Live Blog: Presidential Town Hall Debate, Obama v. Romney, Take Two

Good Evening Sky Dancers. Let’s get warmed up for tonight’s big debate!

So many people have been giving President Obama advice about the debate today, that I’m beginning to feel sorry for the guy. Just listening to Hardball tonight, I heard so many points Obama must hit that there is just no way any human being could possibly meet all the demands they’re putting on him.

As Dak said earlier, I just hope Michelle lit a fire under the President. We’ll find out pretty soon.

Instead of a bunch of links to pundits spouting nonsense, I’ve got a few cartoons to get you warmed up for the big rematch between President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney. I see that JJ has already post some cartoons, but what the heck. I have more for you.

I really liked this one a lot: Obama’s Debate Prep

I was so surprised when I learned that lots of people had to look up the word “malarkey” after Biden said it. I really must be getting old, because people said that all the time when I was growing up.

Here’s another Biden-related debate prep cartoon: Another Presidential Debate

And another one… What He Said

A Debate Fantasy

Romney Confidence

Romney’s Big Bird

Mitt’s Policy Details

America Needs Steady Leadership

The debate begins in just about an hour. What are you expecting? Do you think Obama can do what he has to do? Will Romney commit one of his super-rich, out-of-touch gaffes? Let us know what you think?

133 Comments on “Live Blog: Presidential Town Hall Debate, Obama v. Romney, Take Two”

  1. bostonboomer says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I’m still nervous, but not as much as I was this morning. I can’t control what’s going to happen, so I’m just going to let it wash over me. I’m just hoping I don’t feel like slitting my wrists by tomorrow morning!

  2. There are 80 stupid asses in the audience who haven’t made up their minds….

  3. Well, here we go…

  4. bostonboomer says:

    Romney seems robotic to me.

  5. bostonboomer says:

    Romney lying about Pell grants and loans which will be decimated by his budget.

  6. bostonboomer says:

    Obama works in Romney saying “Let Detroit go bankrupt.”

  7. Beata says:

    Mitt is already dripping slime. Why can’t that kid just ask his parents for a few hundred thousand to start a business?

    Jeremy, you’re a pathetic loser with a victim mentality.

  8. bostonboomer says:

    Crowley asks what Romney will do about jobs. He doesn’t answer, just criticizes Obama with his usual talking points. No specifics.

  9. pdgrey says:

    OK, did they here his question?

  10. bostonboomer says:

    Ohhhhhh! What Mitt Romney just said isn’t true.

  11. bostonboomer says:

    Wow, Obama is taking it to him! Bain, etc.

  12. bostonboomer says:

    The audience didn’t like Romney trying to respond to what Obama said.

  13. bostonboomer says:

    Romney wants drilling on federal lands, criticizes Obama for not destroying national parks.

    • dakinikat says:

      lord, the last thing we need is more nasty, dirty, icky coal that kills the workers … they need jobs that won’t kill them and we need energy that doesn’t pollute… to hell with drill baby drill …

      • A few tweets:

        7s allisonkilkenny allisonkilkenny ‏@allisonkilkenny

        Romney now tenderly humping Keystone XL pipeline #shitstorm2012

        Classic RT

        8s jeremy scahill jeremy scahill ‏@jeremyscahill


        Classic RT

        8s Amanda Marcotte Amanda Marcotte ‏@AmandaMarcotte

        A chicken in every pot, a stinky and loud oil pump in every backyard.

  14. bostonboomer says:

    I don’t think Romney is doing that well. What do other people think?

  15. bostonboomer says:

    Obama not addressing the gas price issue. But says Romney once again said untrue things.

  16. bostonboomer says:

    Romney interrupting and has snotty smirk on his face.

  17. Fannie says:

    Romney, North America, be careful there…….you are not saying United States, but everything north of Panama, Mexico and Canada. Got after him Obama.

  18. bostonboomer says:

    Romney says people don’t believe Obama, and so it doesn’t matter that he is lying.

  19. pdgrey says:

    Candy, just lost it.

  20. Fannie says:

    Romney has one hell of a time answering the damn questions……………Candy don’t let him run over you, cause he damn well do it because you are a woman.

  21. bostonboomer says:

    Most middle class people don’t pay capital gains tax and not a lot on interest and dividends. Fucking liar!

  22. That is for the rich people! capital gains

  23. bostonboomer says:

    Romney just repeated the same thing four times.

  24. ANonOMouse says:

    IMHO!!! At this point Barack is kicking Mitt’s ass. Mitt is a Boardroom Bully.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I hope he’s turning people off. I’m finding him unsufferable.

      • dakinikat says:

        I hate it when he cry babies about how he’s not getting to respond … but, but, I’m entitled to it !!!! Sheesh, Mittens is still a friggin bully!

    • peggysue22 says:

      Obama brought his A-game tonight and yes, Dak–Mittens has dropped his mask and is coming across as a rude lout. Obviously, the man is accustomed to being acquiesced to in all things. I’m not even an Obama fan and I want to punch Mitt’s lights out! This will not play well with women.

  25. Beata says:

    Bully-Boy Romney thinks he is the CEO of this debate and wants to fire Candy Crowley.

    Romney coming across as obnoxious. Obama challenging him on many points but is remaining cool, calm – channeling his inner Sinatra.

  26. bostonboomer says:

    Romney is lying through his teeth. If the top five percent still pays the same proportion of taxes, that will be a huge tax cut for them!!!!!!

  27. Fannie says:

    Bain Capitol is a SMALL BUSINESS, says Romney

  28. Beata says:

    Mitt would like to see more women in poverty where they belong.

  29. pdgrey says:


  30. bostonboomer says:

    Romney looks rattled.

  31. Beata says:

    Mitt’s really got his smirk on tonight. Not attractive.

  32. bostonboomer says:

    Romney says “of course the numbers add up.” Fucking liar!

  33. Fannie says:

    Math doesn’t add up, go for the foot and shoot.

  34. pdgrey says:

    Please don’t let him get away with that!

  35. Fannie says:

    Run out town, shut him up Candy…………

  36. Beata says:

    Obama challenging Mitt on his funny math. Says it doesn’t add up.

    Mitt says he knows how to balance a budget and run a business. Yeah, into bankruptcy. Bring up Ampad!!!

  37. pdgrey says:

    Us wimmin’s are hiding! Romney had to search for us.

  38. Fannie says:

    Oh, hell, here he goes……….yeah almost all public jobs for women, gone. He looks forward, yeah right

  39. bostonboomer says:

    All right!! Obama bringing up reproductive rights.

  40. peggysue22 says:

    Finally! Women’s healthcare and reproductive issues. Let’s hear Romney slither around this one. I’m glad Obama’s going there. Yes, Planned Parenthood is indeed a pocketbook issue for many women in this country. Childcare, too.

  41. bostonboomer says:

    These are not just women’s issues. They are family issues and economic issue

    Go get him Barack!!

  42. bostonboomer says:

    Excellent! Questioner brings up Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. bostonboomer says:

    Romney says his policies are different from Bush’s. Obama trying not to laugh!

  44. bostonboomer says:

    Gov., you’re the last person that’s gonna get tough on China!! Zing!

  45. bostonboomer says:

    Romney just doesn’t have his usual superior smirk.

  46. ANonOMouse says:

    OMG…..Mitt is so weak on women’s issues. He couldn’t even say he supported Pay equality. What a fuckhead. And he didn’t answer the question about the difference between him and GWB. The only difference between GWB and Romney is their name.

  47. bostonboomer says:

    Ooooooh! Romney is more extreme than Bush –Obama

  48. peggysue22 says:

    Romney’s really blathering now.

  49. Beata says:


  50. pdgrey says:

    Romney’s in the weeds.

  51. Fannie says:

    Let the illegals, make their own choices…….yeah right Romney

  52. Fannie says:

    Yeah, that shady, shadowly side of Romney is SHOWING…………’s SHOWING.

  53. pdgrey says:

    Oh, here it comes. This guy looks like John Bolton. And i don’t even believe his sincerity.