Late Night Open Thread: Mitt Romney’s Strange New Stump Speech

Whoever dreamed this one up has to be bonkers. Today Mitt Romney held a rally at an aviation museum in Virginia Beach, unveiling his newly retooled stump speech built around a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

In the early days of New Hampshire, it was a poem, “The Coming American,” by Sam Walter Foss. Later on, it was choice verses from “America the Beautiful.”

But at a Saturday afternoon rally here, Mr. Romney did not just recite the Pledge of Allegiance; he also metaphorically wrapped his stump speech in it, using each line of the pledge to attack President Obama.

Using the fight over whether “God” should be mentioned in the Democratic platform as a jumping off point, Romney pushed a bizarre right-wing conspiracy theory that Obama wants to remove “In God We Trust” from U.S. coins.

“The promises that were made in that pledge are promises I plan on keeping if I am president, and I’ve kept them so far in my life,” Mr. Romney said, standing among old airplanes in a hangar at the Military Aviation Museum here. “That pledge says ‘under God.’ I will not take ‘God’ out of the name of our platform. I will not take God off our coins, and I will not take God out of my heart. We’re a nation bestowed by God.”

Sitting in the front row in a place of honor behind the speaker’s platform was none other than right wing hater Pat Robertson. As Romney used the trappings of extreme nationalism to sow division, he claimed it is Obama who wants to divide the country.

Mr. Romney continued working his way through the pledge, moving to the part that refers to the nation as “indivisible.”

“I will not divide this nation,” he said. “I will not apologize for America abroad, and I will not apologize for Americans here at home.”

Has Mitt Romney lost his mind? Or is he just so out of touch with real people that he believes this kind of jingoistic garbage will fly with anyone other than ultra-right tea party crazies?

According to Little Green Footballs, this bizarre theory emerged in 2007 and was debunked by Snopes.

The Obama administration quickly responded the Romney’s insulting implications:

Obama spokeswoman Lis Smith called the insinsuation false and an act of desperation.

“It’s disappointing to see Mitt Romney try to throw a Hail Mary by launching extreme and untrue attacks against the President and associating with some of the most strident and divisive voices in the Republican Party, including Rep. Steve King and Pat Robertson,” she said in a statement. “This isn’t a recipe for making America stronger, it’s a recipe for division and taking us backward.”

Sometimes I wonder if Mitt Romney has been so isolated from everyone but his fellow Mormons throughout his life that he really doesn’t understand that not all Americans are stupid enough to buy into extreme right wing conspiracy theories. Mitt Romney has two degrees from Harvard. He can’t be a complete idiot, can he? Because he sure is acting like one.

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  1. bostonboomer says:

  2. RalphB says:

    NYT: Obama Makes Birth Certificate Joke

    ORLANDO, Fla. — Birthers, you’re not going to like this one.

    President Obama was schmoozing his way around the sports bar Gator’s Dockside, chatting up families and posing for photos as part of his campaign bus tour of Florida on Saturday night, when he stopped at a table of 10 people, including several children.

    “He was born in Hawaii,” one woman said, pointing to a blond boy down the table.

    The president lit up and flashed the Hawaiian shaka hand sign, which the boy — Andre Wupperman, who will be 7 next week — returned.

    “You were born in Hawaii?” Mr. Obama asked, then broke out into a smile. “You have a birth certificate?”

    The table burst into laughter.


  3. ANonOMouse says:

    Romney is getting sort of scary. Playing to the extreme right will not win over the people he needs to win the election. This is what happens when folks spend their lives in a bubble and the only news they allow in is Fox nes. It smacks of desperation, like a rat, caught in a trap that’s chewing it’s own legs off believing that may help him escape. He’s toast.

  4. RalphB says:

    According to Bob Woodward Obama didn’t cave at all. Maybe this is supposed to make him look bad but it makes him look pretty good to me.

    Inside story of Obama’s struggle to keep Congress from controlling outcome of debt ceiling crisis

    • bostonboomer says:

      I think it makes him look good too. I think that may have been the turning point for Obama in understanding that the Republicans are never never going to care more about the country than about getting the Democrats out of the White House.

      There’s some more interesting stuff in this piece at The Daily Beast about how Boehner tried to cut Cantor out of the negotiations, Ryan’s disrespectful and childish behavior, and how Obama humiliated Ryan.

  5. Jeez, this is f’d up. Big time…but is it playing well with the rest of the nutcases? I mean Romney supporters?

  6. peregrine says:

    To underscore voting in November, the Baptists will hold their mini-convention tonight at Charlotte’s First Baptist Church “as the congregation hosts a video news conference, emphasizing to Christians the importance of voting.” 200 churches nationwide will listen to the simulcast. Tony Perkins, one of the event organizers and president of the Family Research Council, chose NC over Ohio because the state recently voted to amend the state constitution to only recognize 1-man, 1-woman domestic legal unions. Rick Santorum and Franklin Graham will be participating. Every congregant attending will be given a voter registration kit.
    If it’s so important for every Christian vote, why didn’t they widen their range and invite the Church of the Latter Day Saints in Charlotte to their Christian event? And Romney to speak?

  7. NW Luna says:

    Romney is an idiot.

    The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy (1855–1931), who was a Baptist minister, a Christian socialist, and the cousin of socialist utopian novelist Edward Bellamy (1850–1898). ….

    The Pledge was supposed to be quick and to the point. Bellamy designed it to be recited in 15 seconds. As a socialist, he had initially also considered using the words equality and fraternity[6] but decided against it – knowing that the state superintendents of education on his committee were against equality for women and African Americans. …

    Prior to February 1954, no endeavor to get the Pledge officially amended succeeded. ….

    The phrase “under God” was incorporated into the Pledge of Allegiance June 14, 1954, by a Joint Resolution of Congress amending §7 of the Flag Code enacted in 1942. ….