Lazy Saturday Reads: Shameless Trump Stands With The Abusers

The Getaway, by Canadian artist David Rheaume

Happy Weekend Sky Dancers!!

My plan for today and every day that the monster currently defiling the American people’s House continues to perpetrate his foul corruption is to resist the urge to give up on justice and human decency. We need to remember every day that Hillary got nearly 3 million more votes than the current “president.” But for Russian interference, James Comey, and media misogyny, she would be in the White House now. There are many more in the Resistance than those who support Trump’s authoritarian behavior. We must and will defeat him in the end.

Meanwhile, the woman-hating “president” tweeted his sympathy for abusive men this morning. Doesn’t he need to get to the golf course?

Like his life was “shattered” by becoming “president?” Fuck you, you fucking asshole! Some twitter responses:

The moronic “president” also tweeted about the Democratic memo produced in response to the fake Nunes memo. Last night he announced he will refuse to release it. Gee, I wonder why?

Why didn’t you redact the Nunes memo after the FBI and DOJ said it would cause “grave” damage to national security, you fucking hypocrite?

Recommended Reads

The Daily Beast: In Private, Donald Trump Voices Doubt About Rob Porter’s Accusers.

As his White House has become engulfed in controversy over its handling ofallegations of spousal abuse leveled against former Staff Secretary Rob Porter, President Donald Trump has privately questioned the credibility of the accusers. In fact, the president has gone as far as to express doubts to aides and friends about the assault allegations, and has asked repeatedly if there are any reasons Porter’s two ex-wives could have to make up such claims, according to three sources with direct knowledge of the conversations.

Trump’s skepticism has been apparent in discussions with confidants and officials, who tell The Daily Beast that, at least in their conversations, he has not expressed sympathy for the ex-wives, Colbie Holderness and Jennifer Willoughby, who have gone on the record to allege physical violence.

Coco’s Paradise Inn by Tuomas Korpi

“[It is] 100% not what’s on his mind,” one source close to Trump who has spoken with the president in recent days told The Daily Beast, referring to the well-being of alleged victims.

The Washington Post: Second White House official departs amid abuse allegations, which he denies.

A White House speechwriter resigned Friday after his former wife claimed that he was violent and emotionally abusive during their turbulent 2½ -year marriage — allegations that he vehemently denied, saying she was the one who victimized him.

The abrupt departure of David Sorensen, a speechwriter who worked under senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, came as The Washington Post was reporting on a story about abuse claims by his ex-wife, Jessica Corbett. Corbett told The Post that she described his behavior to the FBI last fall as the bureau was conducting a background check of Sorensen….

Corbett first contacted The Post a week before Porter’s case became public. She said that during her marriage to Sorensen, he ran a car over her foot, put out a cigarette on her hand, threw her into a wall and grasped her menacingly by her hair while they were alone on their boat in remote waters off Maine’s coast, an incident she said left her fearing for her life. During part of their marriage, he was a top policy adviser to Republican Maine Gov. Paul LePage.

Beach Getaway, by Joni DiPirro

She said she did not report her abuse allegations to police because of Sorensen’s connections to law enforcement officials.

Corbett said several of the incidents involved alcohol and acknowledged that she slapped Sorensen a number of times after he called her a vulgar term.

The Washington Post: Hope Hicks: The quiet one in Trump’s White House suddenly feels the glare.

Hope Hicks, the discreet aide always at President Trump’s side whose desk is just outside the Oval Office, is his right-hand woman. Improbably, the former model, at only 29, has worked with Trump longer than anyone he is not related to at the White House.

But now Hicks is suddenly frying under the spotlight of scandal, a central figure in two White House controversies — the Russian investigation and the departure of a senior White House aide accused of physically abusing two ex-wives.

Hicks has been dating Rob Porter, 40, who left his job Wednesday, and was involved in crafting the widely condemned initial White House defense of him. Chief of Staff John F. Kelly called him “a man of true integrity.”

After Porter began dating Hicks, an ex-girlfriend brought accusations to the White House about Porter’s abuse of his ex-wives.

By Colin Ross Jack

In recent days, Trump has complained about Hicks — a rare occurrence for a president who rages about others but rarely about her. Her colleagues have quietly accused her of looking out for Porter and not the White House, and she has been visibly upset in recent days as her personal life becomes a national news story. West Wing aides say she has glanced at the TV screens, seen her face and quickly looked away.

More details at the WaPo.

CNN: Dozens of Trump officials still lack full security clearance.

Thirty to 40 White House officials and administration political appointees are still operating without full security clearances, including senior adviser to President Donald Trump Jared Kushner and — until recently — White House staffer Rob Porter, according to a US official and a source familiar with the situation.

The White House claims that the backlog of interim security clearances is a procedural consequence of the review process carried out by the FBI and White House Office of Security, which can take time to complete.

But several sources, including intelligence officials who have served previous Democratic and GOP administrations, describe the backlog as very unusual and make clear that the process should have been completed after a year in office….

One current and one former US official said the backlog could indicate that there are remaining questions or obstacles from the intelligence community and law enforcement conducting the review.

CNN: Bannon: ‘Anti-patriarchy movement’ will ‘undo ten thousand years of recorded history.’

Steve Bannon, the former White House chief strategist, is quoted in a new edition of the book “Devil’s Bargain” as sharply criticizing what he terms the “anti-patriarchy movement” — that is, the movement against sexual harassment and assault — saying he believes it will “undo ten thousand years of recorded history.”

Island Getaway, by Julie Veenstar

In a preface to an updated paperback version of his New York Times bestselling book, set for release on Tuesday, author and Bloomberg journalist Josh Green writes that he visited Bannon at his Washington, D.C., home while he watched the Golden Globes.

Green says Bannon, who was recently ousted from his position as executive chairman of the far-right website Breitbart, took particular notice of the Times’s Up campaign, founded by Hollywood celebrities inspired by the #MeToo movement and the post-Harvey Weinstein reckoning.

“It’s a Cromwell moment!” Bannon is quoted as nearly shouting, referring to the 17th century political leader often characterized as a fanatical dictator. “It’s even more powerful than populism. It’s deeper. It’s primal. It’s elemental. The long black dresses and all that — this is the Puritans! It’s anti-patriarchy.”

No doubt Trump would agree if he could read and understand words longer than four letters.

The Washington Post: ‘Very turbulent’: Trump and White House consumed with turmoil amid abuse allegations.

The White House was engulfed in chaos Friday as officials scrambled to contain the fallout from its management of domestic violence allegations against staff secretary Rob Porter, even as President Trump lavished praise on the now-departed senior aide and suggested he may be innocent.

And amid the tumult, the man whose mission had been to enforce order in the West Wing, Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, was focused instead on a more personal goal — to save his job — as Trump seriously sounded out confidants about possible replacements.

Helen and Lizzie – Woman walking on beach wih Yorkie dog, by Kay Crain

Trump and Kelly have had a series of conversations in recent days that two White House officials described as “very turbulent.” The president is upset with his top aide — as well as with White House Communications Director Hope Hicks — for not being more transparent with him about the allegations against Porter and for their botched public relations push to defend him, according to four officials.

Kelly and his loyal deputies have been “frantically trying to stop the bleeding,” according to one West Wing staffer, who, like the others interviewed, spoke on the condition of anonymity to candidly describe the chaos. ­Kelly’s efforts at damage control included instructing senior aides at a Friday morning meeting to communicate that he had taken action to remove Porter within 40 minutes of learning that abuse allegations from both of Porter’s ex-wives were credible, according to two senior officials. That account contradicts the administration’s public statements and other private accounts.

Fuck Kelly! He needs to be gone yesterday.

Politico: White House lurches into crisis mode, again. An excerpt–lots more gossip at the link.

The Trump White House has careened from one crisis to another since January, with the furor around the publication of Michael Wolff’s best-selling tell-all “Fire and Fury” — which sparked a public break between Trump and his former top strategist Steve Bannon — replaced by outrage sparked by Trump’s description of African countries as “shitholes,” as well as a stand-off between Trump and the FBI over the ever-present Russia investigation. In the midst of all that, the government shut down – twice.

The relentless chaos has prompted some senior officials to leave the administration in recent weeks. The latest is Rachel Brand, the number three official at the Justice Department, who resigned on Friday to join Wal-Mart, telling friends that she was concerned that her association with the Trump administration could hurt her reputation.

Key West, by Thomas Kincaide

“She is very smart, accomplished, and talented, and wants to protect her career,” said one Brand associate.

Late Friday, the White House made a long-anticipated announcement about personnel moves in the West Wing. The list largely consisted of portfolio reassignments and title changes, doing little to allay concerns that Kelly has been unable to recruit fresh faces to replace senior officials who have left.

The relentless chaos has prompted some senior officials to leave the administration in recent weeks. The latest is Rachel Brand, the number three official at the Justice Department, who resigned on Friday to join Wal-Mart, telling friends that she was concerned that her association with the Trump administration could hurt her reputation.“She is very smart, accomplished, and talented, and wants to protect her career,” said one Brand associate.

Late Friday, the White House made a long-anticipated announcement about personnel moves in the West Wing. The list largely consisted of portfolio reassignments and title changes, doing little to allay concerns that Kelly has been unable to recruit fresh faces to replace senior officials who have left.

The changes included the nomination of Jim Carroll, who had been serving as Kelly’s de facto deputy, to serve as director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, further thinning the top ranks of the White House. White House officials told POLITICO as recently as Wednesday that Kelly was pleased with Carroll’s performance in his office.

I hope everyone has a terrific weekend, in spite of the Trump horrors. Take care of yourselves in the best ways you know how. I love you guys!

43 Comments on “Lazy Saturday Reads: Shameless Trump Stands With The Abusers”

  1. bostonboomer says:

    Here’s a bit of good news from Mother Jones:

    A Surprise Move by the Trump Administration Has Dreamers on More Stable Footing Than Expected

    Two days after House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi delivered a record-shattering speech in defense of Dreamers—undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children—immigrant advocates are blasting Congress for passing another spending bill that does nothing to protect them from deportation. But away from the Capitol and the headlines, something unexpected has happened: Dreamers are still extending their protections, and they may be able to keep doing so past the November elections.

    One month ago today, California district court judge William Alsup blocked Trump’s September attempt to strip nearly 700,000 Dreamers of the deportation protections offered through the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Alsup’s temporary injunction required the Department of Homeland Security to begin accepting DACA renewal applications from Dreamers whose two-year work permits are expiring, although it did not require DHS to accept new applicants.

    Jeremy McKinney, a North Carolina-based immigration lawyer and the secretary of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, assumed the Trump administration would fight the decision at every turn. But even though Alsup didn’t impose a deadline for the administration to start accepting renewal applications again, four days after Alsup’s ruling, McKinney got word that DHS would accept applications. He and some of his staff came into the office the next day, a Sunday, to tell their clients about the news. McKinney knew the administration could try to block, or “stay,” Alsup’s injunction. His goal was to submit as many renewals as possible before then. But the Justice Department didn’t seek a stay. “I was shocked,” McKinney says.

    Instead, the Justice Department has taken the rare step of appealing the decision straight to the Supreme Court. Its legal strategy means that applications for two-year DACA renewals are expected to remain open for months, and potentially all the way through the November midterm elections. With Congress showing few signs of reaching an immigration deal, DACA’s unexpected revival could prove essential to stopping many Dreamers from being deported.

  2. Jslat says:

    How many people think that tRump read the ten page memo? Maybe he’s asking for a PowerPoint condensation? Who spoon-fed the memo to the big orange baby?

  3. dakinikat says:

    Argh! The Bannon link up there!! They all hate women and people of color! They’re all abusers and bigots! We shouldn’t expect anything different!!

    • bostonboomer says:

      Yep. I really hope Bannan is turning on Trump. They both should go down.

    • Enheduanna says:

      What a weak, insecure, little man. He’s literally afraid of women coming to guillotine his balls. If women have a say in how this world works, that means men won’t! Zero-sum idiot.

      I didn’t watch the GGlobes, but not sure what the reference to Dwayne Johnson watching Oprah was all about?

    • quixote says:

      I don’t understand Darth Bannon’s “ZOMG feminists will undo ten thousand years of patriarchy.”

      Yes. You got it. That’s what we’re trying to do.

      He says it like it’s a bad thing.

  4. Pat Johnson says:

    Trump is getting away with so much. It is amazing.

    People walking around the WH with direct contact with topmost security who are unable to obtain clearance is a huge risk. Yet it goes on. Jared has not had clearance since the day he walked in the door and we are discovering he has dubious ties to dubious Israeli and Chinese businessmen.

    Domestic abusers are more then welcome because people of integrity are staying far away from serving. Kelly is a misogynist, racist liar and this is the chief of staff.

    And Hope Hicks is causing a lot of anguish because of her inexperience and love life. How does a former shoe model rise to the top so quickly? I hate to speculate.

    Meanwhile, the hotel down the street is doing record business, pumping up Trump profits while he plots to rid himself of this investigation.

    How much more are we expected to endure this criminal enterprise? I am losing faith.

    • Enheduanna says:

      Yeah so much for concerns about classified intel! How dare Hillary send those 3 emails with intel on that shithole country?

      The D.C. Hotel is making money but apparently bookings are below par compared to other area properties in that class. Once the bribery pipeline ends when tRump is ousted/out; that property will fail.

      • quixote says:

        (I know you know this, but just to be persnickety for posterity: Hillary *received* those emails. She doesn’t have a whole lot of control over what others on her address list send to her. Either two or all three (don’t remember) were retroactively marked with “(c)” which is a very low level of classified. There were three (3) like that out of tens of thousands. The “private” server they were on was the one used by the former President, i,e, Bill, was secured by professionals to the level required for that, and unlike the State Dept. system where she was supposed to have stored all her emails it was never hacked.

        To put that level of meticulous email handling on a par with 30-40 White House staff without security clearances, some getting the daily intelligence briefing, is like saying that blowing on a pinwheel is the same as a tornado because they’re both air moving in circles.) (And the media doesn’t even put The EMailz on a par with Dump’s lapses. It seems to think those three emails were way worse.)

        • Sweet Sue says:

          You’re wonderful.

        • Enheduanna says:

          LOL – quixote – I knew I didn’t have the details 100% – just being a little facetious.

          If they do try and put her back under investigation, it’ll be interesting to see what they drum up. Because they would have to make it up.

  5. NW Luna says:

  6. Pat Johnson says:

    I love the painting of “The Getaway”. It absolutely captures the atmosphere the artist was conveying.

  7. NW Luna says:

    Alsup’s temporary injunction required the Department of Homeland Security to begin accepting DACA renewal applications from Dreamers whose two-year work permits are expiring…

    That’s good news!

  8. NW Luna says:

    Las Vegas shooter was sober, autopsy finds, leaving his motives a mystery

    … he stockpiled weapons and ammunition; how he gradually moved them, undetected, into his suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino; and how he used his vantage point from that room to fire a barrage of bullets for more than 10 minutes on an unsuspecting crowd …

    … A doctor in Las Vegas who said he had been Paddock’s primary-care physician since 2009 told investigators that he last saw Paddock about a year before the attack, for an annual checkup. Paddock’s only major ailment was a slip and fall at a casino about three years earlier, the doctor said.

    The doctor described Paddock as “odd,” noting that he believed Paddock may have had bipolar disorder but saying that Paddock refused to discuss the topic, the Las Vegas police report said.

    Let me guess why: Access to military-style guns & ammunition, white man, hate. Can’t do a whole lot about the last 2, but we can about the 1st.

  9. NW Luna says:

    And no matter how much men say they want an equal partner, a woman who’s smart and independent, studies find that such women often make men feel emasculated or inferior.

    Oh for fck’s sake! Why are some/most men such babies and assume their dangly bits are threatened by smart women? This type seems to be usually white, since I hear admiration for strong women a lot more from Black men.

  10. NW Luna says:

  11. NW Luna says:


    • quixote says:

      Okay, this is probably in abysmal taste, but, honestly, how much effort did he put in to finding hideous matching walls for his diarrhea ochre suit?

      • NW Luna says:

        And note the grid-paper shirt with that 70s orange-striped tie. Plus…that’s not diarrhea ochre, that’s a Tan Suit! OMG!

        • quixote says:

          Hah. Not so.You’re a medical professional. You know what diarhhea looks like. That is diarrhea ochre.

          You’re right, though. If he had better photographers who know about fill-in flash, it could classify as a — zomg — Tan Suit™.Funny how this appearance hasn’t led to weeks of hissy fits in national media. Yet, anyway.

  12. bostonboomer says:

    Dak recommends this:

    Some Trump allies blame White House ‘boys’ club’ for mishandling of Porter scandal

  13. Minkoff Minx says:

    I can always tell how mad BB is by the amount of “fucks” used in the post. This one is gloriously filled with them…thank you for a great thread.