Justice Denied

I am so disgusted and saddened. Paranoia, prejudice, pursuit of an imaginary ‘suspect’ in one’s own mind, and play-pretending one is a cop in a real world setting when in fact not a cop…is not self-defense. A young person of color in a hoodie going out for a bag of skittles does not give any one any such license to ‘stand’ any such ground.

Prayers for Trayvon Martin’s family.

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  2. Seriously says:

    I’m just wondering what we’re supposed to tell children now, if you’re being stalked by a grown man who outweighs you by a 100 pounds and possibly has a lethal weapon, do whatever he says and treat him as someone with power over your life because he’s perfectly entitled to shoot you to death?

  3. I am totally disgusted too…I can’t put it into words at all.

  4. Did you all see what Trayvon’s parents had to say about all this?

    Trayvon Martin’s Parents React To George Zimmerman Verdict | Mediaite

  5. Sweet Sue says:

    I’m surprised at the reaction, here.
    After watching the trial and listening to all of the evidence, I’d say that the jury came to the correct conclusion.
    A very sad event but no evidience of murder or intent of murder.

    • I had hoped for manslaughter…but no surprise to me either Sue. I felt that he would get away with it from the beginning.

      I do feel that he did do all the required actions to justify manslaughter however…I stand by that completely. How they came up without charging him with that I don’t know.

      • I agree, he should have been found guilty of manslaughter, though I do think his pursuing Trayvon actually makes Zimmerman more guilty than manslaughter. He took law into his own hands. The dispatcher told him not to go after Martin but Zimmerman wouldn’t listen.

  6. ANonOMouse says:

    The saddest part about the evidence in this case, is that half of the story was never told, Trayvon took the truth to his grave. In the end the real TRUTH is that George Zimmerman, a grown man, followed a 17 yr old boy for no other reason than he fit a sick stereotype that lived/lives in Zimmerman’s mind. When a 204 pound man straps on a fully load handgun, with a round in the chamber for a, JUST IN CASE scenario, to go to Target, the chances of something bad happening increase dramatically. Had the shoe been on the other foot, Trayvon Martin would be in prison. The RF’ers are celebrating today.

    • ANonOMouse says:

      Joe My God notes that Teabagistan is in full blown celebration mode over the verdict. Whp’s surprised?

  7. peej says:

    When eyes fill not but tears, choke speech silent for nought words to breathe;
    For breath not breathed anticipate the unjust pate authority
    Then to when to wait what mercy calls impartiality
    Where wander may we ever where respirate sufferance enwreathe?

    Heroic hate hath letter of law, and there law’s lost
    There law’s lost; sweet jurisprudence shackled; tongue-tied oblique
    With sidelong arms art impurely cold, reach touch-tinged in rancor’s frost.
    “Tis nowhere near, nay nought here that innocence doth speak.

  8. Except that Martin was an unarmed tall lanky kid at 158–unless a bag of skittles and Arizona iced tea can now be considered weapons– and Zimmerman at the time was an armed stocky adult 185. Moreover, Seriously’s point still remains that what do we tell children now who are being stalked by Mr. stranger danger. Just do as the creep says and pray he doesn’t shoot you? Who’s the freaking robber/mugger now?