Monday Reads: Oy.JUST.Oy.

taken by Lynda Woolard at the NOLA March for Women (scowling dakinikat in background)

Photo taken by Lynda Woolard at the NOLA March for Women (scowling dakinikat in background)

Things–unpleasant and dangerous–are beginning to happen that shows we’ve been taken over by the Alt Right and the horrifying historical meaning of “America First”.  It’s not just in the speeches any more.  Some of today’s executive orders are horrifying and signal to the world we’re a really hostile presence for every one.  It makes no difference if you’ve been our friends, allies, or enemies.  We’re an agent of chaos on a level heretofore unknown.

Frankly, I believe an economic crisis is on its way sooner than I thought possible. There are several actions that look distinctly like acts of war.  The winners for this move are China and Australia if you want to know where to invest your money.   Trump is ending free trade.  BTW, nutter Bernie is ecstatic.  I really don’t think they understand the concept of trade at all.

lynda-and-krewe-of-hillary-nola-womens-marchThis will not create US jobs.  If anything, it will take away the jobs of those who work for firms that export US goods.  As an economist, I cannot stress enough how devastating this will be to the US economy, our geopolitical and geoeconomic standing in the region, and our relations with other nations. Isolationism has never been–historically–a good thing.   Additionally, it will not save or re-create US jobs destroyed by technology. For example, it’s only a matter of years before there will be no need for long haul truck drivers. We’re already learning to be our own grocery checkers.

I  think the deplorables are going to really be hammered on all of this as well as the rest of working people.  What’s needed are unions to offset the self-dealing of Senior Management and excessive dividend programs.

President Donald Trump abruptly ended the decades-old U.S. tilt toward free trade by signing an executive order to withdraw from an Asia-Pacific accord that was never ratified and promising to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.

“Great thing for the American worker, what we just did,” Trump said on Monday after signing an order withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership accord with 11 other nations. He didn’t sign any actions to direct a renegotiation of the Nafta accord with Mexico and Canada, yet he said on Sunday he would begin talks with the two leaders on modifying the pact.

“We’ve been talking about this a long time,” Trump said

nola-womans-marchMarching on Saturday with the 3 – 5 million others dampened my despair. I’m still extremely afraid of this insanity. But, it was so wonderful to know so many of us reject his delusions and aspire to create a more perfect union. We are a gumbo. We are a patchwork quilt. We are a jazz riff. We are so much more than Trump’s Narcissism can comprehend, respect, grasp, grok, appreciate, love … please enjoy my pictures of the NOLA March for Women and one other I got caught in by my friend Lynda Woolard who is–in turn–the red head in the photo shown second.  I’m scowling at the southern sun just to the right of the Vulva up top.

More on the executive orders he signed today which includes re-instating the Mexico City Policy and freezing federal hiring,  This is what putting America first is going to look like. Women, of course, were included in the slaughter. We will be hated more than we ever were before and we will likely hate ourselves.

“We must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries making our products, stealing our companies and destroying our jobs,” Mr Trump said in his short, nationalistic speech on Inauguration Day. “Protection will lead to great prosperity and strength.”

The TPP withdrawal order was one of three actions taken by the President in his third full day in office. He also ordered a freeze in government hiring and re-imposed a ban on providing federal money to international groups that provide abortions.

Mr Trump has criticised international free trade deals for rewarding companies to outsource work and has attributed the loss of US manufacturing to foreign labour.

girls-at-nola-womens-marchThe man is insane and has no idea of what he speaks.  Seriously, we’re headed to Depression. It’s the 30s all over again.

This is one piece of news that is also likely to isolate us from people we need as friends in the region.  It’s like to embolden suicide bombers and terrorists. IMHO, it is an act of war.   He plans to announce the movement of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

UPDATE: The White House has now confirmed it is in the early stages of talks regarding the embassy’s move

Channel 2 cited an anonymous source as saying a member of the Trump administration would announce the highly controversial move on the President’s first full working day in office.

I imagine the Radical Chistianist Terrorists are preparing for the rapture–yet again–as we speak.

Here are some other things you may want to read.16251622_10154398555833512_4892005447479481464_o

From The New Yorker and the pen of Robin Wright: TRUMP’S VAINGLORIOUS AFFRONT TO THE C.I.A.

From Rolling Stone: The Radical Crusade of Mike Pence; He’s trampled on the rights of women, LGBTQ folks and the poor. Then there’s the incompetence. Meet, quite possibly, the next president

From the WSJ: U.S. Eyes Michael Flynn’s Links to Russia,Counterintelligence agents have investigated communications by President Trump’s national security adviser, including phone calls to Russian ambassador in late December

From Politico: Hillary Clinton plots her next move; The Democrat has been studying election presentations, including reports on where she underperformed.

From Variety:  CNN Declines to Air White House Press Conference Live

From Reuters:  Ethics lawyers to sue Trump over foreign payments

A group including former White House ethics attorneys will file a lawsuit on Monday accusing President Donald Trump of allowing his businesses to accept payments from foreign governments, in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

The lawsuit, brought by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, will allege that the Constitution’s emoluments clause forbids payments to Trump’s businesses. It will seek a court order forbidding Trump from accepting such payments, said Deepak Gupta, one of the lawyers working on the case.

Trump does business with countries like China, India, Indonesia and the Philippines, the group noted in a statement.

“When Trump the president sits down to negotiate trade deals with these countries, the American people will have no way of knowing whether he will also be thinking about the profits of Trump the businessman,”

16142631_10154398966483512_8779650311873018180_nI really just can’t do today. I can’t.

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  1. janicen says:

    Wonder what his White Working Class voters think of their hero now, considering he just froze the salaries of most of the employees of the federal government across the country. If people who are employed in the private sector don’t think that hurts them as well, they are just too dumb to be helped. He has already raised taxes on poor and middle class home buyers and now he’s essentially cutting the pay of government workers. All of this is to offset the tax breaks in store for the wealthy. MAGA my ass.

  2. ANonOMouse says:

    Buttercup’s press secretary is hold a news conference right now, I’ve never heard so much whining in my entire life. He said the press was demoralizing the Administration.

    He ain’t seen nothing yet!!! Hold onto your hats you feckless demagogues.

  3. ANonOMouse says:

    World Net Daily makes the case for Donald Trump taking out Saudi Arabia

  4. Pat Johnson says:

    Three days in and I am already exhausted. Even though I refused to turn the tv on Friday or Saturday just out of sheer defiance.

    Today he announced he would eliminate 75% of regulations for the sake of “business”. Say goodbye to clean air, water, and the food supplies. He plans to go forward and reduce taxes on business which promises to drive the deficit into the stratosphere. He cut federal pay raises.

    He is implementing the Paul Ryan budget that will hurt millions of us and whines that the coverage of him is”unfair”

    I just can’t with this asshole. And I detest the 27% who made this epic fail possible. Every day provides a new “fresh hell”.

  5. dakinikat says:

    • Pat Johnson says:

      This action will produce a bloodbath.

    • NW Luna says:

      Makes me feel even more sick.

    • Fannie says:

      Yep, Kelcy Warren is damn happy about Trump. Seeing that Warren is founder, and Trump has stock in the pipeline. Not to mention, that North Dakota has introduced a bill that will allow truck drivers to run over the protesters without any liability.

      Most of the Sisters are doing a great job, but they are really going to need us to help them with clean water, clean air, and a clean earth.

      • contrask says:

        Are we really coming to this in our country? It’s like it’s hard to raise an alarm anymore because there are so many outrages that are being put in place, people can’t absorb it all and react fast enough. And there are so many outlets for news, so much false news out there, people can’t keep up. My head hurts from all of it. My heart hurts for what’s coming

      • ANonOMouse says:

        I was totally expecting trump to do this. All he cares about are corporate profits. He has no concern for Native American culture, tradition or the fact that those lands belong to them. This will be a catastrophe.

  6. contrask says:

    And on another front – On day 1 – minutes after the oath, he undid all the work personal friends of mine have done to end the soring of TWH horses – a deal to line McConbelks pockets. So, more animal suffering to go along with ours

  7. contrask says:

    Very informative post dakinkat, I meant to say earlier. Scares the crap out of me, the things happening. I totally agree with everything, including the radical christian view point. They truly think there is no political solution, so just bring it all down. I actually found the wacko that wrote the “no solution” nonsense.

    And Rubio just helped confirm Tillerson

    • dakinikat says:

      Thx. Much of what we need to do is be informed. We should fight those “alternative facts” as well as take to the streets and phones. Love the eagle in the pussycat hat!

      • contrask says:

        I feel like fighting the alternative facts! Then I go to work. Today I played the CNN Student News digest, which was the inauguration address. I had to endure cheers when he finished the speech, then jeers when the topic switched to Obama leaving office. And I come home and wonder if I can do any good. Is it possible? I can’t really share my viewpoint with co-workers, let alone students. I try to get them to question and think for themselves. And know how to find good resources.
        Thanks of the eagle pussycat picture. I don’t know who did it but it’s awesome

        • Fannie says:

          We understand, many of us have family and friends going through the same bullshit in their jobs.

  8. NW Luna says:

    • contrask says:

      I have not noticed this. I only post political things in secret groups on facebook. I have found myself following the new prez agian after unfollowing and blocking on twitter. And I had trouble finding O under his given name tonight.

  9. NW Luna says:

  10. NW Luna says:

    • Earlynerd says:

      Luna, that article was so bad I almost subscribed just so I could cancel over it. Good for Sara Kendzior – again!

      • Earlynerd says:

        Arrgh – don’t know what’s happened to my comment-fu. That was supposed to go under the NYT men-so-helpless thing.

  11. NW Luna says:

    Trump Promised to Resign From His Companies — But There’s No Record He’s Done So

    …Trump can resign from his businesses with a private letter. But in order to complete the process, he needs to file with states, each of which has its own deadline.

    None of these moves include divesting from his companies, which ethics experts say Trump should do.

  12. NW Luna says:

    At least 3,000 geese were killed by a toxic stew formed by a former copper mine in Butte, Montana, this weekend, raising questions about how the new Trump administration will handle the largest Superfund site in the country.

    Over the weekend, a large flock of geese making a late migration over Montana was blown off course by a snowstorm, which sent the birds toward the abandoned copper mine. They splashed down into the 50bn-gallon pool, polluted heavily by acidic chemicals and metals, and died en masse.

  13. janicen says:

    Anyone else notice how Hillary Clinton has been erased from any discussion of the marches? It’s really making me angry. On all of the reports, people bend over backwards to avoid saying her name.

    • NW Luna says:

      Her words are all over the signs in the marches. May of us wore our Hillary gear. But there are still some articles blaming her for losing in spite of winning the popular vote, in spite of Putin, Comey, Sanders, 3rd-party fools, voter suppression/CrossCheck, media lies, Facebook lies (“fake news”) and the Electoral College stealing the election.

      Those who disrespect Hillary are disrespecting the amazing number of people who voted for her.

    • contrask says:

      Yes! That made me furious! It’s like she has died. And I miss her

      • babama says:

        I have been saying that we have experienced a bloodless assassination that was the set off to a rolling attempted coup, which we are now in the midst of. There’s little time to properly mourn, grieve, or honor the loss, and the way things are unfolding, hardly enough time. We have to organize and fight. I believe in fighting smart. Make no mistake, this is war on every liberal advancement going back to my grandparents generation, war on social justice and secular humanism. I’m closely watching who is lining up where and with whom and coming to realize there are groups, people, and causes I’ve been aligned with for decades that I need to distance from or leave entirely because they can not be counted on to do what is right.
        I’m not going to passively let Hillary Clinton be debased, or erased! I know I am in good company with that determination. Hillary Clinton once said she was willing to be the “tip of the spear” for women and girls. She is and she did and I proudly count myself a part of the force and momentum behind her. I intend to stay in formation. I’m going to act, and do all the good I can, for as many as ever I can, for as long as I can. Yes, it was small minded and short sighted (and politically motivated, we all know by who) that the Women’s March on Washington couldn’t find it in themselves to add her name to their list of honorees. The good and wonderful news is that this movement is much greater than their misguided attempts to control and confine it. And even better, Hillary is alive today. Best believe I give thanks for that every day. She and we, live to fight on.

        • contrask says:

          I don’t think Hillary is done yet. She can’t be on the front line right now, but I truly believe she is planning what needs to be done next. I intend to stand with her. She will be back in force by the 2018 elections and we have to take things back.

          • joanelle says:

            I agree contrast . I also agree that this is a coup, and like Lloyd coups it too will have a short lifespan as they will push just so far before there will be an uprising the likes of which they have never seen, or even imagined

          • contrask says:

            Yes it’s a coup! We have to stop it. I’m so furious it’s come to this – I want to do something to fix it now! And we really are waiting to see what Hillary will do, I think. She is not done

  14. Fannie says:

    How is it that Hillary Clinton should not have used her private email account, and yet one Donald J Trump can use his private tweeter account?

    • NW Luna says:

      Plus some of Trump’s staff are using their private emails because the gov’t ones aren’t set up yet, per Kurt Eichenwald.

      It was always a huge double standard.

  15. NW Luna says:

    • Fannie says:

      Yes, I was told that it is over, and time to put Hillary Clinton behind us, and move on! I told the sonvabitch, you don’t regulate great women to back of the bus, and driver over them………he simply couldn’t understand what the hell I was saying.

  16. NW Luna says:

  17. NW Luna says:

    Well-written and thoughtful, excepting part at the end where the author fails to recollect that we had a majority but lost the presidency due to EC, Russia, Comey etc.

    We know another world is possible because briefly it was here

    On Saturday, I bobbed in a vast, pacific ocean of pink, pointy-eared hats, and this was the strangest thing about it: over six hours, I did not see a single shove. The Women’s March on Washington may be the vanguard of a new American resistance, but the grand stakes did not distract people from embodying, in all the little ways, the world of their dreams. Pluralism and respect, freedom and self-awareness are not only abstract values. They are also ways of carrying yourself in a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people.

    View at

  18. NW Luna says:

  19. dakinikat says:

    A friend posted this on my timeline.

    All friends of public education, but especially folks who live in Maine, Tennessee, Alaska, Georgia, Utah, North Carolina, Wyoming, Louisiana, Kansas, South Carolina, and Kentucky:

    The Betsy DeVos confirmation vote was delayed due to the congressional ethics review revealing that she has 102 major conflicts of interest, including financial stake in for-profit education from which she has declined to disentangle herself. The hearing of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions will now be held at 10 a.m. Jan. 31, according to an advisory from the committee.

    If possible, give your senators a call and tell them how you feel about DeVos. If three Republican senators vote no for DeVos, she won’t be confirmed.

    Susan Collins (ME) 207.622.8414..&..202.224.2523
    Lamar Alexander (TN) 615.736.5129..&..202.224.4944
    Lisa Murkowski (AK) 907.586.7277..&..202.224.6665
    Johnny Isakson (GA) 770.661.0999..&..202.224.3643
    Orrin Hatch (UT) 801.524.4380..&..202.224.5251
    Richard Burr (NC) 336.631.5125..&..202.224.3154..&.. 910.251.1058..&..828.350.2437
    Michael Enzi (WY) 202.224.3424
    Dr. Bill Cassidy (LA) 202.224.5824
    Pat Roberts (KS) 202.224.4774
    Tim Scott (SC) 202.224.6121
    Rand Paul (KY)

    • Enheduanna says:

      Thanks Dak – I sent this to my sister who until now hasn’t been tuned in to politics very much. She is an educator. She was able to go to the march Saturday and had her epiphany that day. Wonderful to see her so fired up – she’s retired so will have extra time to get involved.

  20. dakinikat says:

    • Enheduanna says:

      Here’s hoping they can prove they have standing. Good to read hotels might have standing to sue as well!

      Remember when it was the depths of depravity for a Clinton to let a friend sleep in the Lincoln bedroom? Or meet with a lifelong friend who happens to have donated to the Clinton Foundation? Fun times…

  21. NW Luna says:

    We are so fk’d: