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Hi news junkies… I’ve been under the weather this week and having insurance hassles trying to get the meds I need… so here are a few quick links and then I’m going to go back under the covers.

Also, I’d like to point you to a series of webcasts of the Dalai Lama over the next week or so… via the Dalai Lama facebook page:

There will be live webcasts of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s public talks and panel discussions during his visit to Hawaii and San Diego, USA, from April 14-19, 2012.

April 14th: Talk with Students – “Educating the Heart”
His Holiness the Dalai Lama will give a public talk entitled “Educating the Heart” and will discuss with Hawaii high school and college students the importance of practicing tolerance, perseverance, and persistence in everyday life at the University of Hawaii’s Stan Sheriff Center. Live webcast can be viewed from
Time: 1:45pm HAST (Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time)

April 15th: Panel Discussion – “The Importance of Native Intelligence in Modern Times”
His Holiness will participate in a panel discussion with Native Hawaiian leaders on “The Importance of Native Intelligence in Modern Times” at the University of Hawaii’s East-West Center. This discussion is by invitation only but will be live webcast from
Time: 9:45am HAST (Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time)

April 15th: Public Talk – “Advancing Peace through the Power of Aloha”
His Holiness will give a public talk entitled “Advancing Peace through the Power of Aloha” at the University of Hawaii’s Stan Sheriff Center. Live webcast can be viewed from
Time: 1:45pm HAST (Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time)

April 18th: Panel Discussion – “The Global Impact of Climate Change”
His Holiness will take part in a panel discussion on “The Global Impact of Climate Change: Balance through Universal Responsibility, Compassion and Human Consciousness” at University of California, San Diego’s Rimac Arena. A live webcast will be available at on the day of the event
Time: 9:30am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)

April 18th: Public Talk – “Cultivating Peace and Justice
His Holiness will give a public talk entitled “Cultivating Peace and Justice” at the University of San Diego’s Jenny Craig Pavilion. A live webcast will be available at at on the day of the event.
Time: 1:30pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)

April 19th: Public Talk – “Universal Ethics and Compassion in Challenging Times”
His Holiness will give a public talk entitled “Universal Ethics and Compassion in Challenging Times” at San Diego State University’s Viejas Arena. Live webcast will be available at on the day of the event.
Time: 9:30-11:30am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)
By: Dalai Lama

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  1. Pat Johnson says:

    Mrs. Romney’s husband is running for POTUS while representing an agenda that promises to eliminate, if not eviscerate, programs that have assisted women and their issues for decades.

    Are we supposed to believe that those women Ann Romney has spoken with are in favor of doing just that? In other words, those same women are “just fine” with the elimination of Planned Parenthood and the basic healthcare rights that women seek?

    The Ryan Act would stand as a testament to the fact that women of all ages will be sadly effected it this measure is voted into law yet we seem to overlook the harm that would befall them as Mrs. Romney supposedly is there “gathering” their views.

    Mr. Romney’s staff has promised to “get back to us” with an answer of how he views the Lily Ledbetter act. He has also promised to make the elimination of Planned Parenthood one of his first priorities. He wants to rid us of Obamacare that includes coverage for those with pre existing conditions but offers nothing in its place but “austere” measures that are not helpful.

    Why would anyone take Ann Romney seriously when it comes to women’s issues. I think her position is well known if she is out there campaigning for a man who has no interest in women, their lives, their plight, their concerns.

    While the Right is making hay out of Hilary Rosen’s comments, the simple fact is that women at large are in danger of being denied by the same party bent on destroying any gains they have made up until now.

    Mrs. Romney has about as much expertise in describing the women issue as I do about the need for dressage.


    • ecocatwoman says:

      At his NRA speech yesterday, his message was about preserving FREEDOM. It’s apparent that it’s freedom for wealthy, white men. It’s not about the poor, the under & unemployed, it’s not about women, it’s not about the environment. Guess everyone/everything in those categories don’t deserve freedom or aren’t eligible. He also said he’s going to shrink government (unless it’s women’s freedom to control her own body & her healthcare).

      What an AH.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Someone really needs to ask Mrs. Romney why, according to her religon, she can’t get into heaven without her husband’s help. Oh, and what will she do in heaven when her husband takes more wives and she has to take care of them?

      Then she should be asked why she allowed her church to baptize her father after his death, knowing that he was a confirmed and passionate athiest.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        “Someone really needs to ask Mrs. Romney why, according to her religon, she can’t get into heaven without her husband’s help”

        Good one BB….LOL!!! Maybe she needs a man to hold the door for her?

        “Oh, and what will she do in heaven when her husband takes more wives and she has to take care of them?”

        Take care of them how? Maybe she’ll be in charge of the video taping part.

        I wonder if all of this religious nonsense will make into the GE. I think Obama’s campaign has said it won’t go after Mormonism. Americans in general are terrified about discussing religion at all for fear of being thought of as ungodly heathens, which is a compliment, imho.

  2. ecocatwoman says:

    Gotta love this story. Visit Columbia, hook up with prostitutes. Wonder if the Secret Service agents’ “entertainment” was on the taxpayers’ dime?

  3. Pat Johnson says:

    Mr. Romney’s worldview, that is if he has any, is based in large part on the Mormon Church’s view of women: secondary. They exist solely for the glorification of the church and they take their “orders” from their husband who is the master in the home. This view does not differ that much from other fundamental religious institutions but it is still honored within that religion.

    The difference is that Ann Romney and her children are the benefactors of million dollar trusts which allows them to live a life of fabulous privilege denied to most people. Their sons live off a 6 million dollar annual trust. If they choose to never work a day in their lives they have that option as the money will just keep pouring in anyway.

    When you drive not one, but two Cadillacs, own 4 homes, and are erecting an elevator for the purpose of having your cars brought into the garage, you have no idea what it means to have to rely on public transportation to get to a job that stands between you and poverty.

    I am not “blaming” the Romney’s for rolling in wealth. What I detest is the hypocrisy that is attendant when Mittens declares his wife if his “advisor” when it comes to women’s issues that affect the 99% who must struggle each day with issues that do not touch them. It is a ridiculous position to maintain when it is clear that not only does he not care much about the issues but her pretense is no different.

    • ecocatwoman says:

      Of course, she’s complicit. I remember hearing Romney say, early on in the primary circus, that he & Ann have only had one argument since they started dating. My reaction? Guess he TOLD HER never to question him again, disagree with him again or disrespect his position as Lord & Master in their relationship……otherwise she would have to find herself another meal ticket. Mitt Romney, The Law Giver & Enforcer. Know thy place, Woman!

  4. ecocatwoman says:

    While I agree with Hilary Rosen’s entire quote about Ann Romeny, this story from Alternet is quite disturbing: What was that promise Obama made? Something about lobbying? Hmm.

    • Pat Johnson says:

      Jaysus, just another hideous example of the incestuous relationship that exists between lobbyists, congress, and special interests.

      No matter which party is in power at any particular time, these relationships continue to flourish out of the eyes of the public as influence is bought and paid for right under our noses.

      • ecocatwoman says:

        Agree & it seems many work both sides of the street. Rhetoric, more than actions, seem to be the only thing setting the 2 parties apart. Although I doubt many conservative/Right Wing lobbyists cross over to the middle on issues.

    • janicen says:

      Wow. Thanks for that link. I almost made the mistake of thinking somebody in DC had principles.

  5. RalphB says:

    Sheila Bair in the WaPo. I love this woman.

    Fix income inequality with $10 million loans for everyone!

    For several years now, the Fed has been making money available to the financial sector at near-zero interest rates. Big banks and hedge funds, among others, have taken this cheap money and invested it in securities with high yields. This type of profit-making, called the “carry trade,” has been enormously profitable for them.

    So why not let everyone participate?
    I’m really excited! This is the best American financial innovation since liar loans and pick-a-payment mortgages. I can’t wait to get my super PAC started to help candidates who support this important cause. I think I will call my proposal the “Get Rid of Employment and Education Directive.”

    Some may worry about inflation and long-term stability under my proposal. I say they lack faith in our country. So what if it cost 50 billion marks to mail a letter when the German central bank tried printing money to pay idle workers in 1923?

    That couldn’t happen here. This is America. Why should hedge funds and big financial institutions get all the goodies?

    Look out 1 percent, here we come.

    • bostonboomer says:

      I foresee a very loud tantrum in the office of the Secretary of the Treasury.

      • RalphB says:

        I guess it would be more accurate to say that editorial was in the Kaplan for profit education company dba the Washington Post.

  6. ecocatwoman says:

    This is about a week old, but it’s quite interesting if ya’ll missed it:

    Maybe what would end the tax debate would be for Left & Right to be able to select where they want their tax dollars to go. I’d defund religious organizations, the Offense Dept & oil/gas/coal companies. Put my money to social & public welfare programs: Head Start, public schools, EPA & Dept of the Interior, food stamps, unemployment insurance, healthcare, infrastructure, FEMA & Planned Parenthood. No more wars & religious zealots can pay their own way if the Romney’s, Gingrich’s, McConnell’s, Boehner’s & Koch Bros won’t pony up enough to pay for them.

  7. Pat Johnson says:

    Waving at ralphb and wondering where you had been? Your voice of reason has been missed.

  8. ecocatwoman says:

    For Caturday, thank you Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me: LOVE IT!

  9. bostonboomer says:

    I’d just like to call attention to the fact that Barack Obama didn’t have a “hands-off” policy on the spouses of his opponents in 2008. I seem ot recall a very high-profile effort to paint the spouse of Hillary Clinton as a racist.

    But now he and the rest of his campaign just couldn’t wait to throw Hilary Rosen under the bus for an off-hand, perhaps poorly articulated remark about Ann Romney.

    • for all her loyalty to the Obama camp… Hilary Rosen’s getting thrown under the bus something terrible…

    • northwestrain says:

      Mrs. 0bowma started the racist BS back in 2008 on the campaign trail — saying she wanted to claw out Bill Clinton’s eyes. I’ve known too many women like Mrs. 0bowma. Her behavior before the SC primary is more than likely the true Michelle.

      No wonder Mrs. 0 needs such a huge staff — they need to watch her and work on creating an image of the nice little women who does as she is told. My gowwwwwd she is such a good Mormon wife.

    • janicen says:

      Well, bb, he didn’t mean men. Just the sweeties. 😉

    • NW Luna says:

      Why am I not surprised at his actions? Caving in again.

      He could use the issue to talk about what’s important to 99% of women.

  10. RalphB says:

    As for the war on women …

  11. RalphB says:

    Kaplan for-profit education company d/b/a Washington Post with a good editorial…

    Hilary Rosen was right: Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life.

    Beltway pundit Hilary Rosen committed a mortal sin of American politics: She spoke the truth with a microphone on.

    • dakinikat says:

      Sheesh … I was just reading that. I wish we were seeing more of these kinds of editorials.

      • RalphB says:

        It was really good but, unfortunately, doesn’t fit into the GOP scream machine’s tactics.

      • bostonboomer says:

        The comments on that article are unbelievable. Aren’t there any liberals or feminists in Washington DC anymore? I guess not, judging by comments in the WaPo.

      • RalphB says:

        Scott Lemieux at Lawyers Guns & Money has some links to pretty good writing in this post.

        Rosen’s Kinsleyian Gaffe

        To echo what Erik says below, I’m reluctant to wade into a fake-scandal about a Democratic “strategist.” But since it’s inspired some good writing, I will note that 1)for Ann Romney to suggest that (the enormously difficult!) task of raising five children means that she therefore understands the struggle of poverty is obscene, and 2)her husband in his public life has shown less than no interest in either alleviating poverty or in helping mothers who lack the advantages of enormous wealth and privilege.

        • dakinikat says:

          Here’s something interesting

          Ann Romney’s nanny: “It’s true that Ann Romney never worked a day in her life.”
          The woman who worked as nanny to Ann and her brothers at the time Ann was dating Mitt called in to Stephanie Miller’s show today. She said that it was her job to do all the work, even take care of Ann’s horse, during those years – and repeated several times that, while both Ann and Mitt are nice people, it’s true that “Ann never worked a day in her life.”

          • dakinikat says:

            and another:

            For a woman with three houses and sixteen grandkids, Ann Romney doesn’t have very much help around the house, according to her 2010 tax return.

            IRS forms released Tuesday by Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign show that despite reporting income of $21.7 million, the couple paid only $20,603 in taxable wages for household help in 2010. This figure was divided among four women: Rosania Costa ($4,808), Kelli Harrison ($8,667), Susan Moore ($2,238) and Valerie Cravens Anae ($4,890).

            According to a number of Boston-based domestic staffing agencies, the salary range for a housekeeper is between $20 and $30 an hour, which adds up to an annual salary of $40,000 to $50,000 based on forty-hour weeks and two weeks of paid vacation a year.

            But this number is only for one house, and the Romneys have three houses — a 2,000 sq. ft. townhouse in Belmont, Mass., a 5,400 sq. ft. lake house on 11 acres in Wolfeboro, N.H., and a beach house in La Jolla, Calif., that is undergoing renovations to double its size.

            Even if the Romneys avoided spending time in La Jolla in 2010, they spent plenty of time in New Hampshire, with regular visits in the summer from five sons and their families.

            Yet the Romneys still paid only half of the lowest range of an average housekeeper’s salary, which raises the question of who cleaned the Romney houses the other 50 percent of the time. A Romney campaign adviser declined to respond to questions from The Huffington Post about the housekeeping salaries.


      • dakinikat says:

        I’m getting tired of people trying to turn this into a mother war instead of what it is which is a silly attempt to close the gender gap that Romney has because his policies are so damned anti-family and anti-woman. If the Republicans like keeping mothers at home they should consider subsidizing family leave for parents of babies.

      • janicen says:

        You know, all arguments aside, it is rather shocking that anyone, other than someone who is disabled and can’t work, in this century or even the last one, has never had a paid job. Really, even people born into wealth, hell even the Kardashian girls have gotten paid to do something. Wow, just wow.

      • bostonboomer says:

        According to this article at the Atlantic, Ann Romney’s kids never had nannies or went to day care and she never had a maid, cook, or laundress. It seems Mitt Romney is a modern day Ebenezer Scrooge who forced his wife to slave all day when he could have afforded to get her plenty of help. WTH was he saving it for, himself?

        …as an adult working in the finance sector, Romney appears to have changed things up when it came to his won family. The Boston Globe reported June 27, 2007, “Mitt eschewed the trappings of wealth. The family had no cook or full-time maid.” An anonymous source close to the Romneys told the International Business Times Thursday, “No nannies.” While the Romneys financial disclosure forms show they had four housekeepers in 2010, the women weren’t paid nearly enough to be regular laundresses. Some of the wages paid were for personal-assistant-type chores, instead of washing dishes.

        Maybe we’re too quick to judge. Perhaps Mitt Romney did his fair share of household chores unlike most American men. Or maybe there are some who think there is something noble about scrubbing your own toilet. But, to us, the idea of being wealthy and still having to do dishes and sort socks and dust things — it’s worse than a war on women. It might be a war crime: wife torture.

    • ANonOMouse says:

      “Yet the Romneys still paid only half of the lowest range of an average housekeeper’s salary, which raises the question of who cleaned the Romney houses the other 50 percent of the time.”

      I don’t think Ann Romney’s cleaning in those houses 1% of the time. So who’s doing the work? Let me guess……Undocumented workers, under the table workers, the Keebler elves? 🙂 Probably the elves, I’ve heard they work for cookie crumbs.

      • dakinikat says:

        Could be a franchise too like merry maids or something.

      • northwestrain says:

        Sometimes the really rich pay their help through corporate funds. There was an interesting article written about how to hide money using tricks of the very wealthy. And yes regular maid service via a maid service — paid on a corporate is a common way to farm out the housekeeping expenses.

      • ANonOMouse says:

        It’s hard to imagine all of the corporate/business perks that are available to the super-rich. So, it’s likely that this guy, who has $250,000.000 in offshore accounts, is expensing out his houskeeping through a corporation or using Merry Maids? Unbelievable

  12. ecocatwoman says:

    Two horses at Britain’s Grand National died last year & 2 more were killed this year: This just makes me sick.

  13. Wonk, I sure hope you begin to feel better.

    And I gotta say the comments on this post were excellent.