Live Blog: Super Duper Tuesday Primary Election Returns


Good Evening!!

This will be short and sweet, because I’m still feeling very under the weather.

The cable networks are starting to give hints about the exit polls in the five states that are holding primaries today. It’s all pretty general so far, and I’m not math wizard enough to get much out it. It looks like it’s closed in Ohio and Illinois, and Missouri is still a mystery.

If Hillary performs as well as expected in Florida and North Carolina, she will end the night with an increased lead in pledged delegates. Bernie would need to win one of the big Midwestern states by a landslide to gain any ground on her.

As for the Republicans, I’m assuming Trump will win at this point. I don’t really care about them, but if you’re hearing interesting things about the GOP race, feel free to share them.

We’ll find out pretty soon what will happen on both sides. Polls will be closing in all of the states pretty soon and voting will be over everywhere by 8PM ET.

I’ve enjoyed watching the vote counts at the New York Times so far. FiveThirtyEight has an excellent live blog as well.

What are you hearing? Let us know in the comment thread and enjoy yourselves. Remember that Hillary already has a huge lead in pledged delegates; so don’t freak out if Bernie wins Ohio and/or Illinois, especially if it’s close.


186 Comments on “Live Blog: Super Duper Tuesday Primary Election Returns”

  1. bostonboomer says:

    Have at it, folks!

  2. bostonboomer says:

    Al Giordano’s delegate projection for Florida:

    Clinton 130 delegates to 84 for Sanders, a +46 take for Clinton, and the biggest of the night.

    • bostonboomer says:

      For NC:

      Clinton will get 62 delegates out of NC to 45 for Sanders is my projection. +17. So now two states will have given her a subtotal of +63.

    • Fannie says:

      There are no winner take all for states for democrats. Isn’t that right.

  3. bostonboomer says:

    Obviously, we’ll have to wait awhile for results in OH and IL, which look to be close.

  4. dakinikat says:

    Good gawd massive numbers of Democrats are voting as Republicans to stop Trump. That could really screw over Hillary.

  5. bostonboomer says:


  6. bostonboomer says:

    I plan to stay disgustingly positive tonight–just warning you all. As long as Hillary increases her delegate lead, I’ll be satisfied. Let the Bernie bros celebrate their symbolic victories if there are any.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Al Giordano is projecting delegate gains for Hillary in Ohio even if Bernie gets a narrow win. The reason is two urban districts that are heavily African American. He also says to watch Jewish suburbs like Shaker Heights. In Boston Jewish areas voted more than 60 percent for Hillary.

      The cities in Ohio will come in late so we have to be patient.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Al also suggests that Jewish communities in IL may be resentful of Bernie’s attacks on Rahm Emmanuel and his constant attack ads on Hillary there.

    • mablue2 says:

      I’ll follow your lead, but I have to confess: I want Bernie to go 0 for 5 and be crushed, crushed.

      • bostonboomer says:

        I feel the same way, but it’s a delegate game now as we learned back in 2008 when Hillary was winning the big states and still losing ground delegate-wise.

      • Valhalla says:

        I am the same, crush them all, if only to shove it in the face of all the MSM talking heads who can’t stop talking about Bernie, who they desperately want to win.

        No one is talking about Clinton’s likely win in Florida, which is like the queen of the swing states in the general.

        However, I am trying to take bb’s lead and stay positive. For worst case, she kills it in NC and FL. Even if she doesn’t win OH, MO, IL, it wil be close so Sanders will net very few delegates.

        Now in the clutching at straws and/or optimism category: I wonder if all the focus on Trump’s grossness, including sexism, won’t drive up the women’s vote for Clinton in the midwest. She already wins women most places but maybe the events of the last week will influence people to think more toward the general.

        • bostonboomer says:

          If you’re a real sadist you should want the Bernie bros to suffer, hoping against hope that he can somehow catch up. LOL!

  7. mablue2 says:

    Why is Steve Kornacki always screaming?

    I’m dying to get into the real results. I’m just annoyed by these yakkers and the exit-polling stuff.

  8. roofingbird says:

    FL closes at 7ET, OH, NC at 7:30, MO and IL at 8.

  9. mablue2 says:

    Good news I can stream CNN USA on my computer, bad news I’m immedaitely greeted by Gloria Borger! Why can’t I catch a break for once?
    I hope for all my TV suffering, Bernie will go 0 for 5.

  10. roofingbird says:

    If FL only has 99 delegates for Repugs how was Rubio going to catch up on that? Even if he got all he would be behind.

  11. roofingbird says:

    Wapo is reporting at <1% dems, Clinton 50.2% to Sanders 41.1%

  12. roofingbird says:

    Everyone in DC area know that the metro is going to close down tonight?

  13. roofingbird says:

    FL Dems <1% Clinton 65.1% vs Sanders 32.5%. Repub. <1% reporting Trump 62.3%, Rubio 17.9%, Cruz 14.3%, Kasich 3.8%

  14. roofingbird says:

    Yor are right, Mablue, we are getting some early returns. <3% reporting Clinton 59.2%, Sanders 38.6% other 2.3%

  15. roofingbird says:

    1.6% reporting Clinton 62.2%, Sanders 35.4%. Lake Co is already at 65%

  16. roofingbird says:

    Good CA news! Lake Shasta has filled 31′ in 8 days!!!! Yeyeyeyey!

    • Fannie says:

      All my friends have been showing photos of all the damn water every where……….Over on 299E, Hwy 3 road, the entire road washed out. It’s a freaky mess. But the water is so important.

      Places where we use to have picnics are flooded, and I’ve never seen it like that in my many years living there.

      It’s going to be a good year!

  17. roofingbird says:

    The Repub results haven’t changed much, Trump is still ahead by twice.

  18. roofingbird says:

    I’m still peeved about MSNBC, I can’t find any transcripts from the last town hall.

  19. roofingbird says:

    Dems 5.4% reporting Clinton 66/5, Sanders 31.7%

  20. roofingbird says:

    Repubs 4% reporting Trump 45.4%, Rubio 27.3%, Cruz 15.6%, Kasich 6.5%

  21. roofingbird says:

    Dems 10.2% reporting Clinton 66.8%, Sanders 31%

  22. bostonboomer says:

    The exit polls CNN is reporting for NC are closer than I expected. Hillary still way ahead. She is also ahead in Ohio and IL according to CNN exit polls.

  23. Valhalla says:

    Ohio — CNN is “estimating” not projecting 53 to 46 for Clinton, based on exit polls only

  24. roofingbird says:

    Repubs 11.5% reporting Trump 46.1%, Rubio 26.7%, Cruz,15.8%, Kasich 6.7%

  25. bostonboomer says:


  26. roofingbird says:

    Fl Dems 15.6% reporting Clinton 66.8%, Sanders 31%,

  27. bostonboomer says:


  28. Valhalla says:

    Rubio should be humiliated if these numbers hold.

  29. Fannie says:

    Hillary could take Ohio tonight (I wouldn’t complain), but Illinois has more delegate votes. Illinois will likely go Dem in the General, and Ohio could go either way in the General.

    Hillary is leading over 345,000 votes in Florida………..Our sunshine girl.

  30. Valhalla says:

    Clinton’s lead in FL is more votes than Sander’s total.

  31. roofingbird says:

    FL Repubs 17% reporting Trump 45.9%, Rubio 27.2%, Cruz 15.5%, Kasich 6.8%. Dems 18.3% reporting, Clinton 66.6%, Sanders 31.2%

  32. bostonboomer says:

    Al G. is still expecting Hillary to win Ohio.


  33. bostonboomer says:


  34. roofingbird says:

    No reporting yet in OH, but in NC Dems .2% reporting with Clinton 63.6%, Sanders 33.7%. Repubs .2% reporting Trump 40.3%, Cruz 30.4%, Kasich 14.5%, Rubio 1.3%

  35. roofingbird says:

    FL Dems 24.9% reporting, Clinton 66%, Sanders 31.8%. Repubs 20/8% reporting and the positions are pretty much the same.

  36. bostonboomer says:

    So far only the overwhelmingly White counties have been counted in FL. This is going to be humiliating for Bernie!

  37. roofingbird says:

    OH is now reporting <1% Dems, Clinton 71.4%, Sanders 27.3%. Repubs Trump 47.3%, Kasich 34.5%, Cruz 11.6%, Rubio 6.1%

  38. roofingbird says:

    FL Dems 28.4% reporting Clinton 65.6%, Sanders 32.1%

  39. roofingbird says:

    FL Repubs 28.6% Trump 45.9%, Rubio 26.9%, Cruz 16.3%, Kasich 6.7%

  40. janicen says:

  41. janicen says:

  42. bostonboomer says:


  43. roofingbird says:

    NC .6% reporting, Clinton 58.7%, Sanders 37.9%. Trump 41.1%, Cruz 33.7%, Kasich 12.2%, Rubio 10.5%

  44. roofingbird says:

    FL Dems 32.5% reporting Clinton 65.2%, Sanders 32.5%. Repubs 32.4% reporting Trump 46.1%, Rubio 26.6%, Cruz 16.4%, Kasich 6.7%

  45. roofingbird says:

    FL Dems 44.3% reporting Clinton 65.4%, Sanders 32.4%

  46. janicen says:

    Clinton wins FL!

  47. roofingbird says:

    CBS is projecting FL for Clinton with NC and OH leaning

  48. bostonboomer says:

    Here’s some good news:


  49. Fannie says:

    Hillary even had more votes than Trumphy in Florida, no question about it.

  50. roofingbird says:

    Wapo just announced the FL win! 48.5% reporting with Clinton 65.2%, Sanders 32.6%. Repubs Trump the win @ 45.4% over Rubio 27.6% YYEY

  51. Boo Radly says:

    Clinton wins Florida!!!!!

  52. roofingbird says:

    Wapo is doing something screwy with the reporting in OH. However, Clinton 109,410 @ 68.6% vs Sanders 48,442 @ 30.4%. For Repubs, Kasich 83,845 @ 44.2%, Trump 61,250 @ 32.3%, Cruz 26,800 @ 14.1%, Rubio 12,828@ 6.8%

  53. jackyt says:

    The NYT has a map up with updating % and delegate count. Easy to follow. Clinton is way ahead in Ohio, albeit with only 1% reporting, but it’s like 70/30 Clinton so far. Narrower in NC, but still a 20 point lead. Anyway, it’s easy to follow and updating continually.

  54. roofingbird says:

    NC 4% reporting Dems: Clinton 58.3%, Sanders 38.5%. Repubs: Trump 39.7&, Cruz 34.3%, Kasich 13.2%, Rubio 10.2%

  55. janicen says:

    Trump goons disrupted Rubio’s speech but got shouted down by the crowd.

  56. Pat Johnson says:

    She is also beating Trump on the number of votes cast!!!

  57. roofingbird says:

    It’s still early in OH @.2% reporting but Clinton is 68.15 vs Sanders30.5%

  58. mablue2 says:

    HRC has been declared winner of NC. It could be another blowout.

  59. Fannie says:

    I tell you, Bella Abzug is looking down on Hillary. I can see her hat, her glasses, and a pin in her hand. This one is for you Bella, this is the campaign we been waiting for!

  60. roofingbird says:

    Wapo isn’t showing that yet, but Wake Co/Raleigh was 44% reporting and she was 14p points ahead there.

  61. roofingbird says:

    OH has increased their screwed up reporting to .3%, and she is ahead 68% to 30.6%

  62. roofingbird says:

    Rubio supsended

  63. janicen says:

    Little Marco suspends his campaign.

  64. Okay, now I’m in happy tears! She’s leading BIG in all 5 states!!!

  65. roofingbird says:

    MO is reporting @.2% Clinton 62.7%, Sanders 30.8%, Trump 48.6%, Cruz 32.3%, Rubio 8.5%, Kasich 5.%

  66. Geez. I saw Hillary and trump won Florida. I don’t know how you and dak are doing it BB. This is exhausting. We are in Atlanta tonight. Will be down here a bunch of times this week. My spirit is with you sky dancers. Go Hillary, let’s please settle this thing up soon.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Hi JJ! t’s good to see you. It looks like Hillary will win Ohio too.

      CNN has already projected Hillary as the winner in NC!

    • Fannie says:

      We luv you JJ, she just got OHIO! Huge, JJ, Huge.

    • ANonOMouse says:

      Glad you came out for tonight sweet JJ. Hillary……….LOOKIN GOOD!!!!

  67. Fannie says:

    After the dust settles tonight, Bernie is going to be looking in his rear view window!

  68. roofingbird says:

    CBS projects NC for Clinton

  69. Pat Johnson says:

    I hope MABlue is right about a “blowout”! Looking good.

  70. bostonboomer says:

    It’s looking like Hillary could win Ohio by more than 10 points, because the urban areas will be counted last.

  71. roofingbird says:

    Wapo only 7% reporting Gives Clinton the NC win @ 58.2%, Sanders, 38.2%. The Repubs still working on it. Trump 39.3%, Cruz 35.5%, Kasich 12.9%, Rubio 9.8%

  72. roofingbird says:

    OH now @ Dems 2.9% reporting, Clinton 66.2%, Sanders 32.6%, Repubs 2.8% reporting, Kasich 43.4%, Trump 33.7%, Cruz 14.4%, Rubio 5.9%

  73. Fannie says:

    OHIO…………….YES, Hillary.

  74. Fannie says:

    I can’t stop crying. Mercy.

    • bostonboomer says:

      She’s making history tonight. She will be the first woman ever to win the nomination of a major party!

      I have goosebumps!!!

      • Fannie says:

        Big three in……….up on the big screen, first time evah. I hope I don’t start shivering.

  75. ANonOMouse says:

    Hillary Clinton………………Looking Good!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. roofingbird says:

    MO is up to .7% reporting Clinton 63.8%, Sanders 32.9%, Trump 36.2%, Cruz 31.6%, Rubio 14.2%, Kasich 10.8%. and a total for both sides2.8% uncommitted, above “other”.

  77. roofingbird says:

    OH 5.9% reporting Clinton 64.9%, Sanders 33.9%, Kasich 43.3%, Trump 34.4%. Cruz 14.5%, Rubio 5.3%

  78. roofingbird says:

    China Global Times calls Trump a racist.

  79. Riverbird says:

    I’m happy tonight! Glad to be here with you all.

  80. roofingbird says:

    MO 1.3% reporting Clinton 58.8%, Sanders 38.3%, Trump 38.5%, Cruz 32.5%, Rubio, 12.2%, Kasich 10.5%

  81. roofingbird says:

    MO 7% reporting Clinton 64.5%, Sanders 34.4%. Kasich still ahead Wapo projects Clinton and Kasich winners O MY

  82. roofingbird says:

    IL 14.4% reporting Clinton 53.8%, Sanders 45.4%, Trump 41%, Kasich 23.9%, Cruz 22.7%, Rubio 10.2%

  83. Valhalla says:

    Yippety yippety dee about Ohio! Whoohoo!

    I can’t wait to hear the talking heads explain this away for Bernie! I expect the mood around the table at CNN and MSNBC to be funereal.

  84. roofingbird says:

    IL 20.3% reporting Dems Clinton 53.5%, Sanders 45.5%. Repubs 20.2% reporting Trump 41%, Kasich 23.8%, Cruz 22.9%, Rubio 10.1%

  85. janicen says:

    Trump goons disrupting Kasich speech. I’m sounding like a broken record.

  86. roofingbird says:

    The rural counties that are going Trump are much the same as Sanders in IL.

  87. roofingbird says:

    IN FL @ 89.7% Clinton is continuing the win 64.4% to 33.3%. Trump is maintaining the same lead. In NC @33.3% reporting Clinton is continuing the wind @ 56%. to 39.8%. The Repubs are still not declared @ 34.3% reporting. Trump 40.1%, Cruz 36.3%, Kasich 12.4%, Rubio 8.6%

  88. roofingbird says:

    MO 8.8% reporting, Clinton 50.1%, Sanders 47.8%, Trump 42.1%, Cruz 38.9% Kasich 8.7%, Rubio 6.8%

  89. roofingbird says:

    IL 27.3% reporting Clinton 52.7%, Sanders 46.4%, Repubs, 26.9% reporting Trump 40.6%, Cruz 25%, Kasich 22.3%, Rubio 9.9%

  90. roofingbird says:

    MO Dems 12.4% reporting, Sanders 49.9%, Clinton 48.2%. Repubs 11.8% reporting Trump 42.2%, Cruz 40.5%, Kasich 7.9%, Rubio 6%

  91. roofingbird says:

    IL Dems 33.1% reporting Clinton 52.5%, Sanders 46.6%,

  92. roofingbird says:

    Clearly MO is Republican, Trump’s votes alone equal both Sanders’s and Clinton’s. 16.7% reporting Sanders 50%, Clinton 48.1%. Trump 42.6%, Cruz 40.4%,

  93. roofingbird says:

    IL Dems reporting 36% Clinton 52.5%, Sanders 46.7%

  94. roofingbird says:

    MO 22.1% reporting Sanders 50.1%, Clinton 48%, Trump 43.8%, Cruz 39.7%

  95. roofingbird says:

    Any thoughts on how Springfield will go? Cook Co is reporting at just under 74%

  96. roofingbird says:

    Clinton is losing ground in MO. 22.9% reporting: Sanders 51%, Clinton 47%. Trump 43.1%, Cruz 40.3%

  97. roofingbird says:

    Trump is projected winner in IL. Dems not decided. 39.3% reporting Clinton 52.3%, Sanders 46.8%

  98. Valhalla says:

    Clinton adds a million to her overall vote total just from FL alone tonight.

  99. roofingbird says:

    In Lewis Co, MO, Sanders and Clinton tied at 239 votes each, 100% reporting

  100. roofingbird says:

    IL 43.4% reporting, Clinton 52.1%, Sanders 47%

  101. roofingbird says:

    MO, Dems: 32.2% reporting Sanders 51.3% Clinton 47%Trump 42.9%, Cruz 40.7%

  102. roofingbird says:

    IL 50.9% reporting Clinton 51.8%, Sanders 47.3%. Still no Springfield.

  103. roofingbird says:

    MO Dems: 55.1% reporting Sanders 51.2%, Clinton 47.4%, Repubs reporting 53.5%: Trump 41.8%, Cruz 41.3%

  104. roofingbird says:

    IL 58.4% reporting Clinton 51.5%, Sanders 47.6%

  105. roofingbird says:

    IL is 63.5% reporting and Springfield is reporting with Sanders leading. Total Clinton 51.2%, Sanders 47.9%

  106. ANonOMouse says:

    I’m so proud of Hillary, she took the 2 biggest prizes in tonights contest FL & OH and won decisively. She also had a convincing win in NC. I think she will pull out IL, and MO will be close. However the last 2 contest turn out, WE couldn’t have asked for better performance.
    Bravo Madam President, and good night!!!

  107. ANonOMouse says:

    Sweet dreams Bernie Fife

  108. roofingbird says:

    I guess we should be happy we don’t have to wait for the pony express to bring the results. MO 75.1 reporting: Sanders 50.8%, Clinton 48%, Trump 41.5%, Cruz 41.2%