Friday Afternoon Open Thread: Run Hillary Run!


Good Afternoon Politics Junkies!!

The big day is almost here. Yes, this weekend, Hillary Clinton will open her 2016 campaign for President.

The Guardian, Exclusive: Hillary Clinton to launch 2016 campaign on Sunday en route to Iowa.

The former secretary of state is scheduled to declare her second run for president on Twitter at noon eastern time on Sunday, the source told the Guardian, followed by a video and email announcement, then a series of conference calls mapping out a blitzkrieg tour beginning in Iowa and looking ahead to more early primary states.

Clinton’s Sunday schedule is booked beginning with takeoff from New York to Iowa, where speculation has centered for weeks that Clinton was focusing attention for an April campaign launch. Her scheduled calls are with advisers in other key battleground states.

Clinton’s spokesman, Nick Merrill, did not respond to multiple requests for comment on the contours of Clinton’s campaign kickoff schedule. Another source close to the Clinton campaign confirmed Clinton would be in Iowa in the coming days….

Clinton has been quietly building a ground operation in Iowa, with a number of staff hires in Iowa including Matt Paul, a longtime aide to secretary of agriculture Tom Vilsack, to run Clinton’s operation, as well as veteran Iowa operative Brenda Kole as political director and DNC deputy communications director Lily Adams.

It’s the top story on Memeorandum and Google News this afternoon.  We’ll have to brace ourselves for the negativity coming from the media, but at least we know for sure now that she’s running. More links:


CNN: Hillary Clinton to announce 2016 bid Sunday with video.

Hillary Clinton is planning to launch her presidential candidacy on Sunday through a video message on social media, a person close to her campaign-in-waiting tells CNN, followed immediately by traveling to early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire to start making her case to voters….

Clinton has already filmed her campaign video, a person close to the campaign said, which outlines the central themes of her second bid for the White House. The message is intended to send a signal to Democrats that she intends to aggressively fight for the party’s presidential nomination.

A new epilogue of her book, “Hard Choices,” an excerpt of which was released Friday to the Huffington Post, offers a glimpse into why she is embarking on another presidential campaign. She writes about her new granddaughter, Charlotte, and calls for equal opportunity for her generation.

“Becoming a grandmother has made me think deeply about the responsibility we all share as stewards of the world we inherit and will one day pass on,” Clinton, 68, writes in the epilogue. “Rather than make me want to slow down, it has spurred me to speed up.”

The decision will sweep aside more than a year of speculation about her political aspirations and allow her to start making her case to voters. Advisers say she knows that Democratic activists are not interested in a coronation and she intends to campaign as though she has a tough primary challenge.

Central to Clinton’s second presidential run will be reintroducing the former first lady — on her own terms — to the American people. Democrats close to Clinton have started to call her the most unknown famous person in the world. Their argument is that people know of Clinton — she has near 100% name recognition in most polls — but they don’t know her story.

That sounds interesting.


Of course The New York Times is already ragging on Hillary.  You can go read it if you want, but I’m trying to stay positive just for today. Here’s Laura Clausen at DailyKos on the Times story.

New York Times worried that Marco Rubio called shotgun and Hillary Clinton ignored him

What is it about Hillary Clinton that makes political reporters show their stupid side? As Clinton prepares to announce a presidential run on Sunday, the New York Times‘ Amy Chozick and Maggie Haberman step up with the kind of coverage we can expect for the next 19 months:

Many factors played into the timing of Mrs. Clinton’s announcement. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, whom Mrs. Clinton’s advisers are watching closely as a potential opponent, staked a claim on Monday as his announcement date. Mrs. Clinton’s announcement on Sunday will certainly draw attention from Mr. Rubio’s entry into the race and could well eclipse it.And while the move could invite criticism as unsportsmanlike, her campaign is betting that Democrats will applaud the show of force against a Republican. (Others involved insisted the date was selected before Mr. Rubio scheduled his event, but said that the juxtaposition was an added bonus.)

Unsportsmanlike? Trust a woman—or a Clinton—to hit below the belt, I guess. Although let’s say Clinton did look at Rubio and think “Him. He, of all the Republicans, is the one whose announcement I need to bigfoot. I can let Rand Paul and Ted Cruz announce without interference, and I don’t need to wait for Scott Walker or Jeb Bush. No, Rubio is the guy I must mess with.” Even if she said that, we’re talking less about a dirty hit that could injure someone or at least leave him cupping his balls and gasping for the breath he needs to scream and more about, say, beating him to the car door after he called shotgun.

There could be a Republican presidential announcement a week for months, but Clinton is supposed to avoid all of them lest she appear unsportsmanlike?



The Washington Post: How Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign machine will kick into gear.

Clinton plans to launch her campaign via social media and with a video on Sunday articulating her rationale for seeking the White House. She’ll then travel to the first-in-the-nation caucus state of Iowa early next week for campaign events, these people said. She is expected to hold mostly small discussion events with voters designed to help the former secretary of state connect with ordinary Americans and listen to their concerns, forgoing the large rallies and traditional announcement speeches of some of her Republican rivals.

Behind the scenes, meanwhile, Clinton’s fundraising machine is revving up. Her top bundlers are plotting aggressive outreach to thousands of Democratic donors over the weekend and into next week urging them to immediately send checks and make donations online as soon as the Clinton campaign’s Web site goes live.

Democratic strategists, advisers and fundraisers described Clinton’s plans only on the condition of anonymity because she and her team have not yet finalized all aspects of her campaign rollout. Her official spokespeople declined to comment.

One more from The Daily Beast: Hillary to Launch Campaign This Weekend With ‘Insane’ Fundraising Push.

After the announcement comes the deluge.

Hillary Clinton will announce her presidential campaign this Sunday, sources in the Clinton operation tell The Daily Beast.

After that, the nascent campaign will embark on a fundraising push that the Clinton camp says will dwarf anything seen in the history of presidential politics.

“They are going to raise in one week what some Republican presidential candidates are going to raise the entire cycle,” said one Clinton aide.

On Saturday afternoon, Ready for Hillary, the super PAC that has been a Clinton campaign-in-waiting in the years since Clinton left the State Department, will host what is likely a final fundraising push at SouthwestNY, a sleek Tex-Mex restaurant steps from the rebuilt World Trade Center.

From then on, Ready for Hillary will encourage its 3.6 million supporters to give to Clinton’s real campaign while the super PAC quietly dissolves.

Of course the “liberals” and very concerned about Hillary and her insistence on running for President. I’d guess these are the same people who were screaming “Why won’t the witch just quit” back in 2008.


Brian Beutler at The New Republic: Why Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Frightens Democrats.

Hillary Clinton, who reportedly will announce her candidacy this weekend, is such a prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic presidential nomination that she more or less cleared the field simply by behaving like someone who was going to run. That’s as much a testament to her political talent as it is to her nominal association with the boom times of the late 1990s. But it’s also the source of genuine anxiety among liberals, who worry she’ll enter the general election rusty and untested unless someone formidable dares to challenge her in the primary.

This sounds like a reasonable point, until you apply the logic to all other major political races, where favored candidates labor tirelessly to avoid primary campaigns, whenever possible. No losing Senate candidate has ever looked back and wished he’d endured a primary to loosen him up, and no winning Senate candidate ever has ever attributed his victory to the months he spent doing battle with members of his own party. Senate Republicans attribute the two recent election cycles they spent in the minority to undisciplined activists backing primary challengers, and attribute their recent victory to hobbling those activists.

In Hillary Clinton’s case, though, there’s still a good argument that the Democratic Party could use a contested primary this cycle: not to toughen Clinton’s calluses, but to build some redundancy into the presidential campaign. It may even be the case that some of these Democrats with rattled nerves are less anxious about Clinton’s prowess against Republicans than about the fact that all of the party’s hopes now rest on her shoulders. Her campaign has become a single point of failure for Democratic politics. If she wins in 2016, she won’t ride into office with big congressional supermajorities poised to pass progressive legislation. But if she loses, it will be absolutely devastating for liberalism.

If you’re faithful to the odds, then most of this anxiety is misplaced. Clinton may have slipped in the polls by virtue of an email scandal and her return to the partisan trenches more generally. But she’s still more popular and better known than all of the Republicans she might face in the general, her name evokes economic prosperity, rather than global financial calamity, the economy is growing right now, and Democrats enjoy structural advantages in presidential elections, generally.

Maybe these unnamed very concerned Democrats should just get over it and try to get a fellow Democrat elected. Or maybe they should run themselves. But that would take courage and commitment. Why they’d probably have to use let reporters print their names!

Finally, the Wall Street Journal, that liberal stronghold /s, tells us that “some Democrats” think Hillary is too conservative. Do any of these people listen to what she says?

Liberal Democrats Try to Push Hillary Clinton Left. This one is behind a paywall, so I can only give you the first few lines; but we can all guess what these fake liberals had to say to the WSJ.

WASHINGTON—Hillary Clinton was once seen as a liberal voice pulling her husband and party to the left. Today, on the brink of her announcement that she is running for president, some Democrats think she isn’t liberal enough.

What troubles them are her ties to Wall Street and Bill Clinton’s centrist economic record. They don’t like that she appears more comfortable with bipartisan compromise than populist calls to fight banks and…

My guess is this whining is coming from Move On and the rest of the morons who want to see Elizabeth Warren run, even though she has no chance.

What do you think? What have you heard and read about Hillary’s plans?

32 Comments on “Friday Afternoon Open Thread: Run Hillary Run!”

  1. NW Luna says:

    Ready 4 Hillary! Can’t be too soon for me.

    As for “not liberal enough,” did that writer ever actually take a look at Obama’s policies?

    What is it about Hillary Clinton that makes political reporters show their stupid side?

    It’s not about Hillary, it’s about the stupid reporters, lol.

  2. NW Luna says:

    Luv the photo illustrations, BB!

  3. I can’t wait till she makes it official.

    This shit is beyond ridiculous: This is the end of the road for Elizabeth Warren – The Washington Post

    For months and months (and months), we’ve ranked Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren as the second most likely Democrat to be the party’s presidential nominee in 2016.

    No more! It’s the end of the road for us and Warren. And now a brief musical interlude:

    They then have a link to the Boyz to Men song End of the Road.

    But, in another turn of events:

    Rand Paul walks out on Guardian interview and lights go off – video | US news | The Guardian

    And one other thing, WTF is wrong with judges these days?
    Addicting Info – Teacher Rapes Student, Judge Asks: ‘What Young Man Would Not Jump On That Candy?’ (VIDEO)

    Judge reduces child rapist’s sentence because he didn’t “intend” to harm 3-year-old he sodomized –

    • Fannie says:

      You know JJ, what’s wrong with these judges, it’s the same thing that is fu**king wrong with the police officer that pumped all five bullets into the back of that black man in South Carolina.
      Don’t you think?

    • bostonboomer says:

      Chris Cillizza is a complete and utter moron.

  4. Pat Johnson says:

    I am as excited as I was 7 years ago when she announced her intentions for 2008!

    There is no viable candidate worth mentioning from the other side who can hold a candle to her brilliance and qualifications.

    The press will do everything in its power to “bring her down” but hopefully there are enough of us out here who can bring her over the finish line.

    Go Hillary!!!!!

    • bostonboomer says:

      I’m bracing myself for the onslaught. I refuse to let the misogyny get me down! Hillary is qualified, she’s ready, and I hope she beats the crap out of the Republican clown car and the so-called whiny not-really-liberal Dems.

      • NW Luna says:

        Thank you. Yes, we’ve got to stand strong and blow off all the same ol’ same ol’ excuses, misogynist BS, and Republican toddler-bully shit which is going to be thrown at Hillary and her supporters. Again.

        We can have game contests to see if they come up with anything really new. Of course, they won’t. It’ll all be a variant on “B-b-b-bbut she’s too old/shrill/married to Bill still/not experienced enough/secretive/b*tchy/too overbearing/not likeable enough/doesn’t smile sweetly enough/wears pantsuits/a grandmother…… Eeeeeeek! A smart, unintimidated female that can get things done!

  5. janicen says:

    OMG. I’ve been busy all day preparing for an out-of-town wedding this weekend so this is the first time I’ve stopped by. I got chills looking at the first picture in your post, bb. I’m getting emotional. She’s going to announce!!!!!!!!

    Roll up your sleeves folks, we have a lot of work ahead of us. I can’t wait!

    • bostonboomer says:

      This should be fun!! Despite the media negativity, it will be great to have some real political news that doesn’t involve the GOP Klown Kar.

  6. Fannie says:

    Like the rest of us she knows damn well that there no doubt, none what so ever, that Hillary can do the job as the President of United States.

    She has been in combat with republican men for as long as we can remember. She has made it clear, that she intends on intergrating females into “male” only jobs, and she starts with her self, as President.

    We know their will be sexual harassment. We know they are going to attack her physical being, her mental being, but we will not allow them to close the door on Hillary, we will not allow for her to be treated unequal. We have already broken through that ceiling, 18 million strong, and moving on, because we are more than half the population, and more of us are in the labor force, and have been at a pay disadvantage for years. We want better jobs, health care rights, better education, not just for us, but our families.

    Happy Hillary is Running

  7. bostonboomer says:

    Another critic who thinks Hillary “will play to the money seats” and doesn’t understand the problem of economic inequality. Where do these people get this stuff?

    Hillary may be disastrously misjudging the politics of 2016

    • NW Luna says:

      Obviously has never looked at Hillary’s record. C’mon, reporters, do some research before you write nonsense.

    • NW Luna says:

      On that page, I saw a headline and link to this piece of hilarious writing by a Michael Brendan Dougherty.

      What Democrats always forget about Hillary …. she is a horrible politician. …. Consider that Clinton has run in three elections. Her two wins in New York are not all that impressive, really. …. Clinton may have been masterly at State. But she’s proven unable to master the hustings. In a fair fight with a Republican, feigned or real weakness will not prove to be a strength.

      But then, Dougherty also wrote another hilarious article that starts:

      How Rand Paul can win: Stop making concessions and start attacking Hillary

      Just one question — What planet does Dougherty live on?

      • bostonboomer says:

        Geeze, she won every big Democratic state in the 2008 primaries and got more votes than Obama.

        Sigh . . . .

  8. Well, here she goes again….I admire her bravery and tenacity to subject herself to the media again, cuz it certainly sucked the first time around. I’m for Hillary all the way, guess it’s time to bring out the checkbook, (and really ignore the news.)Here we go again,saddle up!

  9. NW Luna says:

    OMG! Just found my “Hillary for President” button from ’08!

    (dances & sings….)

  10. bostonboomer says: