren’t crimes if the ‘president did it.’  That argument failed soundly. But after Judge Loose Cannon suggested a former president deserved special consideration, lawyers everywhere are speaking out. A group of Republican Lawyers filed an Amicus brief supporting the DOJ’s appeal of her decision to the 11th District.

An emotional Attorney General Merrick B. Garland addressed new citizens on Saturday at Ellis Island, the site of his family’s American origin story, and warned that the country had become dangerously divided by political factionalism, which has imperiled the democracy and the rule of law.

Mr. Garland was presiding over the oath of allegiance for 250 naturalized citizens at the iconic immigration processing center, on the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution in 1787. As the new Americans rose to recognize their home countries — about 60 of them, with origins from Albania to Yemen — he told them that the United States “wholeheartedly welcomes you.”

During a 10-minute speech in which he repeatedly stopped to collect himself, the attorney general recounted the tale of his grandmother’s flight from antisemitism in what is now Belarus before World War II, and the narrow escape to New York made by his wife’s mother, who fled Austria after Nazis annexed the country in 1938.

“My family story is what motivated me to choose a career in public service,” said the typically stoic attorney general, his voice dropping to a husky whisper. “I wanted to repay my country for taking my family in when they had nowhere else to go. I wanted to repay the debt my family owes this country for our very lives.”

Some of the most vehement reaction to the Trump QAnon rally has come from the Jewish community. Frankly, the reaction from everywhere is pretty astounding.  This is from The Independent: “Trump under fire for QAnon display at Ohio rally: ‘He has gone completely insane’. ‘Trump has always been mentally ill, but this is a whole new level’.” This is reported by Gustaf Kilander.

Donald Trump has come under fire for his descent into the QAnon conspiracy theory movement during his Youngstown, Ohio rally in support of Republican Senate candidate JD Vance.

“This is the week when Trump became Qanon. This isn’t a political statement; it just is, however disturbing. Week began with images of Trump on Truth Social wearing a Q pin and promoting their slogans; it ends with Q music and the Q ‘one’ sign by crowd at his rally,” CNN analyst Juliette Kayyem tweeted on Saturday.

Author Kurt Eichenwald added that “this week, Trump posted QAnon memes, played QAnon theme music at his rally, and stood by as the crowd raises their fingers in the QAnon salute. This is the GOP’s supposed leader. Every Republican needs to be asked about it – and don’t let them walk away. ‘Do you support QAnon?’”

“He has gone full QAnon, and that cult knows it. Trump has always been mentally ill, but this is a whole new level. He has gone completely insane,” he tweeted.

The author went on to lay out a lot of the bizarre theories within the movement.

“With Trump now leaning so hard into QAnon, anyone who interviews him *must* ask ‘Do you believe there is a global cabal of elites who are kidnapping children, taking them to underground tunnels, murdering them, eating them and drinking their adrenochrome to stay young forever? Have you secretly been president since 2020, while Biden has actually been a clone? Were Hillary Clinton and Anthony Fauci taken to gitmo and executed? And if you don’t believe these things, why are you posting QAnon memes, playing their music, and encouraging their salutes?’” he tweeted.

Other comments covered by the story are from Robert Costa, including this tweet:

The entire rally was beyond creepy, and that includes the music. So, here’s a bit more about all of that.  Vice News offers this primer on Trump’s sudden public conversion to the tome of crazy conspiracy theories and behaviors.  “What Is This Eerie Salute People Are Doing at Trump Rallies Now? The signal was immediately compared to the “Sieg Heil” salute.”

On Saturday night, as former President Donald Trump was wrapping up a political rally in Youngstown, Ohio, one section of the crowd all raised their arms in the air and extended one finger.

The strange salute came as Trump was once again spreading lies and disinformation about the 2020 election and the FBI search on his Mar-a-Lago home. The signal was immediately compared to the “Sieg Heil” salute used by Nazi party members to greet Hitler. Some also said it was in reference to Trump’s “America First” motto.

However, for QAnon followers, the one-finger salute was taken as yet another signal from Trump that he is in their corner.

Some in the wider QAnon community also claimed the one-finger salute was a reference to the phrase “Where we go one, we go all,” though again with no evidence to back up the claims.

Ben Collins of NBC news has more details on the crazy cult of Q and its batshit crazy leader. “What is Qanon? A guide to the conspiracy theory taking hold among Trump supporters. The Qanon conspiracy started less than a year ago but has taken hold among some Trump supporters — with some followers taking real world action. “

Signs and T-shirts emblazoned with some variation of the letter Q dotted a rally for Donald Trump in Tampa on Tuesday. Paper printouts declaring “We are Q” occupied small sections of the crowd.

One rally-goer named Tyler held out a large coin with Q on it and explained the letter’s sudden prevalence among Trump supporters. “Qanon, the storm, the great awakening,” he told local TV station WPLG.

“What Q stands for is military intelligence, most likely. He’s been talking to all of us. Letting us know the covert battles that are waging between the Deep State and President Trump.”

Tyler, whose last name was not disclosed to WPLG, is one of a growing number of vocal followers of a conspiracy theory, known as Qanon, that has taken hold among some Trump supporters. The theory centers around an anonymous source, Q, who is trying to tell the world about a secret battle being waged by Trump and special counsel Robert Mueller against a pedophile ring filled with celebrities and political elites who have been covertly running the United States government for decades.

Remember the 2016 assault on a pizza restaurant? A guy with a gun wants to see a nonexistent basement? This supposedly involved John Podesta and Hillary and eventually got labeled Pizzagate. You can walk down memory lane by following the NBC link.

If you get anything from a Republican elected official, just send them anything about that rally and ask them what they think.

This is from the link above. It’s from Will Bunch writing for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

If you are a political fanatic, you’ve surely heard the old saying that when fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. That’s been proven true in this fraught year of 2022 as Christian nationalism rises to our extreme right, but no one predicted this:

That U.S. authoritarianism would also come with a bat-guano crazy musical soundtrack — music that sounds like a Bible Belt altar riff, but is actually tied to the weirdly popular QAnon conspiracy theory whose legion of followers believe there’s an elite global cabal of child-trafficking, baby-blood-drinking liberal politicians and movie stars.

This terrifying crossing of some kind of autocratic Rubicon happened — where else? — at a Donald Trump rally in Youngstown, Ohio, on Saturday night.

Trump rallies are a tricky thing to cover, some 20 months after the 45th president left the White House in seeming disgrace after a failed coup and two impeachments. There’s an understandable desire to want to not give these increasingly hate-drenched rallies any oxygen, in the vain hope the flame will completely flicker out. And his Fidel Castro-length rants increasingly offer little political insight but long flights of narcissistic grievance about his 2020 election loss and an enemies list that grows longer each day.

But even had it been stripped of its creepy musical backing, Trump’s apocalyptic closing diatribe from an arena in the epicenter of Rust Belt industrial decay demands our attention — as the current front-runner for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination continues to steer his followers toward an authoritarian cult of personality, committed more to its warped leader and his perceived slights than any justifiable cause.

That about sums it up.

And this is from the end of the Queen’s commital service today at Windsor Castle.  The Piper could actually be playing that dirge for us too.

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    The Defenders of the Grand Old Male White Patriarchy will just keep getting worse. They always do. Here we are, post-Beer Hall Putsch and into sieg heil rallies.

    Also the same politics: left and center are split and sniping while the powers that be are hoping it’ll all just go away. (Voting rights! Expansion of courts! Now! Hurry!)

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