RIP Newsman Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace has died.

I will remember Mike Wallace this way: a pioneer in news and in breaking the silence about depression:

There’s no shame in having it.

Mike Wallace Interview Photo

Mike Wallace interviewed singer Tina Turner at her home in Nice during the summer of 1996. (Courtesy of Mike Wallace)

Mike Wallace: There’s about as much shame as getting Scarlet Fever. No, there is no shame whatsoever.

Tipper Gore also went public in the last couple of years. Her depression was also triggered by an event in her life, a very serious injury to one of her children. That is something a lot of people don’t realize, that there can be a triggering incident. That doesn’t mean it’s not clinical depression.

Mike Wallace: Or genetics can trigger it. A shocking event, the loss of a job, the loss of a marriage, there are all kinds of things. It may be latent in you. As I look back, I believe my mother probably had a tendency to that. But it can be treated, if people would pay attention to it, and when they are given some kind of medication, stick with it. Find the right recipe and stick with it. Sometimes it takes a little while to catch.


via the New York Times Media Decoder blog:

Mike Wallace, ’60 Minutes’ Pioneer, Dies
Mike Wallace, a pioneer of American broadcasting who confronted leaders and liars for the newsmagazine “60 Minutes” for four decades, has died, CBS News said Sundaa morning. He was 93.

His death was announced on CBS by the anchor of its Sunday morning program, Charles Osgood. The network did not immediately specify when or where he died. Mr. Wallace had been ill for several years.

As one of the original correspondents and hosts of “60 Minutes,” which was started in 1968, Mr. Wallace helped to establish the television newsmagazine format. “60 Minutes” is now the most popular such program on American television.

Mr. Wallace was perhaps best known for ambush interviews of crooks and cheats. Mr. Wallace “invented a new paradigm for television news, creating a signature technique that would become a standard in the industry,” the biographer Peter Rader writes in a new book, “Mike Wallace: A Life.”

Mr. Wallace entered semi-retirement in 2006. He last appeared on “60 Minutes” in January 2008, when he had an exclusive interview with Roger Clemens, a baseball legend who had been accused of steroid use.

In interviews after he retired, Mr. Wallace said he would want his epigraph to read, “Tough But Fair.”

3 Comments on “RIP Newsman Mike Wallace”

  1. foxyladi14 says:

    He will be missed.Prayers for the Family.

  2. The Rock says:

    One of the last few journalists we had on the front lines. Thanks for the post Wonk. He will be missed.

    Hillary 2012

  3. Woman Voter says:

    He did wonders in helping to understand mental illness and helped to remove some of the stigma that persists in understanding the illness and the people it affects. RIP