Breaking! The Girly Proletariat just scored a win in the “free” market…


Via Thinkprogress: BREAKING: Facebook Promises To Take Action On Domestic Violence Content

I’ve been following this story pretty closely “on the ground/grassroots” of Facebook…I’m totally part of all the wimmin cackling and braying for some human rights, dammit. With pride! 🙂

Of course we have to wait and see what pans out action-wise, but the advertiser drop got us this far!Today the “free” market /capitalism worked for the underclass. 15 advertisers threatened to dropped Facebook over its allowance of horrible gender-based violence and hate all over its platform. Facebook heard that, and responded that it is going to screen out things like…videos of girls and women being raped… About time! ( Uh oh, the girly proletariat won a battle…time to bail out a big bank or something 😉

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  1. bostonboomer says:

    I’m not that up on Facebook, but this sounds like good news.

    And here’s some more good news: SCOTUS today refused to review Indiana’s Planned Parenthood defunding bill.

  2. roofingbird says:

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    Frankly, Facebook has bothered me for a while for other reasons than that discussed in the reblog below. However, this is an important issue. Facebook needs to better understand, clarify and act on what constitutes harassment, violence, bullying and pornography as items of banal abuse of women.