Bill O’Reilly jumps the Shark … errrr … Easter Bunny

vintage_easter_bunny_postcard-r1ed570aa800741ee85f419101cc15e56_vgbaq_8byvr_512This is so ridiculous that it almost isn’t worth posting.  However, it’s a Saturday and we could use a good laugh. Billy O’Reilly thinks secularizing the Easter Bunny will lead to abortion and drug use.  I never knew O’Reilly was such a big fan of German Fertility Goddesses.

O’REILLY: Secular progressives are running wild with President Obama in the White House. They feel unchained, liberated, and they’re trying to diminish any form of religion. The goal is to marginalize religious opposition to secular programs. For example, in Canada and China a woman can have an abortion for any reason at any time. Secular progressives want that here. But traditional forces in America are in opposition. Therefore in this country, you can’t terminate a baby about to be born without a damn good reason. And if you do abort a late term baby, you could be charged with murder. SPs hate that. In Scandanavia, there are laws that say you cannot criticize minorities and if you do, you could be arrested. Secular progressives want laws like that here. Also the legalization of drugs, well under way in many places, and that is a secular cause. So, if the far left can marginalize Santa and the Easter bunny, of they can tell the children those symbols are obsolete and unnecessary, they then set the stage for a totally secular society in the future.

Look for the upcoming children’s book by Snowbilly Snookie right after her astounding literary contribution for children about the war on Santa and Christmas.  It’s just amazing to me how early Romano-Christian culture co-opted pagan rituals and symbols and these whackadoodles seem to be upset when every one wants them back.  Rabbits and eggs are very ancient fertility symbols.  The egg-laying bunny actually wasn’t invented until the 18th century. The actual origin of the bunny comes from Germany and it had nothing to do with a christian “Easter”  It had to do with a Germanic Fertility Goddess.

The idea of an egg-laying bunny came to the U.S. in the 18th century. German immigrants in the Pennsylvania Dutch area told their children about the “Osterhase” (sometimes spelled “Oschter Haws[11]).[12]Hase” means “hare”, not rabbit, and in Northwest European folklore the “Easter Bunny” indeed is a hare, not a rabbit. According to the legend, only good children received gifts of colored eggs in the nests that they made in their caps and bonnets before Easter.[13] In 1835, Jakob Grimm wrote of long-standing similar myths in Germany itself. Grimm suggested that these derived from legends of the reconstructed continental Germanic goddess *Ostara,

Ostara is the German spring and fertility goddess. Be prepared, the history of this actually links to my interest in extremely old burials and grave goods.

Easter is deeply rooted in German culture: as a time of celebrations, customs and traditions across the country. The word Ostern is believed to have come from the German Spring and Fertility Goddess Ostara, whose sacred animal was the ‘fertile’ hare, and in pre-Christian days a light cult held a festival in her honor as soon as the days became longer, which, with the introduction of Christianity, was changed in the 2nd century to a celebration for the resurrection of Jesus. As a source of new life the egg had been a symbol of creation, spring and fertility since ancient times, long before Christianity, with its origins traced back to 5000 BC, when the Egyptians and Persians painted eggs to eat and give as presents for spring equinox. The first Christians then placed eggs both in and on graves, believing that just as a grave hid a life the egg also seemed to be dormant but contained life sealed within it, and German archeologists have found centuries old examples of these offerings.

Again, it’s just another example of how Roman culture and religion co-opted pagan culture.  The word “easter” is basically an anglicized version of the goddess’ name.  The eggs existed as pagan symbols way before the invention of Christianity itself.  The entire man-in-bunny-suit is a modern invention.

Bill O’Reilly is continues to prove he’s an ignorant ass.


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  1. Fredster says:

    Billy O’Reilly thinks secularizing the Easter Bunny will lead to abortion and drug use

    Well you know kat that it’s a slippery slope there.

  2. bostonboomer says:

    When was the Easter Bunny a religious symbol? Not the religion I grew up in (Catholic). Neither was Santa Claus.

    Bill O’Reilly is a moron.

  3. roofingbird says:

    I agree, but I thank you for reminding us about religious symbols such as these. I think every generation or less, we have to keep telling the real history.

  4. Okay, this is OT but you all need to go to the huffpo main page, now: Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post there is a updating map of shootings in the US…since Newtown.

  5. janicen says:

    My husband likes to tell the story of how he pissed off a colleague when someone asked when Easter was that year. My husband said, “I’m not sure of the actual date but I know it’s the first Sunday after the first full moon after the equinox.” Some dude said, clearly annoyed, “No it’s not, it’s the day Jesus was resurrected.”


    • dakinikat says:

      Wow, how did you stay sane all these years without locking yourself in the house away from the neighbors?

      • janicen says:

        There is no place to hide from these people. You just have to dare to be different. We kind of get off on it.

      • janicen says:

        The guy he was talking to was someone he worked with on K Street in DC, many years ago. They are everywhere. Except in a few pockets of sanity. To be honest, the neighbors have now, are even crazier. And dumber.

    • RalphB says:

      When people say things like that, I usually just laugh at them. It normally pisses them off once it dawns on them you think they’re nuts.

  6. dakinikat says:

    I should probably front page this because it’s an important read: Too poor to retire.

    We are on the precipice of the greatest retirement crisis in the history of the world. In the decades to come, we will witness millions of elderly Americans, the Baby Boomers and others, slipping into poverty. Too frail to work, too poor to retire will become the “new normal” for many elderly Americans.

    • bostonboomer says:

      And don’t forget not able to work and unable to get a job if we are able to work.

    • bostonboomer says:

      The Ryan Budget would force Social Security “reform” almost immediately if it passed.

    • janicen says:

      I have a brother who is an excellent example of this. He’s been unemployed for over a year, has no savings, lots of debt, and he’s 58 years old. He and his wife made good money but they spent more. We tried to tell him but he knew better. Now he doesn’t even have enough equity in his house to sell it. My husband and I have done what we could to help but my other brothers refuse. I don’t know what will become of them. His wife still has her job, but she doesn’t make enough to get them out of this mess.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Many who saved have lost everything–either from the 2007 taking most of their 401K’s or from losing their retirement benefits thanks to people like Mitt Romney. The article says that the vast majority of baby boomers will be without retirement money except for Social Security.

        There is going to be hell to pay for what the oligarchs are doing. They pushed things too far and now we are headed for serious social unrest.

      • Mary Luke says:

        I’m seeing this now with my 90 year old father. He has a modest amount of investments, but has had to dip into them more and more to make ends meet. For the first time in decades, since 2008, he has worried constantly about money. So much for the golden years. Even the WWII generation who followed all the rules and had the best benefits, if feeling the pinch.

  7. RalphB says:

    The Onion: Poll: 99% Of Human Beings Would Prefer Big, Slobbery Hound Dog Pope

    Speaking of feel good stories, I don’t know how I could have missed this huge one.

  8. bostonboomer says:

    The story I’m following: expatriot Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky apparently committed suicide in London. He was found in his bathtub. He has lost must of his fortune in recent years–an expensive divorce, which his ex-wife celebrated in Cyprus, losing a lawsuit to a former friend, and other disasters. Could it be that the looming Cyprus “haircut” was the last straw?

    He had just asked Vladamir Putin to allow him to return to Russia.

    • RalphB says:

      Doesn’t break my heart, Makes me want to do a happy dance. 🙂

      • bostonboomer says:

        I started to get nauseated looking at some of those paintings–and not because they’re by GW Bush. The perspective is so weird in some of them that it made me feel sick. I’m never looking at any of his paintings again.

      • RalphB says:

        The idea of Bush being back in the WH is nauseating. I think his paintings suck like an 8 year old or something who can’t quite draw.

  9. bostonboomer says:

    This Boris Berezovsky story is getting creepier–the police have now cordoned off his house and chemical hazard experts are searching it.

    Berezovsky was to give a deposition tomorrow in the case of his close friend Alexander Litvinenko who was poisoned with radioactive material in 2006.

    • janicen says:

      This is a fascinating and disturbing story.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Another wealthy Russian businessman died mysteriously last November–he also lived in Surrey. He was found dead on the street. British police received tips to check for poisons, but the results aren’t back yet. He reportedly left Russia because he “feared for his life.”

      And there this guy that I mentioned in my Thursday Reads: Sergei Magnitsky Uncovered Russia-To-Cyprus Money Laundering, And Look What Happened To Him

      Both of these Russians were involved in an investigation of a “major case” begun after Magnitsky discovered massive fraud having to do with the Russian-Cyprus financial connections.

      Browder has already successfully lobbied Cyprus to investigate the money in their own banks. As of December last year, Cyprus’s anti-money-laundering unit confirmed they had launched an investigation based on information given to them by Hermitage Capital. Other European countries have followed suite and launched a joint probe.

      “This isn’t just an abstract notion of money laundering,” Browder told the Toronto Star this week. “The Magnitsky case is a real-life example of something that everybody knows is going on. Right now, the Europeans are going to open the bank records on the case, so we’ll see how it plays out.”

      This also explains why a potential Russian bailout of Cyprus would be so controversial. To its detractors, Russia and Kremlin has already shown remarkable legal and political support for those allegedly behind massive tax fraud and corruption. If Russia did bail out Cyprus, they would appear to be giving them financial support as well.

  10. dakinikat says:

    Check out @kyrstensinema on @MHPshow! Powerful piece about erosion of women’s access to reproductive health care.

  11. Pat Johnson says:

    Bill O’Reilly is a baseline bigot who appeals to those who see themselves as “victims”.

    As for the “true meaning” of Easter:

    1. Marshmallow peeps appearing in every color under the rainbow.
    2. An Easter ham.
    3. Baskets full of chocolate bunnies.
    4. A new outfit.
    5. “Sales, sales, and more sales”.
    6. Colored eggs followed by a “hunt”.
    7. Greeting cards.
    8. The annual presentation of “The Sound of Music”.
    9. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing their hearts out at dawn.

    If not for those “true believers” like Bill who keep a wary eye on these things, those nasty secularists would “do away” with these sacred rites and traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation since – oh, I don’t know, maybe 1950 when t.v. became the “bomb” and set off a flurry of advertisements that rule our lives to this day.

    If any one of these above mentioned items have a thing to do with the Resurrection itself let me know and I will shut my secularist mouth.

  12. Mary Luke says:

    Did O’Reilley EVER go to theology class in his four years at Jesuit run Fordham? If he did, he would know all about the co-opting of pagan rituals. Or is he just conveniently forgetting so he can rant on? Maybe he should have a refresher course with the new Jesuit pope.