New Jersey Blues and The Big Guy

Though I now live in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, I’m a native of the Great State of New Jersey.  With friends and family scattered across the Garden State [something of a misnomer], I still keep half an eye on NJ happenings.

As we all know, Chris Christie now fills the Governor’s seat [with abundance].  Yes, that was a cheap shot.  Christie has become a Republican darling for his blunt, shoot from the hip style.  In Tony Soprano fashion, Christie badmouths teachers, unions and anyone who gets in the way.  What a guy!

But the man is not without Sin.

Christie believes in limited gun control.  Eeek!  He has stated that in urban situations, limiting the number of guns makes sense.  The ‘makes sense’ is obviously a big issue with the current crop of Republicans.  Christie also expressed a belief in ‘Climate Change,” stating that human activity is undoubtedly involved and that he would defer to the experts.

OMG.  A science guy!  How did this man squeeze his considerable girth under the GOP tent?

The proposed mosque site in NYC?  Christie refused to take a stand.  He withheld comment, while the flames of controversy were fanned with heady delight by crank pundits, 24/7 shock jocks, faux celebrities and Fox News [ahem] reporters. [In full disclosure, I believed the mosque plans were unwise and badly timed—too soon, too close to the proximity of Ground Zero, which I’d visited two years before the story broke].

But worse, when appointing a judge to NJ’s Superior Court last year, Chris Christie appointed a . . . Muslim!  Can you believe it?  Shades of Sharia Law rained across Tea Party brows.  The horror!  The betrayal!

Christie’s response?  He was sick of dealing with the ‘crazies.’

But it’s clear now, indisputable, that Governor Chris Christie has learned nothing—nada, zip–from his past misdeeds.  The National Organization for Marriage [NOM] is up in arms over Christie’s appalling nomination of Bruce Harris for the State Supreme Court.

Why? you may ask.

According to NOM, Harris is an extremist of the worst kind.  He would be the first openly gay, third African American to serve the High Court and has publicly admitted support of and work in behalf of gay marriage legislation.  Though Harris has agreed to recuse himself on any legislation involving same sex marriage, he’d sent an unfortunate email [emails can get you in a whole lot of trouble] to State Senator Joseph Pennacchio.  NOM, in a mailing to supporters dated 30 January, with a header reading, Tell Christie to Withdraw Nomination of Pro-SSM Judge For Extremist Views Equating Christianity and Slavery, reproduced said email:

When I hear someone say that they believe marriage is only between a man and a woman because that’s the way it’s always been, I think of the many “traditions” that deprived people of their civil rights for centuries: prohibitions on interracial marriage, slavery, (which is even provided for in the Bible), segregation, the subservience of women, to name just a few of these “traditions.”

I hope that you consider my request that you re-evaluate your position and, if after viewing the videos, reading Governor Whitman’s letter and thinking again about this issue of civil rights you still oppose same-sex marriage on grounds other than religion I would appreciate it if you you’d explain your position to me. And, if the basis of your opposition is religious, then I suggest that you do what the US Constitution mandates—and that is to maintain a separation between the state and religion.

Here’s the rub, according to NOM and their screeching advocates:

. . . a man who cannot tell the difference between supporting our traditional understanding of marriage and wanting to enslave a people lacks common sense and judicial temperament.

And to suggest that legislators should ignore the views of religious constituents, that moral views grounded in the Bible are somehow illegitimate in the public square, seriously compounds the offense.

These are not the words of a judicial conservative, a man who believes in common sense, strict construction of the state constitution—the kind of judge Gov. Christie promised to appoint to the court.

Over the weekend, it was suggested I lacked a sense of humor when referring to NC Congressman Larry Pittman’s email, sent ‘inadvertently’ to the NC General Assembly, in which Pittman suggested ‘abortionists’ [they would be physicians who perform legal and safe abortions] should be first in line for a public hanging.  Public hangings, Congressman Pittman added, should be reintroduced to deter crime and set a firm, if not ghastly example.

He was making a funny, I was informed.

Those who would expect me to laugh off the Pittman email would no doubt expect me to consider the Harris email a source of outrage and NOM’s response as perfectly reasonable.

They would be wrong.

The Bible is illegitimate in the public square when it’s stuffed down out throats as a wearisome and pathetic excuse to continue spewing ancient, ugly bigotry and discrimination; control the reproductive lives of women; and persist in the ludicrous, absurd proposition that a fertilized egg is a ‘person.’

And sorry, Harris is absolutely correct—you cannot erase or rewrite Biblical history.  It is not pretty. It is not even civilized. It is also not relevant, beyond the Beatitudes, which are rarely quoted and sadly ignored.

To be clear, I am not a fan of Governor Christie; I do not support the majority of his economic principles.  But when it comes to taking a stand against the ‘crazies,’ I give the man major props.  He’s standing firm for Harris.  He’s doing the right thing.

The National Organization for Marriage claims that Bruce Harris is an extremist.  My suggestion?

Take a look in the mirror, folks.  Take a long, hard look.

11 Comments on “New Jersey Blues and The Big Guy”

  1. janicen says:

    You were right over the weekend. People have been murdered and acts of terrorism committed, all in service to what some of these psychopaths consider a “religiopolitical war”. I put the term in quotation marks because I actually saw it used in reference to the doctor in the Buffalo area who was murdered by an anti-abortion crusader. Plubs don’t see these murderers as mentally ill individuals who are reacting to what they perceive as encouragement from irresponsible remarks, they see them as foot soldiers in a religious war.

    • janicen says:

      And by the way, I still don’t trust Chris Christy. He wants to be President and he knows the only way he can do that is if he creates the image that he is reasonable.

      • peggysue22 says:

        I don’t blame you for that, janicen. I’m not a fan of Christie’s economic prescriptions. Nor his stand on reproduction. He’s Catholic and prolife. I’m a former Catholic and prochoice. But . . . the man has been on the right side, the reasonable side of some things. The anti-Muslim fervor, for instance, and the over-the-top Sharia Law panic. He said it was ‘crap.’ His stand on climate-change and limited gun control is walking outside the dotted lines for most Republicans. He’s made the comments publicly. And now this nomination of an openly gay judge.

        I’m willing to give the man points for that and press it against the extremist view of groups like NOM. He’s the darling of the establishment Republicans but has received a lot of heat from Tea Party people–the very ones supporting Newt Gingrich now.

        But that doesn’t mean I’d vote for Christie. I have friends and family in Jersey–union people. They’re not sweet on the man either and wouldn’t trust him any further than they could throw him [which wouldn’t be very far].

        Today I understand Christie got in trouble for calling some of the Dems ‘numb nuts.’ The man has a real way with words!

  2. ralphb says:

    Washington Lawmakers Introduce Bill Claiming The Dollar Is Unconstitutional

    There is simply no end to the ludicrous bullshit which spews from the right wing these days. Maybe this is reasonable to Paulbots.

    • dakinikat says:

      These people are insane.

    • And this will create jobs how? The Repugs repeat – repeat – repeat that the prez is not talking about nor doing anything about creating jobs yet they spend their taxpayer paid time on bills like this or confirming that In God We Trust is the “motto” of the US. Seriously, why does anyone but the 1% vote for them?

    • northwestrain says:

      I had to check — Washington DC — or Washington State?

      Of course the Washington State — GOP. But of course these people are nuts.

      Four years ago they wanted to eliminate Indian Reservations — wrote that up in the legislation want list that they sent to the National Party.

      There are no moderate or liberal Republicans in WA State — they are all wing nut crazy.

    • peggysue22 says:

      The fringe seems to have taken over the Republican Party. Or they make the most noise; I’m not sure which it is. But the GOP invited these voices in, encouraged every dig bat to come under the tent and now they have to deal with them.

  3. ralphb says:

    Manufacturing, construction showing gains

    Not great news, but better than nothing.

  4. Peggy, excellent post–I agree with you by and large on not being a fan of Christie but still giving credit where it is due to him as far standing up to the batshit wing…

    though I think I heard he was dipping his toes in the crazy pond recently too wasn’t he? Saying civil rights should have been voted on? Good gawd, give it up GOP. Give. It. UP.