Wednesday Wonk: Watch out, haters

1175623_429013850548541_816965767_nHi, I’m baaaack. How have you been, newsjunkies? As you know, a week is a whirlwind in sex and politics, so… prepare yourself for a very un-fancy link feast…starting with some items on Our Gal Gals, of course.

Wendy 2014, Hillary 2016

  • The Liberal Agenda posted the meme to the right on Tuesday. What a difference five to six years makes… with pieces like The Atlantic’s “How the Left Wing Learned to Love Hillary.”  As evidenced by Daily Kos’ hilarity in the forms of diaries titled “Hillary Clinton will be a very, very cool president” and such.
  • I really am wary of this “perceived inevitability” crap in the progressive feeding trough, though. We’ve been to that rodeo before–pass on Meet the Beast all over again. Hillary’s likely running–we see all the political movement opening the way for her to essentially be drafted into doing so. But, she’s not inevitable, thank you very much David Axelrod and co.
  • Please, remember as a true Hillary stalwart–Peter Daou–has cautioned in his “A Reader’s Guide to Anti-Hillary Themes.” Repeat after me, Sky Dancers: Hillary is not inevitable. “No matter what she says about working hard, staying focused and not taking anything for granted, detractors create this perch then try to knock her down from it.” –Daou
  • And, though I can’t see the lovely Liz Warren primarying Hillary, damn the debates we could have from a match-up of that kind would be epic and exhilarating. If only the late Stephanie Tubbs Jones were still alive (not that she would primary Hill either). Now, that would really be a primary season to savor.
  • Wonkgirl daydreams aside… I *welcome* a healthy primary contest. May the best shero win–it will only make her stronger as a candidate and Madame president. Maybe good ol’ Joe can change his name on the ballot to Robinette BidenI know, bad Wonk. Just can’t help myself. I still remember his philosopher king distinction on the campaign trail in ’08 that “girl-girls are tougher than boy-girls.” (I would link if I could find a source that wasn’t batshit rightwing. Google at your own peril. I do remember Joe Biden saying this, though. Just nobody on the left wanted to look at it because he was on the Obama ticket by then.) Seriously, I can’t wait for a healthy primary debate.
  • And, don’t forget. Before 2016, we’ve got the 2014 election cycle with which to smash and weaken the hell out of the patriarchy first. I’ve got a bunch of Stand With Texas women links up on Sisterhood of the Pink Sneaks. A very small taste, via Burnt Orange Report: Texas Democratic Organizations Urge Wendy Davis to Run for Governor. Draft Wendy. Draft Hillary.
  • I know, we’re all preparing for the onslaught of backlash. We’ve already seen some claws come out–iron my shirt slapping Hillary and such. I know Fox News et stupid al. still can’t shut up about the Weapons of Mass Destruction they found in Benghazi. Channeling my best Kiki McLean here to say: They’re STUPID. And, they are bleeding anybody who doesn’t have political derangement psychosis. Let them eat their Joker cake…
  • If they think Hillary fatigue is a concern this far out, they ought to actually worry about Hillary/Woman hater fatigue. The more desperate they get in their respective Hillary and Obama derangement, the more they will “radicalize hundreds of thousands of us” that will turn into millions and millions of us scary hairy feminists who “don’t give a flying frigidaire about your Boehners, Weiners, or Spitzers” at the national ballot box or elsewhere. Or, you know. Just normal everyday people who don’t want a bunch of Newt Gingrich clones on stupid-steroids running this country into the ground with a Second Contract against America.

Chris Christie: Teanderthal extraordinaire

  • Flashback to last August:

“For instance, I hear people talk all the time about female voters. I think it’s condescending to women to say we have to have a different message for women than we have with men. I’m going to lay out a message for our party tonight [at the Republican convention] that I think will resonate just as much with women voters as it will with men voters.”

–Chris Christie


Be-YOU-tiful, Sky dancers! Have at it in the comments. I’ll talk to y’all later tonight.

Right now, I’m off to go take care of a few things before my doctor sister’s White Coat ceremony this evening. This is the girl who rolled her little eyes at me for making her do “really hard” book reports on pandas when I played teacher and she, reluctant/only teacher’s pet. Well, look at her now. My Little Sweetheart forever, all grown up! I may be older than her by a gazillion years, but she inspires me to keep going…

…not unlike Hillary or Harriet Tubman. (“If you hear the dogs…keep going.” –Hills, DNC 2008.)

25 Comments on “Wednesday Wonk: Watch out, haters”

  1. RalphB says:

    What the Republicans need in their primaries is a pole dancing competition.

  2. Sweet Sue says:

    Sure, Hillary will be the presumed Democratic nominee until Senator Cory Booker decides he might like to be President, after all. Then, it’ll be all “someone should take Hillary into a room and…”
    Been there.
    Congrats to your sister, Mona!

    • I saw that too, and frankly the DailyKOS, CNN MSNBC…et al, are simply trying to avoid the facts that they were waging a War On Women full speed in 2008 Primary. Cory Booker will be presented as the ‘innovator’ who hasn’t innovated anything, in fact in my area there was a story about him not filing accurate campaign filings about his worth. Hemmmmm

      Hillary Clinton: Mad As Hell/Bitch (Watch for all the media who NOW claim to think so highly of Hillary, until Cory Booker comes along.)

  3. Have a glorious evening with your little sister Mona. Congratulations to you both, as it does take a village, of people who care about each other. Go little sister GO!

  4. dakinikat says:

    remember when Doctor Daughter did her white coat ceremony … exciting stuff!!! Have fun!!

  5. dakinikat says:

    The cost of public four-year college has risen 27% in just five years

    class warfare

  6. ecocatwoman says:

    I’m not getting my hopes up for Hillary. I hate the thought of the abuse that will be leveled at her, again. I think I still have PTSD from that primary season. I hold a grudge for a long time – I don’t anticipate forgiving Biden for his treatment of Anita Hill and his refusal to call the other women who were ready, willing & waiting to testify to suffering through sexual harassment from Clarence (the clown) Thomas. Personally, I am still holding out hope that Hillary will be appointed to the Supreme Court as Chief Justice after John Roberts resigns to spend more time with his family.

  7. Fannie says:

    Wonk you always present us with the best when it comes women, and in particularly Hillary. Luv her photo, she’s looking real good. Here is what Newt Gingrich of all people is up too:

    “I don’t think we beat Hillary Clinton in a personality fight because the news media will prop her up. She has to defend the current failures and we get to offer a dramatically better future. If that happens I don’t think she can win.”

    He doesn’t sound convincing to me…………….

    Ecocat………….good to hear from you, sounds like you are preparing yourself for upcoming treatments……..hope you mend well, and Ralph too.

    • ecocatwoman says:

      The surgery doesn’t worry me as much as the recovery. I want to be my normal, weird self again – NOW! Thanks Fannie for the well wishes.