Breaking . . . Two “Huge” Explosions Near Finish Line of Boston Marathon

This story is just breaking. Two “huge blasts” were hear just minutes ago near a sporting goods store in Copley Square Boston. The local new anchor sounded near tears, saying “We have a terrible situation here,” It sounds like there are serious injuries.

The explosions came shortly after the winners  crossed the finish line. Other runners are being re-routed.

Injuries reportedly include people with missing limbs, head injuries, and covered in blood.

People are being treated on-site at the medical center for the marathon and being sent to local hospitals. This is one of the biggest sports events of the year in Boston. The Red Sox also play on Patriots Day beginning at 11AM. There are massive numbers of people in Boston to watch. I never go out on this day, because even the towns around here have parades, etc.

The two explosions were consecutive, about 20 seconds apart in two disparate locations. One went off near the Marathon Sports store on Boylston Street and the other on Massachusetts Avenue a few blocks away.

AP Story:

BOSTON (AP) — Two explosions shattered the euphoria of the Boston Marathon finish line on Monday, sending authorities out on the course to carry off the injured while the stragglers in the 26.2-mile trek from Hopkinton were rerouted away from the smoking site of the blasts.

Competitors and race organizers were crying as they fled the chaos. Bloody spectators were being carried to the medical tent that had been set up to care for fatigued runners.

“There are a lot of people down,” said one man, whose bib No. 17528 identified him as Frank Deruyter of North Carolina. He was not injured, but marathon workers were carrying one woman, who did not appear to be a runner, to the medical area as blood gushed from her leg. A Boston police officer was wheeled from the course with a leg injury that was bleeding.

About three hours after the winners crossed the line, there was a loud explosion on the north side of Boylston Street, just before the photo bridge that marks the finish line. Another thunderous explosion could be heard a few seconds later.

Runner Laura McLean of Toronto said she heard two explosions outside the medical tent.

“There are people who are really, really bloody,” McLean said. “They were pulling them into the medical tent.”

Cherie Falgoust was waiting for her husband, who was running the race.

“I was expecting my husband any minute,” she said. “I don’t know what this building is … it just blew. Just a big bomb, a loud boom, and then glass everywhere. Something hit my head. I don’t know what it was. I just ducked.”

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  1. dakinikat says:

    Exploding manhole covers?

  2. dakinikat says:


    WHAT?! RT“@HuffPostUK: Black workers ‘banned from Paris Gare du Nord station during visit from Israeli President’

    Black and North African workers were excluded from Paris’s main railway station during a visit by Israel’s President amid fears they might be Muslim, it has been alleged.

  3. Fannie says:

    What’s happening BB?

  4. Reuters:
    Breaking News: Boston police confirm explosion near Boston marathon finish line, unsure of number of injured

    Boston Marathon headquarters locked down after blasts heard | Reuters

    • bostonboomer says:

      Thanks, JJ. I updated the post. I guess maybe I should just live blog in the comments.

      I saw the footage of the two explosions from several angles. They were almost simulaneous but 2 blocks apart. It was bombs–not a manhole explosion, they said that explicitly.

      The explosions were too big for that anyway. It looked like the explosion came from inside the store.

      “People were strewn on top of each other, body parts were all around,” Dead bodies on the ground.

  5. bostonboomer says:

    At least 15-20 people–gruesome injuries–on the ground outside the store. The site down the street no one knows about yet.

    • Fannie says:

      I couldn’t see any flames (cnn), grey and white smoke, and when they showed photo of one location of the blast, there was no craddle in the ground……….CNN says 2 killed, and 22 injured.

      Biden made mention of watching it on tv, calling it “bombings”……………New York, Maryland, DC, closing down for precautions………..

      Thank you all, J.J, Boston for updates. Take care now.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Thanks, Fannie. I saw flames from both explosions. Local TV shown footage from multiple angles.

  6. bostonboomer says:

    People are walking around dazed. Police are trying to clear Boylston St.

    This is heartbreaking.

  7. dakinikat says:

    Boston police scanners are saying they found an unexploded device near a hotel according to CNN

  8. bostonboomer says:

    It’s being treated as a crime scene. There could have been a device in a trash can, but that’s just speculation from police. Bomb squad investigating.

    Nothing like this has ever happened in Boston before.

    Lots of ambulances — it sounds like a lot of injuries.

    Bomb sniffing dogs were used to check the route before the race, so its a mystery how two bombs were planted in the middle of this huge sporting event.

  9. bostonboomer says:

    People crossed the finish line with bloody faces, bloody legs.

  10. dakinikat says:

    Amanda Terkel ‏@aterkel 5s

    RT @climatebrad: “There have been victims of amputation” — CBS. Fox: 3 people dead. WBZ: 2 people likely dead. #bostonmarathon

  11. Delphyne says:

    This is just horrible! I’m just so sorry for everyone….the violence is just escalating so quickly.

    I’m really sorry, BB, that you are so close to the situation – I have a niece going to college in Boston and she just let me know she was alright. I’m glad you are, too.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Thank goodness your niece is ok. I just found out my brother is at work and my nephews and sister in law are in NH. Thank goodness!

      • Delphyne says:

        Glad he is alright – such a frightening thing to experience. Makes me want to cry.

        • My thoughts are with all of you who have family in the Boston area. Seeing those pictures of the expressions on peoples faces is bringing back memories of September 11th…that look of shock. There are two links here that just came through my newsblur:

          Don’t Jump to Conclusions About Boston Marathon Explosions –

          We don’t know what happened. We don’t know if they were bombs or boilers. We don’t know if someone was angry at Boston in particular or at tax day or at anything else.

          The explosions at the Boston Marathon appear deliberate but we can’t be sure yet and it’s a worthwhile reminder of how little we know. Just this week it looked like an Aryan prison gang was responsible for gunning down two public prosecutors in Texas. Now the leading suspect is a cranky county employee they prosecuted.

          Boston Marathon Explosion Video – Business Insider

          Fox News ran live footage of the aftermath of the two explosions that stuck the finish line of the Boston Marathon. It’s truly chilling. Just after the 35 second mark, a man is heard saying “Oh my god, they’re dead.”

          you can see and here the video at the link

      • bostonboomer says:

        The police and FBI say they were bombs.

  12. bostonboomer says:

    I’m trying to get my brother on the phone.

  13. bostonboomer says:

    They are looking for more bombs.

  14. bostonboomer says:

    A lot of people do the race in wheelchairs.

  15. bostonboomer says:

    The head of FEMA was there watching the race as well as the Director of Public Safety.

  16. bostonboomer says:

    Another big boom heard. Not sure what it is. Something went off somewhere.

  17. bostonboomer says:

    Four people are being treated at Mass. General. People are showing up to give blood.

  18. bostonboomer says:

    OMG, I just saw footage of the runners crossing the finish line as the store exploded. A couple of runners fell to the ground.

  19. dakinikat says:

    Chuck Goudie ‏@ChuckGoudieABC7 7m

    NETALERT: #Boston Police detectives say additional explosive devices are being found after initial blasts….

  20. bostonboomer says:

    Two confirmed dead. At least 22 injured.

    • News News ‏@BostonDotCom 10m

      BREAKING NEWS: Boston Police have called in all off-duty officers. Follow our live blog for updates:
      Expand News News ‏@BostonDotCom 14m

      Officials: There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities.

      Classic RT
      Favorite News News ‏@BostonDotCom 14m

      BREAKING NEWS: Police will have controlled explosion on 600 block on Boylston Street

  21. bostonboomer says:

    Doctors and nurses in the crowd helped. Some children hurt, a woman lost her leg. I think there will be more deaths. Nurse says they have bodies in the tent.

  22. bostonboomer says:

    There were 26,000 runners in the race alone, plus thousands and thousands watching along the route.

  23. bostonboomer says:

    Governor Patrick is at home in Milton. Today is a holiday, so the State House is locked down.

  24. bostonboomer says:

    Boston Police have confirmed the two explosions were bombs.

  25. bostonboomer says:

    FAA has issued a temporary flight restriction over the area of the explosions.

  26. bostonboomer says:

    Press briefing coming up.

  27. bostonboomer says:

    AP reporting that two more devices have been found and are being dismantled. They are small, portable devices, probably homemade.

  28. bostonboomer says:

    At least 10 people have lost limbs.

  29. bostonboomer says:

    NY Post claims a suspect is being guarded in the hospital. But they are also saying 12 dead, 50 injured, so I don’t know if they can be trusted.

  30. Beata says:

    I just got home and read about the explosions here. BB, please take care!

    CNN reporting: Confirmed 2 bombs went off near the finish line of the Marathon in Copley Square. Significantly they occurred only a few seconds apart. 3rd device disabled. At least 2 dead; at least 28 injured. Death toll expected to rise.

    • Beata says:

      4th bomb possibly found.

    • Beata says:

      The close timing of the 2 bombs may indicate they were set off with a cellular device.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Thanks, Beata. I still feel really shaky and I’m just watching on TV. I can’t imagine what it’s like for people who were there.

      • Beata says:

        BB, having you report from Boston is very helpful, but if it becomes too stressful for you, take a break!

  31. Beata says:

    Explosion occurred at the JFK Library.

  32. bostonboomer says:

    Officials say the incident at JFK library may be related, but not sure yet.

  33. Beata says:

    Boston Police: People in Boston should stay indoors. Situation is still developing.

  34. Beata says:

    Boston Police: Three bombs went off – two at Marathon finish line; one at JFK Library.

    • And I think one that the police found and detonated…right?

      • Beata says:

        I didn’t hear the police press conference mention a device they detonated. Did I miss it?

      • bostonboomer says:

        There was a third explosion in Boston, but it hasn’t been confirmed what it was–just reports that it was a controlled detonation. There was an announcement that something would be detonated near the Boston Public Library (up the street in the other direction from Mass. Ave.)

  35. janicen says:

    I wish I could be there watching with you, bb. Take care. Sending healing thoughts.

  36. janicen says:

    I heard on NPR while I was driving that the device that did not explode is going to be significant in the investigation. They’re going to catch these guys.

  37. janicen says:

    I can’t believe the graphic shots of the injured on CBS. It feels like the victims’ privacy is being violated.

  38. bostonboomer says:

    They are going to shut down cellular service in the city to prevent any further detonations.

  39. RalphB says:

    I go out and enjoy some sun, all hell breaks loose. This is unbelievable. Glad your family is all safe, BB.

  40. Beata says:

    CNN saying there was no advance warning, no reported threats.

  41. Beata says:

    Boston Globe reporting 100+ injured.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I’m not surprised.

      I’ve started a new thread up top, since this one is so long.