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Desperation has set in at Camp Bernie. Let’s count the ways.

First there was his disastrous interview with The New York Daily News, in which he demonstrated that he has no idea how to enact the policies he has been campaigning on for the past year, like breaking up the banks, prosecuting Wall Street criminals, continuing the drone war, and dealing with the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Then there was his insane response to Hillary Clinton’s criticism of the lack of preparation he demonstrated in that interview. In an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Clinton said that Sanders’ poor performance showed a lack of preparation. Clinton:

“I think the interview raised a lot of really serious questions,” she said. “He’s been talking for more than a year about doing things he obviously hadn’t really studied or understood.”

“I think what he has been saying about the core issue of his whole campaign doesn’t seem to be rooted in an understanding of either the law or the practical ways you get something done,” she added. “The core of his campaign has been breaking up the banks, and it didn’t seem in reading his answers that he would understand exactly how that would work under Dodd-Frank.”

“You can’t really help people if you don’t know how to do what you are campaigning (for) and saying you want to do,” she added. “I think he hasn’t done his homework.”


Note that Clinton did not say that Sanders is unqualified to be president, as the WaPo fact-checker wrote today. She simply noted that obvious–that he didn’t come to the interview prepared to answer questions about his own policies. But at a rally in Philadelphia yesterday, Sanders claimed that she had said he was unqualified; and he went on to baldly state that Hillary Clinton, a former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State who has been working to advance the goals of the Democratic Party for 40 years, is not “qualified” for the job is she running to win. MSNBC’s Danny Freeman:

Less than 24 hours after Sanders’ big win in Wisconsin, the senator from Vermont hammered Clinton for not being “qualified” to be president.

“Now the other day, I think, Secretary Clinton appeared to be getting a little bit nervous,” began Sanders in front of thousands at Philadelphia’s Temple University Wednesday night.

“And she has been saying lately that she thinks that I am, quote unquote not qualified to be president,” he said as the raucous crowd booed.

“Well let me just say in response, to Secretary Clinton, I don’t’ believe that she is qualified if she is…through her Super PAC, taking tens of millions of dollars in special interest funds,” Sanders declared.

He went on to list a number of traits disqualifying someone from being president all directed squarely at Clinton — with the crowd cheering enthusiastically after each bullet point:

“I don’t think that you are qualified if you get 15 million dollars from Wall Street through your Super PAC,” said Sanders. “I don’t think you are qualified if you have voted for the disastrous war in Iraq. I don’t think you are qualified if you’ve supported virtually every disastrous trade agreement, which has cost us millions of decent paying jobs.”

He even blamed Clinton for the “Panama Papers.”

“I don’t think that you are qualified if you supported the Panama Free Trade Agreement! Something I very strongly opposed and which, as all of you know has allowed corporations and wealthy people all over the world to avoid paying their taxes to their countries,” Sanders concluded.

In the immediate aftermath of his remarks, it remained unclear exactly when he believes Clinton called him “not qualified” to be president.


On Twitter, a number of Clinton staffers and supporters called on Sanders to withdraw his vicious and false attack. Instead, he doubled down, sending out an email in which he expanded on his claims.

Here’s the problem: how can Sanders ever endorse Clinton now that he has said she is “unqualified?” Why would Clinton want him to campaign for her now? It’s also difficult to see how Sanders thinks this attack on Clinton will help him in the New York primary. Frankly, it looks like Bernie is just an angry guy who can’t control his emotions very well. Many voters would see that as disqualifying in a candidate for the presidency.

Bernie’s campaign manager Jeff Weaver was also busy attacking Hillary yesterday. Rebecca Traister has an excellent piece about it: The Sanders Campaign’s Sexist New Argument: Hillary Tries Too Hard.

On Tuesday night, following Bernie Sanders’s big win in the Wisconsin primary, his campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, understandably jazzed in the midst of a victory lap, said a really stupid sexist thing about Hillary Clinton.

When CNN’s Jake Tapper asked him about the increasingly aggressive rhetoric between Sanders and Hillary Clinton, Weaver averred that his campaign was prepared to play hardball. He then sounded a warning to the former secretary of State and her supporters, suggesting that they not get too critical of Sanders or his supporters. “Don’t destroy the Democratic Party to satisfy the secretary’s ambitions to become president of the United States,” Weaver said.

It was a small comment, in every sense. A throwaway bit of nastiness coming from a campaign manager in the late stages of a long and hotly contested primary battle. But the line, which overtly cast Clinton’s political ambition as a destructive force and framed her famous drive and tenacity as unappealing, malevolent traits, played on long-standing assumptions about how ambition — a quality that is required for powerful men and admired in them — looks far less attractive on their female counterparts, and especially on their female competitors.

Weaver’s language made explicit a message that has, in more inchoate form, been churning through the Sanders campaign’s messaging in recent weeks. As Sanders’s staffers spin the story of how they got to this point in the race — with a candidate whose success has been unexpected and thrilling, especially with young Democrats and independents, but who has failed to win over voters of color and older voters, and remains badly behind his tough opponent by nearly every metric — they seem to have been working on a new framing of Hillary, one that relies on old biases about how we prefer women to conduct themselves and how little we like those who flout those preferences.

Jeff Weaver, Bernie Sanders' campaign manager, said Tuesday he believes the Democratic primary fight will continue until the convention, and that Sanders will emerge as the winner, not Hillary Clinton.

Jeff Weaver, Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager.

As if Hillary is the one who is trying to blow up the Democratic Party when Sanders has never even been a Democrat and refuses to support other Democrats running for office this year. Please go read the whole thing. There’s much more about the sexist attacks on Hillary from the men who work for Bernie.

This morning Bernie was still at it, once again “doubling down” on his attacks on Hillary. Politico:

Bernie Sanders went after the media for “political gossip” Thursday before he doubled down on his sharp comments Wednesday night in which he questioned whether Hillary Clinton was qualified for the presidency.

“Any questions on the needs of the middle class of America before we get to political gossip?” Sanders asked following a brief news conference on trade in Philadelphia. “All right, now where’s your political gossip? OK, what do you got?”

The following question focused on the Vermont senator’s forceful rhetoric against Clinton at a rally on Wednesday. Sanders explained that he took issue with a Washington Post report on Clinton with a headline that said “Clinton questions whether Sanders is qualified to be president.”

I guess he didn’t read the article under the headline, which nowhere quotes Hillary as saying that. Maybe Bernie thinks she wrote the headline?

“If Secretary Clinton thinks that just because I’m from a small state in Vermont and we’re gonna come here to New York and go to Pennsylvania and they’re gonna beat us up and they’re gonna go after us in some kind of really uncalled for way, that we’re not gonna fight back, well we got another — you know, they can guess again because that’s not the case,” Sanders said. “This campaign will fight back.”

Sanders again called into question whether Clinton has the pedigree to win the White House on Thursday, invoking her vote for the Iraq War, support of trade deals and campaign donations from Wall Street and special interests.

Um . . . Bernie? Hillary never said you were unqualified. This guy is really losing it.

47893059.cachedNow I want to touch on another issue that is going to hurt Sanders badly in New York and other Eastern states that have primaries coming up. In a little noted part of his Daily News interview, Sanders showed a stunning  lack of compassion and lack of empathy for the relatives of the children and teachers who were murdered at Sandy Hook. From the Interview:

Daily News: There’s a case currently waiting to be ruled on in Connecticut. The victims of the Sandy Hook massacre are looking to have the right to sue for damages the manufacturers of the weapons. Do you think that that is something that should be expanded?

Sanders: Do I think the victims of a crime with a gun should be able to sue the manufacturer, is that your question?

Daily News: Correct.

Sanders: No, I don’t.

Daily News: Let me ask you. I know we’re short on time. Two quick questions. Your website talks about…

Sanders: No, let me just…I’m sorry. In the same sense that if you’re a gun dealer and you sell me a gun and I go out and I kill him [gestures to someone in room]…. Do I think that that gun dealer should be sued for selling me a legal product that he misused? [Shakes head no.] But I do believe that gun manufacturers and gun dealers should be able to be sued when they should know that guns are going into the hands of wrong people. So if somebody walks in and says, “I’d like 10,000 rounds of ammunition,” you know, well, you might be suspicious about that. So I think there are grounds for those suits, but not if you sell me a legal product.

Bushmaster AR-15, the gun used in the Sandy Hook Massacre.

Bushmaster AR-15, the gun used in the Sandy Hook Massacre.

It wasn’t just Hillary attacking Bernie for this yesterday.

The Week: Daughter of murdered Sandy Hook principal slams Bernie Sanders over gun policy.

On Tuesday evening, Erica Smegielski, the daughter of Sandy Hook’s principal who was killed in the shooting, tweeted the Daily News link, writing, “Shame on you @BernieSanders try living one hour in our lives.” Smegielski added in a second tweet, “I hope @BernieSanders really #feelsthebern of this one. His judgment is despicable.”

And from prominent Connecticut Democrats:

Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy said the public doesn’t need “apologists for the NRA.”

“He is just wrong,” Malloy, criticizing Sanders, told The News. “He is dead wrong on guns. He had an opportunity to educate the people of Vermont about guns. Vermont is small enough that he could have gone house to house to educate people about guns.”

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy took to Twitter to shoot down Sanders’ gun stance, saying the presidential candidate is out of line.

“For Sanders to say that the Sandy Hook families should be barred from court, even if the weapon was negligently made, is wrong,” Murphy tweeted.

“Bernie is a friend, but this is really bad. Dems can’t nominate a candidate who supports gun manufacturer immunity.


From Katherine Speller at Bustle: Bernie Sanders ‘NYDN’ Interview Just Reminded Everyone Why He May Not Be That Progressive. The article has a good summary of the Sandy Hook case background.

According to court documents obtained by Bustle, the Sandy Hook case argues that the AR-15 — the weapon used in the Sandy Hook shooting that killed 26 people (20 of them small children) — is a military assault weapon capable of delivering 30 rounds in 10 seconds and penetrating body armor, designed to “deliver maximum carnage with extreme efficiency.” The complaint argues that Bushmaster and its parent company, Remington, were perfectly aware that “as a consequence of selling AR-15s to the civilian market, individuals unfit to operate these weapons gain access to them.” The complaint also argues that the companies’ marketing toward “military wannabes” and partnerships with games like Call of Duty show a disregard for the very real dangers of these weapons being commercially available.

Plaintiffs Mark and Jackie Barden — whose seven-year-old son Daniel was killed at Sandy Hook — criticized Sanders’ stance on their lawsuit earlier this year in an op-ed for The Washington Post. The Bardens said that Sanders understanding of the litigation was “simplistic and wrong,” and called for a more thoughtful approach from the senator to this particular breed of corporate responsibility:

… History has shown us, time and again, that it is innocent civilians in malls and movie theaters, and children in their classrooms, who have been made to bow down to the singular power of a gunman wielding an AR-15.

This is not a theoretical dispute. The last thing our sweet little Daniel would have seen in his short, beautiful life was the long barrel of a ferocious rifle designed to kill the enemy in war. The last thing Daniel’s tender little body would have felt were bullets expelled from that AR-15 traveling at greater than 3,000 feet per second — a speed designed to pierce body armor in the war zones of Fallujah.

Sanders has spent decades tirelessly advocating for greater corporate responsibility, which is why we cannot fathom his support of companies that recklessly market and profit from the sale of combat weapons to civilians and then shrug their shoulders when the next tragedy occurs, leaving ordinary families and communities to pick up the pieces.

If the Sandy Hook parents are able to see this case in court, it would be a major moment for critics of the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCCA), which made it pretty much impossible to go after gun manufacturers and distributors for negligence. Sanders helped to pass this law, and yet he has since pledged to help repeal it. However, separately condemning assault weapons while refusing to support the victims of those weapons in their fight for injunctive action leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Arguing that increasing accountability for manufacturers will somehow end the gun industry only adds to that concern.

When Hillary suggested he should apologize to the Sandy Hook relatives, Bernie said she should apologize to the victims of the Iraq war! Isn’t it funny how he seldom criticizes the Bush administration about the war they started and prosecuted?

I have more to say about disastrous effects of of Bernie Sanders’ gun policies, and I will write about it in my Saturday post.

What stories are you following today?

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    Just a quick update on my sinus infection, etc.

    I went to see the PA yesterday and she gave me a prescription for another antibiotic. She also discovered that I needed an increase in my thyroid medication. That could explain some of my tiredness and vulnerability to infections.

    She increased my blood pressure medication, but said I might need to reduce it again once I get rid of the sinusitis. My blood pressure was lower than when I was in the hospital, but still too high. At least it’s no longer an emergency.

    I still don’t feel back to normal, but I hope I will in a couple of days. Thank so much for all the support from you Sky Dancers!

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      I’m glad to hear you are on another antibiotic. I really hope that does the trick. Also good to get that BP down. We all need to be vigilant about that, that’s what I love about cycling. My blood pressure was creeping up until I started cycling and now it’s like it was when I was in my twenties. Once I get my knee fixed I’ll be back on that bike again!

      Take care, bb. I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better.

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        Thanks. Is your knee any better today?

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          No, but I have an appointment to see a highly regarded orthopedic surgeon tomorrow morning so I’m hopeful that we’ll get everything sorted out once and for all. The entire experience has changed me in that I no longer hesitate to ask for help with things. In the past, even when I was in pain I was too proud and too independent ask for help but now there is so little I can do that it’s become necessary. Hubby and daughter have stepped up admirably so I feel very fortunate about that. Illness and injury can be quite humbling.

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        Hope all of that helps, BB. And hope that you are back to your old self soon

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      BB…..I hope the health issues are resolved soon. And thanks for the excellent post this morning. Love the Nuke bomb picture. I knew it was a Bernie post before I even began reading.

    • Fannie says:

      Hope you show signs of quick improvement. You know we appreciate all the wonderful work you do here! We luv you.

    • NW Luna says:

      Good to hear! The thyroid med change should really help, too, but that can take 6-8 weeks to really be felt. And keeping your BP under control while the infection resolves is the right thing to do. Later you can slowly taper down and see what happens. But I’m sure you should still take it easier than normal for a while.

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  4. dakinikat says:

    Yes to the Traister words! Sick! Sick! Sick! Of the white male arrogance and entitlement!

  5. Ms. Becky says:

    I was annoyed by Sanders comment that Hillary was getting “nervous”, and that they don’t want to make her anymore nervous, paraphrasing. That’s code for “she can’t take the heat” “she’s unfit”. He’s a wicked campaigner – it’s a myth that he isn’t negative. That’s what he has done to get himself this far – created the Bernie myth. It’s all a mirage.

  6. janicen says:

    So Bernie tells the NYDN that he is opposed to holding gun manufacturers responsible for gun deaths but according to Think Progress he pledges to repeal the legislation he helped pass to protect gun manufacturers and NOBODY IS MAKING A BIG DEAL ABOUT THIS?

    Were you lying then or are you lying now, Senator Sanders?

  7. janicen says:

    As everyone here knows, I’m no Bernie fan but I have to say I was shocked at his lack of knowledge and preparation regarding the pillars of his platform. That NYDN interview showed him to be a Potemkin candidate. There is no there there. He’s just a spoiler propped up by the Republicans for the purpose of creating division on the left.

    • jane says:

      I think it is another version of Trump’s “If I get elected it will all just fall into place and happen the way I want.” He talked about people getting together and making it happen without legislation etc. Well, that could happen without him in the White House. Either way, I think the people have to do it. Just electing someone president is not going to make this stuff happen, especially with a republican Congress. And he seems to have no real interest in foreign policy.

  8. bostonboomer says:

    Daily Mail: Why isn’t Trump campaigning? Donald cancels press conference and takes ANOTHER political hiatus after 10-day break from the trail in March

    Read more:

    • ANonOMouse says:

      Has anyone else noticed that Bernie has aged considerably since this began? I know he was already ancient, but being an old person myself I notice all of the little aging things that younger people don’t. He looks much more slump shouldered, more awkward in his walking and his hand gestures. I call it shaky hand & leg. His face goes from red to pale, not a normal skin color anywhere along the way. I’ve also noticed that Hillary looks very tired and that some days she is more spry than others, but basically, with the exception of a hoarse voice, she seems to be holding up pretty well.

      • dakinikat says:

        BB and I have been talking about that. He also is extremely red faced.

      • bostonboomer says:

        I think he’s really wearing down, and I’m worried that he might have a stroke or heart attack.

        • ANonOMouse says:

          I’ve been concerned about that too. I don’t like Bernie, but I don’t want anything to happen to him. He just doesn’t look well to me.

          • RalphB says:

            Personally, I don’t give a damn what happens to him so long as he isn’t nominated for President.

          • ANonOMouse says:

            What???? You don’t like Mr. Forked Tongue?

          • NW Luna says:

            I agree with Ralph. Although I really don’t want him to have a stroke until Hillary nails his wagging finger to the lectern and calls the weedbirds in to bury him in sparrow shit.

  9. jackyt says:

    Bernie has refused to state he’ll support Hillary should she win the nomination. He continues to fund raise aggressively. And now, he’s gone on the attack personally to a degree that the bridges are all on fire.
    My guess is Bernie is preparing to run as an Independent.

    • ANonOMouse says:

      I believe that most States have regulations that require you to register by a specific date to get on the ballot. If Bernie takes this to the convention I believe his window of opportunity will have closed. Not only could he not be elected POTUS if he can’t get on the ballot in every State, he will hand the presidency to the GOP. If this sour puss commits such an egregious, spiteful act, he’ll be finished in politics forever.

      • RalphB says:

        Quite a few states, including CA and OH, have ‘sore loser’ laws which keep you off the ballot as an independent if you’ve been on a previous primary ballot. He would get splattered by those.

        • jackyt says:

          Well thank the powers that be for that! Hopefully, that will also apply to Trump. My worst nightmare is a 4-way mudslinging contest in which the issues are non-issues.

          • RalphB says:

            From wikipedia:

            In most states, these laws do not apply to presidential candidates. Many states accomplish the same requirement by having simultaneous registration dates for the primary and the general election. Only the states of Connecticut, Iowa, New York, and Vermont have neither a sore-loser law nor simultaneous registration deadlines

            Trump and Bernie would be screwed, if that’s correct.

          • RalphB says:

            The Georgetown Law Review on sore loser laws:

            Click to access Kang.PDF

          • Thanks for the info on the sore loser laws RalphB. Now the question is, do the ‘low-information’ candidates (Sanders and Trump) know about them? Egg on face would be a good look for either/both of them.

          • NW Luna says:

            Only the states of Connecticut, Iowa, New York, and Vermont have neither a sore-loser law nor simultaneous registration deadlines

            Lessee here, Connecticut doesn’t like Bernie because guns, New York detests him because subways and Hillary, Vermont is still feelin’ weedberned but has piddly numbers, and Iowa was Hillary’s in the primary back when Sanders was sorta decent; she’ll wrap it up now.

            Nah, not a ghost of a chance for Bernie there.

      • Sweet Sue says:

        True, but we’ll all be fucked.

  10. RalphB says:

    Here is my heartfelt letter to Senator Sanders:
    Dear Senator Sanders,
    I have looked on with pride as you and Secretary Clinton have engaged in a contest of ideas in the Democratic Presidential Primary. That’s why I was so dismayed to hear you say that Hillary is “not qualified” to be President.
    As an attorney who fought for civil rights and then for our kids at the Children’s Defense Fund, as a First Lady who fought for middle class families, as a Senator who fought for 9/11 first responders and all New Yorkers, and as a Secretary of State who fought for human rights and transformed U.S. diplomacy, Hillary Clinton has served the American people superbly and is qualified to be our next President and Commander-in-Chief.
    I ask you to immediately retract your comments and return to the positive issues-oriented campaign that you promised.
    Barbara Boxer

    • janicen says:

      He really got his stride during his second term. Shame about that learning curve during the first term but despite that I think he’ll go down as one of the great ones.

  11. Jslat says:

    Isn’t it strange that all the attacks from the Bern have come after his disastrous NY Daily interview-. Methinks the Bern is producing a lot of smoke to cover his a**.

  12. Jslat says:

    Charlie Rose interview with Bern on CBS news tonight. Charlie pushed Bern to finally say that he would support Hillary if she wins the nomination! Finally, good interview -Charlie really handled Bern- interview on Charlie Rose Show tonight. Bern was red in the face by the time it was over.

    • ANonOMouse says:

      Bernie’s responses reminded me of a 3rd grader. “I had to teacher because she hit me first”. The only problem with Bernie’s “I had to” response is that “she didn’t hit him first”. I watched a few of Bernie’s surrogates on TV tonight and they were all frantic with the “she did it first” line, which everyone in the world, except Bernie supporters, know is untrue. Bernie Jumped the Shark with this attack on Hillary. I believe it all began because he did so poorly in the NYDN interview and he doesn’t know how to undo it. Clinton on the other hand handled it beautifully. When asked about Bernie calling her unqualified she laughed it off and said Bernie is superior to either Trump on Cruz and that she would vote for him.

      This feels like a turning point to me!!!!! I think Bernie is sensing it too. Waiting for the NY primary day to arrive is going to be torture. Let’s hope our Gal can maintain the lead and pull of a big victory in NY.

  13. List of X says:

    Clinton may not have called Sanders “unqualified”, but it was pretty clear from that interview that he’s not qualified. The more this goes on, the less I like how his campaign is going – even with all the wins he has racked up, he’s still not a serious threat to Clinton, so I don’t see how attacking Clinton is going to improve his chances.

    • William says:

      Sanders is an angry person, with the righteous fury of someone who thinks he knows better than everyone else. These people were a dime a dozen in Central Park soapboxes. He managed to find a state with the kind of population that would find his ranting and political puritanism appealing. No one from the Senate endorses him, because they know he is impossible to work with. He probably would try to have them all guillotined if it were 1795.

      I don’t think Sanders cares all that much about the country, certainly not about the Democratic Party. He wants to be right, he wants everyone to tell him how right he is. And if they don’t, he lashes out at them with venom. I used to watch Sanders on shows like Hardball, when he was criticizing Obama. And never, ever, did I see him even offer one little shred of conciliation; he just went on and on. There is room for one or two people in the Senate like that. There is no room for anyone like that in the executive branch. Sanders is far more concerned with his oratory, and showing how right he thinks he is, that he doesn’t really care beyond that. Also, his campaign managers think that if they turn this into mud wrestling, they have a better chance. So it will never get better, it will only get worse, until and if Hillary actually gets the nomination, and the convention is gaveled closed.

      • NW Luna says:

        I think he and his rowdies will be well outnumbered at the convention. He still has fanatical delegates, but he’s fast berning through his remaining supporters in the Party ranks.

        • ANonOMouse says:

          You can’t say that the Democratic Party is only a vehicle to the nomination, then criticize President Obama and the Democratic Party and expect party loyals, who are also Super Delegates, to support you. He’s going to need an impressive string of wins in the remaining States and look, sound and behave like a Democrat to win over the Supers. In other words, he’s finished.

    • NW Luna says:

      Agree. It doesn’t help him to act out as unPresidential on top of not knowing how to get political change accomplished.

  14. purplefinn says:

    Bernie walks it back a little. But still blames the WAPO headline.

    Wonder how his Hillary hater backers will interpret/spin it.

    • Ron4Hills says:

      All I heard was Bernie’s still being unable to admit when he is wrong. Not a good trait in a potential President. No humility, no core integrity.

  15. Ron4Hills says:

    I loved Bill Clinton’s remarks to Black Lives Matters. Hecklers always bite off more than they can chew with the Big Dawg. I love it that he refuses to take shit! Anyone with half a brain knows that the Clintons have never intentionally harmed black people. To pretend that you believe otherwise makes you look like a dishonest idiot. A majority of the Black Caucus and Bernie Sanders all voted for the crime bill. There were unintended consequences. There always are. To build a smear campaign around it embodies everything that stinks about politics. Also, being pro-black, pro-poor people, inclusive, diverse, progressive, choose your word, is not the same thing as being soft on crime. In the 90’s drug dealers were kicking us (black people) in the ass. Most of us agreed that something had to be done. It baffles why some of these protesters seem hell bent on attacking their friends more viciously than their enemies.

    • quixote says:

      Because attacking your friends is safer, and maybe you’ll even get somewhere? Whereas attacking conservaborg racists is a bit like yelling at a massive mountain of landfill?

      • Ron4Hills says:

        Perhaps, but after a while even your friends hate to see you coming.

        John Kasich has had John Crawford, Tamir Rice, Malissa Williams, Timothy Russell and Dante Price, all unarmed people of color killed by police in Ohio, on his watch. He should not be able to take two steps without BLM asking him why?

        But no, they prefer to try to embarrass Hills.

        Honestly, I believe that the modern day protest movement is more about narcissism and posting pictures of oneself online than it is about social change and progress.

        • William says:

          Exactly right. And most of modern life in this country is more about narcissism and posting selfies, than about anything worthwhile. And the media enables and actually encourages all of it. The only place where issues and history are sometimes discussed in a measured and intellectual way is CSPAN, which few watch. The rest of it is life as a stupid reality show. Make the loudest noises, protest, fight, condemn, and you’ll get your headlnes and your guest appearance slots, and you’re on your way to making big money, and maybe your own Sharpton-like talk show.

      • quixote says:

        (Just to be clear, I wasn’t trying to defend that behavior or to imply that it was a sensible thing to do, to attack your friends. They’re idjits taking the easy way out.)

    • NW Luna says:

      A majority of the Black Caucus … voted for the crime bill

      BLM protesters seem to be superficial in their understanding of the issues and the history behind them.

  16. Ron4Hills says:

    Also, on Morning Joke Barnacle admitted to the on-line bullying that the Bernie-bros visit on anyone who dares to criticize Bernie. I think it is clear, even to the biased, who is negative, who is desperate and who is Presidential.