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Good Morning!!

The painting above and the rest of the works illustrating this post, are by Edward Hopper.

For the first time, I’m really angry with Senator Elizabeth Warren. I generally get an email from her at least every couple of days, but since her “meeting” with Joe Biden, there’s been nothing. She owes it to Massachusetts voters and to all of her supporters to explain what is going on. This morning I sent her an email and a tweet asking her to clarify where she stands on Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and telling her she should be ashamed for allowing the media speculation to continue. I also said that if she undercuts the first woman ever to have a serious chance to be president, I will never vote for her again for any office.

Right now the media is running wild with rumors that Warren would agree to run as Joe Biden’s vice president, and/or that she would endorse Biden if he ran for president. How she could even consider supporting Mr. MBNA–who wrote the legislation on which the Patriot Act was based, sponsored a bill that would have made declaring bankruptcy much more difficult (a bill that was defeated by Ted Kennedy and Elizabeth Warren), and wrote the mass incarceration bill that Hillary Clinton is being excoriated for–I cannot begin to understand.

Here’s the latest on this story.

Chair Car, Edward Hopper

Chair Car, Edward Hopper

Washington Post: Top Democratic fundraisers invited to meet with Joe Biden at Naval Observatory.

Major Democratic fundraisers have been invited to meet with Vice President Joe Biden at his residence at the U.S. Naval Observatory after Labor Day, part of a series of conversations he is having with senior party players as he contemplates jumping into the 2016 race.

Among the guests invited to the gathering are top bundlers who raised large sums for the Obama-Biden campaigns in 2008 and 2012, according to people familiar with the outreach. The sitdown is scheduled to take place during the week following Labor Day….

In recent weeks, Biden has been huddling with longtime supporters and allies to discuss the possibility of making another White House run. On Saturday, he met with Elizabeth Warren, the populist senator from Massachusetts.

His consideration of another campaign comes as front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton has fielded mounting questions about her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

The news that the FBI is investigating whether the system put any classified information at risk has rattled some top party financiers, particularly donors who were major players in Obama’s fundraising network who have little personal history with the Clintons. In the last few weeks, e-mails and calls have been flying back and forth between top bundlers as they try to assess how serious Biden is and whether Clinton is on shaky ground.

Automat, Edward Hopper

Automat, Edward Hopper

CNN: Does Elizabeth Warren regret not running for president?

So much for Elizabeth Warren taking a pass on 2016.

The scourge of Wall Street might have disappointed her legions of “Run Warren Run” supporters by ruling out her own bid for the White House earlier this year.

But the Massachusetts senator is in the thick of the Democratic race anyway. Warren offered a fresh glimpse of her political star power and talismanic value for Democrats when she held a furtive meeting with Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday — which briefly knocked even Donald Trump out of the headlines.

The encounter, first reported by CNN, intensified speculation that Biden, perhaps encouraged by front-runner Hillary Clinton’s ebbing poll numbers, is moving closer to a White House run and is keen to connect with Warren’s fervent supporters.

It also returned her name to the political mix, as Biden’s interest in powwowing with her as he mulls a presidential run demonstrates her clout, and those same flagging poll numbers raise the specter of whether Warren missed her moment — or might still plan to seize it and enter the 2016 race herself.

Can you see why I’m hopping mad this morning?

Edward hopper

Think Progress: How Elizabeth Warren Is Pulling The Strings In 2016.

Back in March of this year, Senator Elizabeth Warren dashed scores of progressives’ hopes and dreams with one simple sentence: “I’m not running and I’m not going to run.”

But the influential Massachusetts Democrat is still very much a part of the 2016 presidential election. Her recent private meeting with Vice President Joe Biden — who is said to be seriously considering jumping into the race — has sparked enthusiastic speculation of a possible endorsement, or even a Biden/Warren ticket. Last week, she cast doubt over the widely-held assumption that Hillary Clinton would be the decided nominee. “I don’t think anyone’s been anointed,” she said.

That Warren holds more influence as a non-candidate than as a candidate is not a new idea. But now that presidential campaigns are well underway, the degree of that influence is becoming more visible. Coincidentally or not, the major Democratic contenders have been pressured to take positions on many of Warren’s own key issues.

There’s plenty more at the link.

Compartment C, Edward Hopper

Compartment C, Edward Hopper

NY Daily News: Barack Obama gives Joe Biden his ‘blessing’ for 2016 presidential run.

Vice President Biden invited top Democratic donors to meet with him after Labor Day, and President Obama is said to have given his “blessing” Monday, heightening the buzz over the veep’s Oval Office ambitions.

“I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of an endorsement during the Democratic primary,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said during a briefing.

He added that President Obama has said making Biden his running mate “was the smartest decision he ever made in politics” and that those comments reflected on Obama’s views of Biden’s “aptitude” for the presidency.

“I’ll just say that the vice president is somebody who has already run for President twice. He’s been on a national ticket through two election cycles now, both in 2008 and in the reelection of 2012,” Earnest said.

“So I think you could make the case that there is probably no one in American politics today who has a better understanding of exactly what is required to mount a successful national presidential campaign” than Biden, he continued.

Hotel Lobby, Edward Hopper

Hotel Lobby, Edward Hopper

Republicans would be thrilled to run a candidate against Biden. Check this out from right wing site The Blaze: Run, Joe, Run. But You’ll Have To Do It Without Elizabeth Warren.

After nearly two terms of Obama and all the years with unforgettable Biden “gaffes,” could anyone really cast a vote for him; even those on the left?

How could Biden be taken seriously when he’s said so many things that made people shake their heads in amusement … or is that amazement?

Who could forget when Biden said, “My mother believed and my father believed that if I wanted to be president of the United States, I could be, I could be vice president!”

Or, how about the first campaign rally when Biden introduced Obama by saying, “A man I’m proud to call my friend. A man who will be the next president of the United States — Barack America!”

Also, who could forget his not too politically correct mention of ethnicities when he said, “You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent … I’m not joking.”

Finally, who could forget all of those pictures with uncomfortable looking women seemingly wishing they could remind Biden about the rules of personal space?

This right winger is making far more sense than anyone in the corporate media. A bit more:

While it’s almost too late to jump into the race at this point, many supporters tout Warren as being “right about everything.” So, maybe they wouldn’t care how late it is.

Remember, Biden is considering getting into the race this late in the game so anything is possible. However, Warren has repeatedly said she is not running for president.

Even if she were to consider running as a vice presidential candidate, it seems more likely that she would run with Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) because many believe and rightfully so, that their left-wing socialist policiesare very similar.

Room in New York, Edward Hopper

Room in New York, Edward Hopper

So far I’ve only seen one article that deals with the real chaos that would ensue if Biden runs, with or without Warren’s backing. Regarding the possibility of Warren being Biden’s running mate and/or supporter, Michael Tomasky writes: Hillary vs. Biden Would Get Ugly Fast.

The big Biden question is whether he’s just preparing in case Clinton becomes felled by scandal or “scandal,” or whether he decides in the near future that she’s damaged enough already that he might as well hop on the bus and see where it takes him. The former course of action, well, that’s all right; given what appear to be Bernie Sanders’s general-election limitations and the fact that Martin O’Malley isn’t exactly setting the nation on fire, it seems a reasonable thing for him to be thinking about.

But what if he just decides the hell with it, I’m running? A Biden v. Clinton primary battle could be—and if Biden manages to win a couple of primaries, most certainly would be—far more acrimonious than the Clinton-Barack Obama fight of 2008.

Three reasons. The first has to do with race and gender and history. When Clinton announced in 2007, she was going to be the first woman president. Then Obama got in, and he was going to be the first black president. He totally trumped her on the history-maker scale. I realize not everyone saw it that way, but in general terms, given the, ah, special racial history of this country, and given the role the Democratic Party played in changing that history for the better, Obama had the larger and more morally urgent historical claim to make in the minds of most Democrats and liberals. The woman would have to wait, as women so often do.

Hotel Room, Edward Hopper

Hotel Room, Edward Hopper

Well, she’s waited. Not that she had any choice in the matter, but she did. And now, to a lot of Democrats, it’s her turn. The party can make history twice in a row. Imagine!

So now, an old white guy is going to saunter in and step on that? And if he’s going to do it, he’s not going to be able to do it politely, which brings us to reason number two why this would get ugly. Biden is not going to get anywhere with a campaign that says: “I have better ideas than Hillary Clinton does,” because he probably doesn’t, and she has perfectly fine and laudable ideas, even if a lot of liberals don’t want to admit that yet.

No. He’s going to have to run a campaign that says, sub rosa: “I’m a stronger and safer nominee because she’s corrupt.” Because that’s the only argument, is it not? He can’t out-populist her, really, even with Warren promoting him—he’s been in politics for 40 years and he’s always been a pretty conventional establishment liberal on economics. He can maybe say he has more experience, but she’s got plenty of that, and it’s not a deficiency; it would be like Tim Duncan saying I have more experience than LeBron James. Yeah, you do. So what?

Yes it would get incredibly ugly–especially if Warren is involved in Biden’s decision or his campaign.

That’s why I’m hopping mad this morning. Warren needs to clarify the situation right away.

What else is happening? Please post your thoughts and links on any topic in the comment thread.

81 Comments on “Tuesday Reads: Hopping Mad”

  1. bostonboomer says:

    I don’t know if this from Mass Live is significant or not.

    US Sen. Elizabeth Warren: ‘Too early’ to talk about second term

  2. bostonboomer says:

    Also from Mass Live:

    Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey endorses Hillary Clinton for president

    Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey plans to hit the presidential campaign trail in New Hampshire for Hillary Clinton in late August.

    In an email to supporters on Thursday, Healey, a Charlestown Democrat elected as the state’s top prosecutor in 2014, said she is heading to Exeter to campaign for Clinton on Aug. 29.

    “It’s time we broke that highest and hardest glass ceiling,” Healey said in the email. “It’s time for an economy that works for everyone, for pay equity, for higher education that’s affordable for all Americans. It’s time for Hillary Clinton.”

  3. Jackie M. says:

    Lovely painting!

  4. bostonboomer says:

    Politico: Elizabeth Warren backers lukewarm on Joe Biden

    Joe Biden is no Elizabeth Warren.

    That’s the message being sent by former leaders and foot soldiers of the draft Warren movement after the vice president met privately with the Massachusetts senator on Saturday, in preparation for a possible presidential run.

    Unlike Warren or Bernie Sanders, the Vermont progressive who’s assumed the support of many Warren backers, Biden is a pillar of the Democratic establishment, vice president in an administration that many progressives consider too centrist.
    That puts him in roughly the same position as Hillary Clinton: liberal on many issues, but a traditional party loyalist at the end of the day.

    • NW Luna says:

      He’s a flaming corporatist compared to Hillary Clinton.

      • janicen says:

        Yeah but it would be interesting to see where his support comes from. We’ve heard so much from dude-land about the fact that they don’t hate Clinton because she’s a woman, but because she’s a corporatist. So will these same dudes support Biden? It’s all speculation. I’d be shocked if he ran.

  5. Part of the problem on Biden’s part may be that he’s never had a significant opposition campaign run against him. He was elected to the Senate before he was 30. He never faced a significant reelection challenge afterward. Neither presidential campaign was able to get traction, so he didn’t have to run against a negative campaign there, either. (I know he quit the ’88 race after speech plagiarisms came to light, but that seemed more an excuse than a reason to me. No one cared about his candidacy in any case.) Since Obama was at the top of the ticket, he was the one who took the hits in 2008 and 2012. I wonder if Biden has deluded himself into thinking that he’s never faced a negative campaign because one can’t be run against him. If so, I think he’s going to be in for a rude awakening if he decides to join the race. He can be hit six ways to Sunday.

    • bostonboomer says:

      That’s for sure. He has already been hit hard during his vice presidency. And if Obama supports him, that will really be bad. Millions of women would be outraged.

      • NW Luna says:

        Could Obama really be that tone-deaf? Then again, we know he’s tepid when it comes to women’s rights.

      • Fannie says:

        That bullshit’s about Barack Obama giving Joe Biden his blessings. What the hell does blessings mean? If Obama is setting it up for the democrats to win, he’s backing Hillary up.
        He’s is really going to be concerned about his legacy. Hillary Clinton started the health care bill for everybody, and he damn well knows that the republicans are going to put new measures into place to stop Obamacare. He’s the one that says everybody has to play by the same rules, and it damn well better be fair for Hillary Clinton. She’s made gains all over the world with human rights, with gay rights, with women’s rights, and like changing leveling field for everybody to have economic equality, and justice in this society.

        Are we going to trust a man to stand firm against the republicans when it comes to women’s rights, especially since the republicans have intentions of erasing Roe vs. Wade?

        Where is the DNC, are they meeting up with Biden, with Warren? What do they know?

        I don’t believe that Pres. Obama blessed Joe Biden, and is writing up his report card.

  6. bostonboomer says:

    A bit more from Michael Tomasky (See more and link in post):

    And by the way, what would Obama do in a Biden-Clinton match? Those comments by Josh Earnest Monday were strange. He ladles praise on Biden and says he “wouldn’t rule out the possibility of an endorsement during the Democratic primary.” Really? He’d knife Clinton like that? The Clintons delivered pretty well for him in 2012 as I recall.

    Besides, powerful people don’t endorse people who are nearly 40 points behind in the polls, as Biden currently is to Clinton. The normal thing for a spokesman to say in such circumstances is something like “the president has enormous respect for both Clinton and Biden and will respect whatever decision…” and that kind of thing, but Earnest went well beyond that.

    • janicen says:

      Yeah, I just don’t get what game Earnest is playing here. She served Obama well as SOS, she endorsed him, Big Dawg campaigned for him and both Clintons consulted him during his presidency and now he’s going to stab them in the back? I guess I thought better of Obama but time will tell. I think this is about political leverage and maybe it’s a good thing to energize Hillary’s peeps. We tend to get to work when we are hopping mad.

      • Fannie says:

        Let us not forget one fucking thing, she turned over her list of supporters to Obama, and she was left with a hell of a bill to pay off her campaign, which she did for years. I think he donated $2,500.

    • Thank you for this post BB .

  7. TheRealKim says:

    This just pisses me off in so many ways. I had always hoped that she threw on the towel in 2008 because she was promised the nomination in 2016. Wrong in so many ways. And Jesus who in their right mind would endorse Biden? He’s the party joke???

  8. janicen says:

    bb, I love your messages to Warren. Thank you for holding her feet to the fire.

    • bostonboomer says:

      So far no response. I’m steaming.

    • Fannie says:

      Let me take the time to give BB thanks for getting her email “flying” in Warren’s direction too.
      I will do the same, though I can’t vote for her in Mass. I’d like to know what the hell kind of game is going on?

  9. Ron4Hills says:

    I have been a Clintonista rather than a Democrat since 2008.

    Do not underestimate the number of Obamatrons and other in the Democratic party that will jump at the chance to stab Hills in the back.

    If the party dumps Hills for anyone, Joe, Elizabeth, Jesus Christ Almighty, they will never get another vote or another dime from me. That is a promise.

  10. janicen says:

    Iowa poll of likely Democratic caucus participants:

    Clinton: 54%
    Sanders: 20%
    Biden: 11%


  11. Pat Johnson says:

    Joe Biden may be a “nice guy” but personally I can’t stand him since his appearance at the Anita Hill hearings. Anyone remember that debacle?

    That stupid grin drives me nuts! He so reminds me of a slick car salesman, grinning like a toad, while picking your pocket. Anytime I see Joe Biden and a shot of Chris Christie’s unbearable wife grinning like fools I run for cover.

    If he steps in using his son’s death bed wish he will certainly drag Hillary down the tubes. It’s a big show he is standing behind and I won’t vote for him. Let Trump “trump the Dems” if it comes to that since this woman is more than qualified to run and win.

    I don’t want

    to hear anymore of Joe’s “rag to riches stories”. I am not in the least interested. And I stand by bb when she threatens to withhold her vote for Warren should we find she is offering her support behind this idiot.

    Just google the Hill/Thomas hearings and listen to Joe basically siding with the Reps on that committee. Sickening.

    Good job, bb! It needs to be said.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Yes! I forgot to mention Biden’s role in trashing Anita Hill and getting Thomas on the Supreme Court. Of course the Obamabots and Berniebots probably don’t even know who Anita Hill is.

    • Riverbird says:

      I’m another one who hasn’t forgotten the 1991 hearings!

    • janicen says:

      I will never forget that smug SOB during the Anita Hill hearings. Never.

  12. William says:

    I do not like Elizabeth Warren very much. She has struck me as someone who thinks that she is a lot more gifted than she is. She barely won the Senate seat in an ultra-liberal state, against a man who was pretty inept at campaigning. Instead of being grateful for this opportunity and position, it has all gone to her head. She was not impressive in her debates; she is not ever going to get elected as President. But she apparently thinks she will. If she conspires with Biden for this idiotic “package deal” candidacy, it would be disgraceful conduct. Not just for the fact that she would be potentially harming a very winnable election for a very talented female candidate, but because it would damage the Democratic Party, split voters, and do all sorts of bad things, just for her indulgence.

    The extent to which the Obama White House or Obama himself is involved in this, is troubling, though not all that surprising, when it comes down to it. In fact, let’s be honest: the whole thing is infuriating. All I can say is that all of us Hillary supporters should simply redouble our efforts. And that if Obama wants to damage whatever legacy he has by splitting his own party, possibly costing the Democrats the election, and doing his passive-aggressive thing of cheerfully ignoring all of this, that will be his personal choice. But on the brighter side, Hillary being able to run as a candidate independent of the Obama administration, with the opportunity to tell how she would do it better, can be a plus for her.

    My mother, who along with my father, were very knowledgeable and committed FDR and Stevenson Democrats, once told me that she believed the Democratic Party had something akin to a Freudian death wish. Warren’s conduct would further validate that. The fact that a bunch of the more self-indulgent and vacuous Democratic voters are trying to stop Hillary who is the most gifted candidate, and has the best chance to win, and to change the direction of the country; while they giddily flirt with fantasy candidates of their own projection who cannot win and could not govern, is further testament to my mother’s perception. But we have to overcome all of it.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Hi William,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I disagree with you about Warren. I like her very much and I highly doubt that she expects to be president–or wants to be. She has never held political office before and has zero foreign policy experience. I can’t imagine she could ever support Biden, who is in the pockets of the banks and credit card companies.

      As for Warren’s race against Scott Brown, she beat him by more than 236,000 votes, 54% to 46%. Ten percentage points is not “barely” winning.

      I wouldn’t say Mass. is “ultra-liberal” either. Not at all. The majority of voters here are not affiliated with either party. The Congressional delegation is Democratic, of course, but we have a Republican governor. In the nearly half-century I’ve lived here, we have only rarely had a Democrat in the governor’s mansion. We are definitely more liberal than many other states, and I’m proud of that.

      We don’t know yet what “Warren’s conduct” has been regarding Biden. I’m willing to reserve judgement based on the fact that Warren was one of the people who urged Hillary to run.

      • William says:

        Hi, BB. Fair enough about the “conduct,” as we do not know what she is actually doing or not doing. However, it seems to me that she could easily quash all of this by simply making a comment, about being committed to her Senate term, or something like that. To me, it looks as if she likes the publicity and speculation. But maybe I am being unfair to her.

      • Fannie says:

        She did urge Hillary to run…………..and I supported her over Scot Brown, for damn sure.

    • janicen says:

      Thank you for saying that, I’ve thought it all along. Let me first say, I think Warren is brilliant and is in the right place in the Senate but frankly I think she was lucky to get elected and it only happened because she was running against that idiot, Scott Brown. I’ve always thought she lacked the personality and charisma it takes to get elected POTUS. Not that she can’t learn it because I think she can, but right now she would get eaten alive in debates by Republican opponents well coached with folksy sound bites. I agree with you, William. Right now Warren is not a strong candidate.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Warren would have no chance. She doesn’t have the experience or the fund-raising ability that Hillary has. And I want her representing Mass. in the Senate.

  13. dakinikat says:


    Trump represents a frightening trend of convenient racism rooted a belief that America was great before ethnic and racial minorities, women, and sexual minorities wanted equal rights. (What Trump calls “political correctness.”) These people will say that “racism is wrong, but…” or “I’m not a racist, but…” and then something deeply racist follows. They’ll say that “all lives matter,” in the face of the movement to acknowledge the devaluing of black lives. They’ll say they are not homophobes, just for “religious freedom” (an argument the KKK still makes). They’ll say they’re not Islamaphobes, just against terrorism (ignoring the carnage done by domestic, often Christian, terrorists). And they’ll say that they are not bigots, just opposed to illegal immigration (of brown people). It’s a kinder, gentler form of bigotry, but it’s still bigotry. And Donald Trump is the new Father Coughlin and he wants to be free of the political correctness that would stand in the way of his bigotry. (At least he’s abandoned the GOP’s “go after the gays” mantra from the last election.)

  14. bostonboomer says:


  15. Prolix says:

    BB, thanks for this post. This political boil needs to be lanced — unpleasant imagery, but it pales in comparison to leaking your conversation with your dying son for contrived sympathy. When it comes to the reporting of that conversation, it was a first person account, unless others were invited into the room, it was leaked. I find that disgusting and an excellent measure of character or the lack thereof. Maybe not character, but a measure of unmitigated political fever.

    As many have said above, Joe Biden is every conservodroid’s dream. I’m sure the Brothers Koch have a pinup poster on their bedrooms’ walls of him.

    This is what I know for sure — this good will based upon his grieving, and I believe his grieving is real as can be, his wellspring of good feeling will evaporate like ice in the Arizona summer sun just as soon as he does the conservodroid bidding of making it difficult for Hillary.

    Joe has had a great run. I’m sure he’s a good guy. Now he needs to be a great grandfather, go home to Wilmington and eat lots of ketchup.

  16. List of X says:

    I hope Warren spent that meeting talking Biden out of running for president. I’d much rather have her in the Senate than in hidden in a golden vice presidential cage somewhere.

  17. bostonboomer says:

    This is from early August, but it’s still very relevant.

    Scott Lemieux at The Guardian: Yes, Clinton needs a real Democratic rival. But it shouldn’t be Joe Biden

    As of now, the Democratic primary competition isn’t providing much competition to Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders is bringing a much-needed dose of economic leftism to the table but has also shown the coalition-building skills one would expect of 73-year-old white guy who’s spent his political career running for office in a state that’s 95% white and has a smaller population than metropolitan Albany. And yet his ideological energy puts him far ahead the rest of the field, which includes a guy whose strategy for winning the Democratic nomination involves getting to the right of South Carolina’s Republican governor on the Confederate flag, a character from The Wire, and a foppish Rhode Island Republican.

    It’s pretty hard to sell editors on multiple columns arguing that Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee are serious candidates for the Democratic nomination. Which brings us to the inevitable next step: Joe Biden speculation. This weekend, the New York Times kicked it into high gear with a weakly sourced story by Amy Chozick about Biden completing a run as well as a Maureen Dowd column taking the usual cheap shots at Clinton while pushing Biden.

    These stories, however, tell us more about the media’s relationship with Clinton than about the race. Biden probably isn’t running, almost certainly wouldn’t win if he did and doesn’t bring any new perspectives to the party debate in the way Sanders’s campaign does. But he does have one characteristic that makes him seem more “presidential” to too many journalists: a penis.

    • bostonboomer says:

      At this point, the sexism of the contingent eager for Biden to run becomes hard to deny. We need to find a generic white male with Hillary Clinton’s policy positions to head the ticket, even though his two previous primary campaigns were flaming wrecks on the highway? This is tantamount to putting a “No Girls Allowed” sign on the door of the White House.

      In addition to the misogyny, there’s something else going on here: the Clinton rules, the media’s tendency to give much more attention to spurious allegations than to proof showing that the allegations are untrue. In late July, a New York Times story initially alleged that a criminal probe had been opened into Clinton’s emails during her tenure as Secretary of State. The only problem is that the story was botched 11 ways from Sunday. First, the story was changed to reflect the fact that there wasn’t a criminal probe and then changed again to reflect the fact that the non-criminal probe wasn’t about Clinton. The story was bungled so badly that Margaret Sullivan, the public editor of the Times, has harshly criticized it twice.

      As the [sic] Sullivan acknowledges in the newer column, this is not a one-off mistake. Times reporters and columnists have been smearing Hillary Clinton and her husband since the Whitewater faux-scandal. For reasons I can’t explain, many mainstream outlets subject the Clintons to much harsher treatment than other political figures, Democratic or Republican.

      • William says:

        I am not sure how much of this is sexism, though some of it undoubtedly is. After all, Warren was the darling of the Democratic Left, and people were begging her to run. So to me it is not so much about running a man against Hillary, it is the wish of some people to stop her in any way possible.

        And this goes back to Bill Clinton; the Clintons were absolutely hated by the Republicans. And after he left office, for some reason there were all these latte liberal Democrats who kept saying that we must not have any more Clintons in office. They thought they were not liberal enough, or they were outraged because Hillary, along with virtually every Democrat in the Senate, voted for the Iraq War Resolution. They desperately cast about for anyone else. First it was Edwards, then they decided Obama was the fantasy candidate. And they had a great time trashing Hillary on the blogs, and cheating at caucuses. And they won, because the DNC had fixed the process. So that was a real thrill for them.

        Now they are trying it again. It has turned into some kind of obsession, beat Hillary. They don’t even know why, they just like the idea. It makes them seem important. They support candidates like Warren or Sanders who would get 35% in a national election, and turn the country into a dictatorship. They don’t seem to care. Maureen Dowd has made her entire life into a vendetta against the Clintons. So has Mike Barnicle, whose screed popped up on “The Beast” the other day. I hadn’t heard from in years. It is like they are all part of some secret anti-Clinton society. It is very strange and pathological. Books could be written about it, but there is no time for that now. And if Hillary can beat all of them, the pleasure of considering their misery will be gratifying.

      • Pat Johnson says:

        Few in the mainstream media, or the talking heads for that matter, are actually coming out against Trump’s candidacy or even bothering to analyzing his empty rhetoric. Much of what he spouts is crap and his so called “solutions” are hard to pin down.

        Yet they go after Hillary and the “server” as if she was trading secrets with the Korean government or sending “elites” to ISIS when most agree there is no “there” there.

        Trump is playing by his own rules. Say whatever and don’t apologize. Some fools, at least 25% of the GOP, believe this idiot is going to “save them”. The man is a lunatic. His “schtick” is based on insults, jabs, misogyny, and complete nonsense. Most of the time he appears drunk on his own ego yet the crowds gather and the oddsmakers give him kudos for being a bloviating fool.

        I have still to figure out what Hillary has done that makes her a “criminal” but that word is now safely being attached to her name each time it is raised. Say it often enough and it sticks.

        The country is headed to complete disaster if any of those GOP candidates reaches the WH.
        However, in listening to the pundits and reading some of the political feedback, their views have yet to reach those who are promoting any one of them. Trump especially.

        If Biden decides to run that will do it for me. I just won’t care anymore nor give a good goddam what happens from this point on. The table will be set and the end won’t be pretty.

        Very sad indeed.

        • janicen says:

          Quote from Donald Trump: “I would repeal Obamacare and replace it with something terrific.”

          And people actually say they would vote for this clown.

      • janicen says:

        That was the point I was trying to make above but this account does it so much better. lol

  18. My quess, for what it’s worth-
    Warren met with Biden about something else, or she turned him down for running and she isn’t saying anything about it because……
    it all makes distracting news against the backdrop of the Republican clown circus…..
    I think Biden considering a run is also a distraction. I think Hillary is a solid win and the Dems just have to produce some fluff to fill the news. I agree there’s plenty of Dems who have a problem with Hillary, but I don’t. I’m holding onto that sure feeling in my gut, I don’t need the distraction.

    • bostonboomer says:

      If Warren is actually doing what you suggest, I will move from hopping mad to outrage!

  19. Pilgrim says:

    Yes, I can see why you are “hopping mad.” I’ve been feeling steamed too. There’s a feeling of betrayal…Obama’s behaviour. And it seems that the meeting was “leaked” for predictable effect. One worries that Warren is behaving differently than we all might have expected. Hope not but….

    • Pat Johnson says:

      But Boomer is right: all Warren has to do is send out an e-mail ASAP to quell the unease and so far “crickets”.

      I can’t tell you how many daily nudges I get from the various Dem organizations along with Elizabeth Warren to send money, money, money yet a simple yes or no answer to a very important question goes unanswered.

      I. Just. Can’t. with Joe Biden. And if he has her on the ticket for VP that does it for me. They can kiss my ever expanding @ss before I ever send one more dime!

      • bostonboomer says:

        Exactly my point. I’ll unsub from her email list if she doesn’t explain herself soon.

  20. dakinikat says:


    Kissinger forever
    A new book documents Henry Kissinger’s contributions to the current US policy of perpetual war.
    24 Aug 2015 09:44 GMT | War & Conflict, Politics, Middle East, United States

  21. Fannie says:

    “The bulk of the media are pissed off that Hillary turned everything over to the Justice Department instead of a GOP cherry picking witch hunt committee.” Why can’t the democrats fight for Hillary……….the Berniebots used the term “coronation”, and “baggage” to smear Hillary. Why are they fighting the damn republicans and the damn media? What they think she’s made this mess, of course Eugene Robinson as much said so, and told her to say she was sorry.


    • Fannie says:

      Oops. why aren’t they fighting the damn republicans and the media…………instead of Hillary?

  22. RalphB says:

    You don’t need to run a nasty campaign against Biden. Just bring up his record and he’s toast.

    Jamelle Bouie with a prescient article about Biden’s disastrous record.

    Slate: Don’t Run, Uncle Joe

    • bostonboomer says:

      I totally agree. My main concern is WTF Elizabeth Warren is up to. Biden is a joke.

  23. RalphB says:

    From 08/04/2015, this should readlly help a lot in a campaign for black votes.

    Politico: How a Young Joe Biden Turned Liberals Against Integration

    Not to mention his record as Sentator from MBNA with bankruptcy reform and allowing credit cards to do the race to the bottom and liberated them from state usury laws. I know a lot of people like Biden but I don’t because he’s been an uber corporatist douche his entire career in the senate.

  24. RalphB says:

    If Biden does enter the race, he’s gonna get his ass kicked seven ways from Sunday. Bring it on!

    • Pat Johnson says:

      I don’t know about that, Ralph.

      Consider that most of the voting public is not as immersed in politics as those who come here as one example. Years and years have been devoted to painting a picture of Hillary Clinton as a scheming, arrogant, untrustworthy person and much of that has stuck. They still consider the Clinton years as a “blight” on the presidency so with enough encouragement Hillary could lose her standing no matter how qualified.

      Look at the nation at large. How many states are now owned by Tea Party legislators and most of those running for POTUS are of the same nature. It scares me to think that if Hillary is not the nominee the voters will turn to Trump or whichever of those other 4 major contenders they have running.

      I wish I had the confidence to think otherwise but my stomach keeps roiling about the people willing to destroy her.

      • RalphB says:

        She might be beatable, but not by Joe Biden.

        • Pat Johnson says:

          Forgive my Debbie Downer attitude but we came so close in 2008 but discovered how the Dem Party sold her out which broke so many of our hearts.

          Fast forward to now that it appears the same thing is happening again which is just knocking my socks off.

          • janicen says:

            The way I look at it is that CDS is inevitable but as long as it’s happening early, I think it will fade. If they keep piling on Clinton they will make her a sympathetic figure and it will backfire. Let them get it out of their systems now.

          • bostonboomer says:

            I agree, Janicen. There’s something to the notion that Hillary is much more motivated when she’s challenged. We saw that in 2008. But this isn’t 2008, and 72-year-old Joe Biden is no Barack Obama of 2008.

          • joanelle says:

            Pat, you’ve stated the fact that worries me the most. The media and the Repub can be overcome but hoe does he overcome “the family” – her own party . After all she had the most votes ever (than ANY other candidate) going into the convention and they stopped the voting so they could “cast one vote” for Obama. How does she overcome her own party-they just don’t want a ‘girl’ in the White House!

          • joanelle says:

            So why isn’t the following info from BB’s comment above getting more play and how can we insure that it does?
            “In late July, a New York Times story initially alleged that a criminal probe had been opened into Clinton’s emails during her tenure as Secretary of State. The only problem is that the story was botched 11 ways from Sunday. First, the story was changed to reflect the fact that there wasn’t a criminal probe and then changed again to reflect the fact that the non-criminal probe wasn’t about Clinton. The story was bungled so badly that Margaret Sullivan, the public editor of the Times, has harshly criticized it twice.”

  25. ANonOMouse says:

    I’m not worried about Biden at all. I think there are some insiders who are worried that the email issue could implode Hillary’s candidacy and they want Biden there as a backup. There is little support for Biden nationally with Hillary in the race, but there’s also little to no support for Webb, O’Malley or Chaffee and the party doesn’t want the nominee to be Bernie. Most of the establishment support for Biden at this point comes from those who can’t warm up to a woman POTUS and those who fear a Hillary implosion and Bernie becoming the nominee.

    As for Obama, I read that while there’s support for Biden among some of Obama’s staff that Obama was not encouraging Biden to enter the race. I suppose that Obama giving Biden his “blessings” means that he’s allowing Biden to make up his own mind.

    Biden has already had 2 shots at the nomination and he’s a proven loser in that regard, there’s nothing to make me think that even if he is in the race that he can hurt Hillary, I think the only thing that can stop Hillary at this point is an email meltdown or Bernie.

    And I don’t see Elizabeth Warren as factor in this race at all. Biden may have wanted her advice or her impressions about his chances, particularly with women, but I don’t believe Warren can impact this race in any way, not even if she makes the mistake of throwing her endorsement to Biden. I think Warren will remain uncommitted until she’s certain who the nominee will be.