Monday Reads: It’s a new Dawn. It’s a new Day. It’s a Total Eclipse of the Sun.

Good Morning Sky Dancers!

I’m having fun today realizing how many bad pop song lyrics have to do with the dawning of something or another. Be sure to check out the “Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” in Crosswalk the Musical (below). It’s a hoot!

Today,  part of the United States will witness a Total Eclipse of the Sun.  It’s usually seen as a dawn of something new and has been and is quite scary to those who have no understanding of the science behind it. After the last six months, we definitely could use something new.  I’m seeing today as the moment we see The ReBirth of a Nation; one with a vision that includes every one.

I’m going to attempt humor today despite what’s been going on because we have an insane man in the Oval Office.  This President is so unsuited for office that I have a hard time watching the news and an even harder time seeing that there are people that are so invested in him that nothing will change their minds.  According to CNN:  “6 in 10 people who approve of Trump say they’ll never, ever, ever stop approving.”

Most people who are on the Trump train say they are definitely, absolutely never getting off — no matter what.

Six in 10 people who approve of President Donald Trump (61%) say they can’t think of anything Trump could do that would make them disapprove of his job as President, according to a Monmouth University poll released this week.
Almost an identical number (57%) who disapprove of Trump say they are never going to change their minds on the President’s job performance either. This means a majority of Americans (53%) admit they have their opinion of Trump completely, totally and irreversibly baked in.

Yesterday, another US Navy Ship collided with a merchant ship.  The best that Kremlin Caligula could do in response was say “that’s too bad”. Five sailors are injured and another 10 are missing.  His comments were inexcusable and unmoored.  So we’ve had seven  US navy vessel collisions since 2000  There have been four in the last seven months,  WTF?

We also learned that because of Trump’s excessive vacationing and that of his extended family, the Secret Service has depleted funds and cannot pay agents. Congress must shut this man down.  Can they look at the sky today and see what we need is a drastic and heroic act? Are we doomed to more years of the actions of people whose greed and lust for power eclipses decency, reason, and constitutionality.


So, today we have a distraction and we need it. Here’s the link to the live streaming from NASA. Yes, we still have government scientists doing real science for the moment.  I was teaching high school during the 1979 Solar eclipse over the US.  We took our students out to the parking lot to view it by looking at paper with the eclipse behind us. 

The last time a total solar eclipse swept through the United States was on Feb. 26, 1979, and reporters and eclipse watchers were giddy with excitement.

ABC News covered the event live from Oregon, Montana and Washington, where they climbed a mountain and dispatched a plane over Portland to cover the spectacle.

Anchored by Frank Reynolds, the special broadcast described the event with colorful language.

Jules Bergman from Goldendale, Wash., characterized the approaching eclipse as “eerie.”

“People are hushed in what almost seems like a ritual thing that mankind has been silenced by in awe since the beginning of civilization,” Bergman said.

Today I will be using ‘selfie’ mode instead of paper.  The old pinhole method that we used back in 1979 still works.  You basically will be making a cardboard projector.  That was about the extent of our technology budget back then.

Many of my friends have hit the road–especially those with kids–to find a place where they can see the full eclipse.  Eclipses have been a source of myth and religious story for a very long time.  Some of the stories are creative and restorative and some are frightening.  That’s because religions frequently have elements of both wonder and damnation.


A lot of people thought that nothing good came of eclipses and spent a lot of energy trying to get rid of them.

A dragon did it, according to stories from China, India, Armenia, Tibet, Persia and other parts of the world. Traditional tales from other cultures blamed a demon, a jaguar, a frog or toad, a wolf, a group of snakes, a werewolf.

The indigenous Pomo of Northern California envisioned a great cranky bear ambling through the heavens and biting the sun when it refused to move out of the way.

According to an elaborate tale in the ancient Sanskrit poem “Mahabharata,” a demon stole an immortality potion and tried to drink it, but the sun and moon reported him to the god Vishnu. Vishnu lopped off the demon’s head before the liquid passed his throat, so his immortal head travels around the heavens chasing the sun and moon for revenge. Occasionally it catches one or the other and eats it, but the orb falls out of his throat.

The Tatars of western Siberia said that a vampire tried to swallow the sun, but he spat it out when it burned his tongue. Same for the “fire dogs” of Bolivian and Korean tradition, which were sent by an evil king to steal the sun but couldn’t hold it in their mouths for very long.

Rahu-eating-SunStill, early astronomers and scientists sought different explanations and they’ve won over the majority of the world on that account.  Well, except for a few like this Washington Pastor.

Suggestions that the Great American Eclipse is a sign of God’s judgment on the United States continue to emerge, with one pastor saying it means Christians should be repenting, given when it falls on the Jewish calendar.

On a recent episode of the “Jim Bakker Show,” Mark Blitz, pastor of El Shaddai Ministries in Bonney Lake, Washington, noted that solar eclipses are often seen in the Jewish world as a sign of God’s judgment on the Gentiles. As CP reported last week, Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of world renowned evangelist Billy Graham, said something very similar in a blog post. Conversely, the nation of Israel operates by a lunar calendar, and lunar eclipses represent coming judgment for them.

“What I thought was fascinating,” Blitz explained, was that “the exact path of the solar eclipse across the United States, voted 95 percent for Trump,” referring to the celestial event to take place on Aug. 21 that is being called “The Great American Eclipse.”

“And the fascinating thing for me is, God is not interested in the heathen to repent as much as he wants the Church to repent. Judgment always begins with the House of God,” he said.

The more you know. Sigh.

So, sit back and enjoy the eclipse which is beginning in places right now.

And think about some of the things our country still does that represents good and ironic.

Minnesota has a Confederate symbol in its possession. It has long caused controversy. And Minnesota is not moving it.

The Confederate icon — a scarred Virginia battle flag — was captured by the First Minnesota Pvt. Marshall Sherman at the bloody and brutal Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. Many of the First Minnesota Regiment, a volunteer force, died in the Union battle against the South, and Sherman was awarded the Medal of Honor for his role.

“We just rushed in like wild beasts. Men swore and cursed and struggled and fought, grappled in hand-to-hand fight, threw stones, clubbed their muskets, kicked, yelled, and hurrahed,” said Minnesota soldier William Harmon, according to a Minnesota Historical Society account of the battle.

“The scene brought before the imagination that great day when men shall call upon the mountains and the rock to fall upon and hide them,” Sgt. James Wright, a Minnesota soldier, said in another account of the battle, reported much later by the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Virginia has asked for return of the flag for more than 100 years — and each time Minnesota has refused to return the hard-won symbol of victory. A president demanded return of Confederate flags, Congress passed a resolution ordering return of the flags, Virginians even threatened suit to get their flag back. And the answer has been the same: No.

Minnesota stays firm:

A decade later — and 150 years after 80 percent of the First Minnesota Regiment died or was wounded at Gettysburg — Virginia’s governor asked to borrow the flag, Gov. Mark Dayton said. Again, the same refrain came from Minnesota.

“We declined that invitation. … It was taken in a battle with the cost of the blood of all these Minnesotans. It would be a sacrilege to return it to them. It’s something that was earned through the incredible courage and valor of the men who gave their lives and risked their lives to obtain it,” Dayton said. “As far as I’m concerned it is a closed subject.”

The flag, still bloodstained according to some reports, is housed at the Minnesota Historical Society. If Minnesota’s history predicts its future, there it will remain.

Spend the day with the gifts you’re given.  We still have the legacy of Nina Simone, the paintings of Van Gogh, and the curious, excited looks of children watching an eclipse. We need to take days to remember this because each one of us may be called to put our bodies on the line for justice in these days when white supremacists are enabled by a President and threaten our brothers and sisters.   Listen to Valerie Kuar (above) talk about about how perceived darkness may not be the end of life but the darkness of the womb before new life sees the light.  I think she’s got it right.  This can be the Rebirth of our Nation.  NAZIS and White Supremacists and ChristoFascists will not still the light of the future from any of our children if we put ourselves on the line for what is right and what should be the future of these United States.

You can find hope in all the right places and in all the wrong places if you try.

What’s on your reading and blogging list today ?

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  1. dakinikat says:

    Secret Service ‘at the end of their rope’ after being ‘treated like servants by Trump’: report

    One of Wilkie’s sources compared Trump’s treatment of Secret Service agents with the treatment given them by past presidents — and the comparison did not reflect well on the current president.

    “Clinton treated USSS agents like friends,” the source told her. “Bush treated them with great respect. Obama, like family. Trump treats them like servants.”

    Specifically, Wilkie’s sources tell her that Trump expects agents to regularly “fetch” things for him and be available to serve him at all times, regardless of when their shifts start or finish.

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    Awesome day, such a wonderful thing!

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    Thank you so much for all 3 videos embedded in this post. The power of love really is transcendent.

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        Ah, Nina Simone, one of my all-time favorites. I’ve seen the Human video before, but each time it deeply touches my heart. Thanks, Kat.