The Caturday before Easter

Lily and Rue, with their ladybug toyz...'cause every day is a regular old Easter egg hunt in this here Ohana.

Good Saturday morning, news junkies!

I tried to get the kitties to pose for Easter, but they were running around too fast for my blackberry camera! This was the best shot from this morning’s photo shoot. 🙂


There you go–short and sweet. I have a big ol’ stash of Hillary links saved up, but that’s for another post 🙂

What’s on your Reads+Rants list this Saturday? Let’s hear it!

Oh, and Minkoff Minx, please continue to rest up and recuperate! We miss you bigtime but look so forward to having you back and feeling *better* than ever!


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  1. Sample of Obama’s “comedic” pitch to women… from the ABC link in the post up top:

    “I was going to head over here earlier and they said, no, no, this place is full of women and they’re still settling down,” the president said. “What do you mean, settling down? What are they doing over there? Just creating havoc.”

    Get it? Because women take a long time to get ready.

    Another “gem”:

    The president ticked off other areas where his administration has made strides to help women succeed, including health care and education. One thing he is still working on, however, is the cost of women’s dry cleaning.

    “We don’t know — we haven’t gotten on the dry cleaning thing yet, though,” he said chuckling. “That’s still frustrating, I’m sure.”

    • quixote says:

      That jerk is nauseating. Even more nauseating is that people of good will are going to vote for the lying slime in November because Look! Republicans are Crazy!

      They are. No question about it. But the abuse is not going to stop until we stop voting for it!

      Don’t vote for a Depublicrat!

      • I don’t even get how he is “wooing” women with those two? We’re creating havoc? Our dry-cleaning costs are frustrating?

        Ah, but then I remember this is the guy who tries to connect to black voters by dropping “Popeye chicken” in his stump speeches.

      • Minkoff Minx says:

        Obama is almost as bad as Romney when it comes to making jokes…and connecting with women…they all make me sick.

      • both parties are addicted to dumb… not just dumbing things down, but straight up dumb.

  2. Current Countersuit: Olbermann Lawsuit ‘Riddled With Falsehoods’

    “He has waged a campaign to breach, undermine, frustrate, and ultimately strip Current completely of the benefit of its bargain,” the document reads.

    One paragraph gives a flavor of Current’s line of attack:

    He arrogantly and falsely calls “cheap” the company that has paid him the highest compensation he had ever received in his career, provided him the largest staff of any program he had ever anchored, given him the largest studio and custom-designed set on which he had ever worked, and paid over $50,000 in an eight month period to eight different limousine companies because none of the previous seven were able to meet his Patrician standards for how to drive him around New York City.

    What a Prima Donna…what a non-surprise.

  3. Pre-internet Kittehz…

    As part of the Paris Review’s new “Out of Print” series, Sadie Stein writes fondly about her “obsession” with a 1959 book by the poet Stevie Smith, Cats in Colour, which was essentially a mid-century printed version of the internet’s sophisticated form of pseudo-religious cat worship.

  4. HT says:

    Watch out – Lil look just like Zeke when I adopted him. Little did I know the mischief contained within one furry little body. You are in for one heck of a ride if she is like Zeke – on the other hand, it’s worth it. The love, kisses and companionship counteract all the other minor irritations. Rue is beautiful. My cats are getting to the age that I don’t want to contemplate – 2 are 19, Zeke is 8. Enjoy them, they do bring joy and love to one’s life.

    • Lily is the darker one on the right with her eyes closed… and Rue is the one on the left eyeing the ladybug toy…

      But Lily is indeed the naughty one…she’s just as affectionate as she is naughty though! Rue is my polite kitty… it takes a lot for her to get like she did in that picture… she’s camera shy. Usually Lily is the camera hog…and a total ham at that!

    • Zeke and your other two kitties sound absolutely adorable and adored… 🙂

      • HT says:

        Rue sounds like my Cleo – one of the 19 year olds, but Cleo is half Siamese, so perhaps her reticence is genetic. Mind you, she can be mischievous – just not openly. She also loves Cardboard boxes, so I keep one just for her. At night, she comes up to bed to be petted and stroked, then she retreats to that silly cardboard box to sleep.
        Yup, Lil is just like Zeke – he also has similar coloring. Watch going out the door – Zeke is constantly on alert to a door opening. The last time he sneaked out, it took me days to find the little beggar.

  5. HT says:

    P.S. Minx, get well soon! but don’t push it.

    • Agreed! Rest, rest, rest… so you can heal.

    • HT says:

      Wonk, I broke my shoulder and fractured the upper part of my humeris in three places two months ago. It took me ages to get both hands working together to type, which of course was a major irritation. One handed typing is definitely not fun. Anyway, it’s coming along. I will never have the same flexibility but I will get most of the function back. This getting older bit is rather disruptive to one’s life – so be prepared.

      WRT to Minx, I had three caesarians – one a major, so it does take a lot of time to let the stitches heal – internal and external. So Minx, take some time, concentrate on healing.

  6. Where is Everybunny?

  7. Joyce L. Arnold says:

    Hi Wonk. As usual, I have multiple thoughts, but I’ll stay with one, related to Obama’s rather pathetic attempts at the “wooing of women.” Perhaps this is simply another example of what happens when the Duopoly has moved so far to the Right. Compared to vaginal probes and the general “putting women in their Right-ful places” by the Repubs, Obama’s words are probably considered “moderate,” if not “progressive.” Sadly.

    • Exactly, Joyce. Sadly, indeed. Moderate inability to pick up a woman… vs. total inability… a shared task of the D+R wings of the Duopoly States of America

  8. Proof that the 2012 election is a joke…

    Yesterday Romney accused the president of running a “hide-and-seek” campaign. Is claiming that we still don’t know the “real Barack Obama” a winning play?
    This tactic tells us little about Obama but a lot about the continued haplessness of the Romney campaign even as he wins the nomination. “Hide-and-seek” was chosen for no other reason than it’s a three-syllable children’s game that Romney’s handlers hope will vanquish the three-syllable children’s toy “Etch A Sketch” from campaign rhetoric — just as they hope that Obama’s “hot mike” gaffe will make everyone forget their “Etch A Sketch” gaffe.

  9. Chris Hayes had a great segment this morning. The discussion was, not only, about pink slime but the Obama/FDA proposal to further deregulate chicken slaughterhouses. It was a superb segment. Here’s the link: I did a short post on my blog with the video embedded:

    Minx – glad you are home. I vote for you getting a kitty or two.

  10. HT says:

    Just watched a trailer for a documentary that I think others might enjoy – mind you, it left me reaching for the tissues. Nicky’s family. I’m searching for places where I can see the whole thing.

    • Watched the trailer & then went to their website. I couldn’t find anything about where it might be playing. Unfortunately so many of these independent films never make it to theaters. If they do, it’s usually in NY, LA & maybe Chicago. Coming to Florida? Not likely.

      How many other untold stories of regular people who did courageous things that we know nothing about exist?

  11. northwestrain says:

    Naomi Wolf has an opinion piece on the recent Supremes ruling which gives the pig cops permission to sexually assault any person for any reason at any time. So now they have more power than the TSA. Naomi sees a pattern to this sexual abuse of citizens — creeping fascism.

    We simply do not have a choice — either of the penises running for Prez will continue the march toward fascism and the enslavement of women. 0bama is a guy who really dislikes women and doesn’t have a clue that we are part of the human race. Same for Romney — perhaps Romney listens to his wife — but him being a Mormon — I doubt his claim.

    To these men — women are nothing but things to be used.

    0bama has no sense of humor — he can only read what others write for him to say and generally he has little reading comprehension. He is a tool of the crooks who have robbed us all.

    Since the government is collecting data on all of us — I’m glad to put my opposition of their goal to turn the US into a full fledged Fascist Nation on the record. If I can’t vote for anyone I will write in – “None of the above”. I’m doubtful that our votes are actually honestly counted.