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Good Morning and Happy 4th of July!!

The media is continuing to breathlessly report that 73-year-old registered Independent Bernie Sanders is threatening Hillary Clinton’s chances for the Democratic nomination in 2016. Can you get the Democratic nomination if you are not registered as a Democrat? Earth to media: it’s not even 2016 yet–not even close. Sigh . . .

CNN: Sanders snags key endorsement in New Hampshire. Wow! Some woman with a strange name that no one has ever heard of before is rooting for Sanders. Bernie-Mentum!!!

Longtime New Hampshire Democratic activist Dudley Dudley told CNN Friday that she has decided to endorse Bernie Sanders for the Democratic 2016 nomination. Her decision comes less than two months after she hosted O’Malley at both her Durham, New Hampshire homes.

Since then, according to a recent CNN/WMUR New Hampshire primary poll, frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s lead over Sanders has shrunk from 38 percentage points to 8, with O’Malley trailing both. Likely Democratic primary voters are now more apt to see Sanders as the candidate who “best represents the values of Democrats like yourself,” the poll found.

Sanders recently finished a two-day swing through the state that saw 500-person crowds and high attendance at more intimate house parties.

Dudley told CNN she was won over by Sanders focus on money in politics, but was particularly impressed by his style of delivering his message.


How nice for Bernie and Dudley Dudley. Meanwhile Hillary “the fighter” Clinton is defending her liberal record, according to Politico.

Hillary Clinton: ‘I take a backseat to no one’ on liberal record.

Hanover, N.H. — Hillary Clinton arrived in this liberal New England enclave with a message for anyone thinking about voting for Sen. Bernie Sanders of next-door Vermont: “I take a backseat to no one when you look at my record in standing up and fighting for progressive values.” ….

“We have to take on the gun lobby one more time,” said Clinton, speaking without notes or a teleprompter in front of a crowd of about 850 Dartmouth students and native Granite Staters. “The majority of gun owners support universal background checks, and we have to work very hard to muster the public opinion to convince Congress that’s what they should vote for.”

She said it was the “height of irresponsibility not to talk about it.” Sanders, who represents a pro-gun constituency, has voted against the Brady Bill, which required federal background checks for gun purchasers, as well as other major bills supported by gun-control advocates.

She also signaled that she would have no problem defending President Barack Obama’s domestic agenda.

“If the country elects a Republican president, then they will repeal the Affordable Care Act,” she warned. “Let’s elect a Democratic president who is committed to quality affordable health care.”

She praised Obama’s moves to help the country recover from the economic crisis and said Republicans who say the recovery is too slow “just don’t know the theory of original sin,” blaming “the kind of poor management and bad economic policies that put us into the ditch in the first place.”

Go to the link to read some ignorant negative comments about Hillary that CNN was able to dig up.


If I sound irritable, it’s because I am. I read JJ’s Friday night post before I started this one and got really angry about the woman who was denied life-saving care at a Catholic hospital. That and the constant burning and itching that is still spreading all over my body are making me so agitated that I’d like to find the nearest low-information voter and strangle him or her.

ABC News on Hillary:  Hillary Clinton Not Fazed by Bernie Sanders’ Crowds.

During a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Friday, the Democratic presidential front-runner responded to a question from a reporter about the massive crowds her challenger, Vermont Sen.Bernie Sanders, has seen at his own campaign events this week.

“We each run our own campaigns and I always knew this was going to be competitive,” Clinton said at Dairy Twirl ice cream shop in Lebanon, New Hampshire, when asked about the growing support behind Sanders and how he’s seeing crowds even bigger than she is.

“I want to have a great debate in the primary and caucus around the country and that is what I am looking forward to,” she added.

Not that anyone in the not-so-liberal media will take her words at face value. They will continue to insist that she is in danger of losing to someone who isn’t a Democrat and that she’s worried sick about it.


George Talei had the temerity to speak the truth about Clarence Thomas a couple of days ago, and now he has been pressured into apologizing.

Huffington Post: George Takei Calls Justice Clarence Thomas A ‘Clown In Blackface’ Over Marriage Equality Dissent.

George Takei has come under fire this week for calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a “clown in blackface” over the judge’s stance on marriage equality. However, the “Star Trek” actor insists that his comment was not racially motivated.

During an interview with Fox 10 Phoenix, Takei, who is gay, discussed the Supreme Court’s recent landmark ruling to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. Takei said he was “angry” at Thomas, who dissented to the decision, for his position on the issue.

“He is a clown in blackface sitting on the Supreme Court,” said Takei. “He gets me that angry. He doesn’t belong there.”

What did Thomas say that made Takei so angry? Some pretty awful stuff.

In his dissent, Thomas, who is black, wrote that “human dignity cannot be taken away by the government,” adding: “Slaves did not lose their dignity (any more than they lost their humanity) because the government allowed them to be enslaved. Those held in internment camps did not lose their dignity because the government confined them.”

Takei, whose family was held inside a Japanese internment camp during World War II, took issue with this logic.

“For him to say slaves have dignity, I mean, doesn’t he know that slaves were in chains? That they were whipped on the back?” Takei said. “My parents lost everything that they worked for in the middle of their lives, in their 30s. His business, my father’s business, our home, our freedom and we’re supposed to call that dignified?… This man does not belong on the Supreme Court. He is an embarrassment. He is a disgrace to America.”

I think Takei was absolutely right about Thomas. But the pressure was too much for him, I guess.


CNN reports: George Takei walks back ‘blackface’ remark about Clarence Thomas.

Takei said on Friday that his words “were not carefully considered.”

“When asked by a reporter about the opinion, I was still seething, and I referred to him as a ‘clown in blackface’ to suggest that he had abdicated and abandoned his heritage,” Takei said in a Facebook post. “This was not intended to be racist, but rather to evoke a history of racism in the theatrical arts. While I continue to disagree with Justice Thomas, the words I chose, said in the heat of anger, were not carefully considered.”

The full apology is on Takei’s Facebook page.

A few follow-ups to previous big stories:

WBAL TV11: Sign inside Baltimore police van under investigation. Sign posted inside van: ‘Enjoy your ride, cuz we sure will!’

The Baltimore City Police Department has launched an internal investigation after a WBAL-TV 11 News viewer shared four photographs of a sign inside a city police wagon.

The photos show the doors of the parked police van left open. On the inside of the back door is a sign, attached or possibly stenciled on, that reads: “Enjoy your ride, cuz we sure will!”

The pictures were taken Tuesday near the Central District Police Station on Baltimore Street.

The sign’s placement makes it clear that this is a message for people who are arrested to see after they’re put in the back of the van and the doors are shut.

Police Department officials told 11 News the photos are real and they triggered an internal investigation.

Nice, after the BPD killed Freddie Gray with a rough ride in a police van.

images (1)

Now deceased prison escapee Richard Matt sent a letter to his daughter before he and David Sweat broke out of a “maximum security” prison in Dannamora, NY.

From the Buffalo News: ‘See you on the outside,’ Matt said in letter delivered to daughter in Buffalo suburb.

“I always promised you I would see you on the outside. I’m a man of my word,” a portion of the letter stated, according to information obtained by The Buffalo News from law enforcement officials.

The letter was postmarked prior to the June 6 escape and arrived June 9.

Matt had maintained a correspondence with his daughter while serving a prison sentence of 25 years to life for murder, acquaintances of the daughter confirmed.

But authorities say the daughter had no idea in advance that her father was planning an escape from Clinton Correctional Facility. Once he and David P. Sweat broke out, she fully cooperated with investigators. In fact, she requested round-the-clock protection, fearing that Matt would attempt to see her while he was on the run. That never happened.

The EXCLUSIVE: Charges possible against church shooter’s associates.

A joint state and federal investigation into the activities of accused Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof has widened to include other persons of interest, according to multiple sources familiar with the ongoing investigation.

The expanded scope of the investigation now includes people with whom Roof associated in the weeks before the June 17 shootings of nine African-Americans at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, the sources said. Roof, 21, of Columbia, is white.

Although it appears Roof traveled alone to and from Charleston on the day of the killings, it is possible others had some knowledge of what he planned to carry out, said the sources, who are not being identified because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the investigation.

Investigators began to explore how much Roof’s associates knew, and when they knew it, after reviewing his cellphone and computer records, the sources said.

Prosecutors are still studying exactly what charges, if any, some of those associates might face, the sources said.

The New York Times Friday, citing sources with knowledge of the investigation, also said federal and state authorities have found Roof had been in contact with white supremacists online, though it does not appear they encouraged him to carry out the massacre.

More details at the link.


Do you have blue eyes?

If so, you might find this story from Pioneer News interesting and/or alarming: New Study Suggests Potential Link Between Alcoholism and Eye Color.

alcohol poisoning is a major problem in the United States. Previous studies have identified that genetics may play a factor in dependency but a new study suggests that blue eyes might also encourage the eventual development of alcoholism.

Study co-author Dawei Li is an assistant professor of microbiology and molecular genetics. He says, “These are complex disorders. There are many genes, and there are many environmental triggers.”

Additionally, lead study co-author Aris Sulovari is a doctoral student in cellular, molecular, and biological sciences at the university. He adds, “This suggests an intriguing possibility – that eye color can be useful in the clinic for alcohol dependence diagnosis.”

The researchers looked at data from 10,000 people—mostly those of African or European America descent—who had been diagnosed with more than one psychiatric disorder which might include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression, in addition to alcohol or drug dependence.

So . . . what else is happening? Please post your thoughts and links in the comment thread and have a fabulous holiday weekend.

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  1. Beata says:

    Thank you for the post, BB. I hope you feel better soon. I’m very sorry that the rash is still spreading. Have you tried the calamine lotion? You can get it at Krogers or any other store with a pharmacy.

  2. Beata says:

    I stole this video from Fredster at The Widdershins. It features the Notorious RBG giving a gavel to the shrunken balls of Scalia. You go, girl! Happy 4th!

  3. Sweet Sue says:

    I’m sorry you’re still suffering, BB. Call your doctor on Monday.

  4. Sweet Sue says:

    Ha! I was just waddling over to post a comment about Dudley Dudley’s momentous decision to endorse Bernie Sanders!
    CNN describes it as a key endorsement.
    C’mon, Dudley Do-Right and hop on the Hillary train.

  5. Beata says:

    The study about blue eyes and alcoholism is very interesting. It definitely needs further study before a correlation is made. I have blue eyes and am of Irish and Scots-Irish descent. Most of my relatives also had blue eyes. Only a few of them were alcoholics; the Irish side was more likely to be. Many family members were teetotalers. I have never been a drinker.

  6. BB, it is so upsetting to know you are feeling so bad. Lots of suggestions yesterday but have you tried Sarna lotion? The original formula? It always helps with the itch and heat from the skin irritation. Or Aveeno oatmeal bath packets….that is calming to the skin…
    One more thing, make sure you wash all clothes and towels and sheets separate from other clothes in hot water. I will wash the stuff twice when Dan or the kids get into the poison ivy or oak. The oils stick to everything….and it spreads. So you could be re-activating the condition without realizing it…xoxoxo feel better.

  7. ANonOMouse says:

    I know this sounds crazy, but Absorbine jr, otherwise known as the green death, will kill the poison ivy. If you can get past the burning after application, it will help. At least it does for me. Then layer on some calamine lotion to calm it all down.

    And JJ, is right about washing everything your rash come into contact with because you can spread it all over your body while it’s draining.

  8. roofingbird says:

    Here is another suggestion: hydrocortisone creme and aspirin, or the like. Hubby got a horrible rash last year-great raised, blood filled, intensely itchy blisters over most of his body. That, along with witch hazel washes helped the most. The hospital put him on 60 mils of prednisone, and codeine syrup. However, the creme and aspirin worked best until the prednisone really kicked in. Or, as mentioned above, go back to the hospital.

    Aspirin really does help here.

  9. Sweet Sue says:

    Dudley Dudley is a Dud.

    • Beata says:

      Yes, but her friends at the boat club all call her “Bitsy”.

      • Sweet Sue says:

        I’m betting that behind her back they call her “Dudley Do Wrong”, or just plain Dud.
        And that’s the yacht club, Beata. Jeesh.

        • Beata says:

          You are right, Sue. Dudley Dudley belongs to the Portsmouth Yacht Club. My knowledge of the finer points of the Official Preppy Handbook is a bit rusty. I’m so ashamed.

          • ANonOMouse says:

            Beata, I had a dog named Bitsy when I was 5. She hated the yacht club and that’s why we gave up our membership and sold our yacht. Well, that wasn’t the entire reason we sold the yacht, we had trouble finding a place to park it at the tenement.

  10. Sweet Sue says:

    Oh Gawd, this tells me all I need to know.

    “In 1980, along with Joanne Symons, Dudley spearheaded the Draft Kennedy campaign, urging Senator Edward Kennedy to run for President.”

    That right, Duddy, do all that you can to sabotage a sitting Democratic President’s chances.
    Aren’t you precious?

    • Beata says:

      Dudley’s yachting on Facebook. Sky Dancers who FB should friend her or whatever that’s called.

  11. Fannie says:

    Hey all you dancers, thanks for keeping me in rhythm, and sharing all your songs. Happy Birthday America.

  12. RalphB says:

    Remember how those huge crowds convinced lots of villagers that Mittens was going to beat Obama in 2012? People forget that mo matter how many university students and yachters attend your rally, there are still a lot more people outside who vote.

    It’s going to be awfully hard for upper middle class, largely coastal, white progressives to deliver a nomination to anyone, whatever their party. These people are basically the purity police or Nader voters in disguise. I don’t think Hillary has anything to fear and I’m sure she knows it.

    • janicen says:

      Yes. As well, we all learned in ’08 how easy it is to create the illusion of huge crowds.