Saturday Open Thread

Good Morning Sky Dancers!!

I’m still having a difficult time with sciatica. I’m trying to hang in there, but I can’t do a regular post yet. Wish me luck!

I wanted to share this Twitter thread from Gregg Gonsalves on the anti-abortion laws and the elite insistence from the Washington elites that we must be polite and respectful with our protests. Gonsalves is a long-time AIDs activist and Associate Professor at Yale School of Public Health.

There’s much food for thought there. Have a nice weekend everyone!

6 Comments on “Saturday Open Thread”

  1. dakinikat says:

    The Anti-Abortion people trespass as they please, scream and yell, and show up and scream and yell at kids going to Sunday school in a church basement. The insurrection wasn’t polite either. The church people that scream and yell and the GLBTQ community here in the French Quarter and downright ugly too. Remember those Westborough church people screaming and yelling at soldier’s funerals? Can the Post at least be consistent on this stupidity?

    • quixote says:


      On wapo side: “Oh my goodness. Do please use your indoor voice.”

      On the frat boy beer pong side: “Your body belongs to me.” Which, hello?!, is the very definition of slavery.

      But, absolutely, the most important thing is not to bother anyone about it.

    • bostonboomer says:

      It makes me so angry!

  2. quixote says:

    Wonderful thread from Gonsalves!

    A welcome breath from the 1980s when we were doing clinic defense and lesbians and gay men turned out in droves to help. They’d had so much more practice than the rest of us at yelling in people’s faces for being idiots that they were great role models too!

  3. djmm says:

    Very powerful post!

    Is Wapo going to mention the very impolite death threats Dr. Ford got for her testimony?