From Matriarch of Mayhem to Pampered Princess

A recent Boston Herald interview with Scott Brown found the freshman senator from Massachusetts bemoaning the ‘fluffy’ treatment that Elizabeth Warren has received from the press.  This is the same Elizabeth Warren [who has jumped to a 14 point advantage in the MA Senate race] accused of socialist political leanings; called the woman who would throw stones; cited as an elitist who would indoctrinate our children, leading them to violent mayhem; and most recently, smeared as a staunch ‘supporter’ of all things TARP and Wall Street.

Needless to say, the war of accusations launched by Karl Rove and his Crossroads GPA advertising has produced tepid to reverse results.  Despite all the slamming, Warren has not only held her own but gained traction, leaping ahead in the polls.

This sobering news has put Scott Brown into a whiney funk.  According to Brown, Elizabeth Warren is ‘very, very liberal.’

Oh noes!  Say it ain’t true–in the bluest state in the Union.  A liberal?  OMG.

But is Brown’s declaration true?  Elizabeth Warren is a former Republican, who after years of analyzing what was happening to the American middle-class by destructive economic policies, jumped ship and parties.  Does supporting the middle-class make one a liberal?  Does criticizing the unfair advantage of the rentier class transform one into a wild-eyed Commie?  Does speaking on behalf of working men and women label one a radical?

Karl Rove would have the Massachusetts electorate believe so. Although not too successfully.

However, it appears that Scott Brown has bought into the advertising blitz.  Not only is Warren ‘very, very liberal’ but:

when she’s stating that she’s created the intellectual foundation for the Occupy Wall Street — and you know all the problems we had with those folks here. And then the fact that she’s gonna leave blood and teeth in the street, and she’s not gonna compromise and only wants to work on big things. Well you know, we have plenty of ideologues down there, and a lot of partisanship down there already.

Oh yes, the American public really needs to be reminded of ideologues [down there] and all the bitter partisan wrangling over the last 3 years. While virtually nothing has been accomplished to put Americans back to work.  Just yak, yak, yak about protecting the mythical job creators from any and all taxation and the enduring pretense that the 2007-2008 financial meltdown was unforeseeable, thereby rendering Wall St. participants and their horrified handmaidens innocent bystanders, terribly sorry but not accountable.

Oh and btw, Mr. Brown, it was blood and teeth left on the ‘floor,’ not the street.  The reference was citing the fight for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Elizabeth Warren’s brainchild, a reform agency that Republicans [and sadly Democrats] have attempted to smother in its crib.

This would be almost funny if the fallout of tanked pension funds, bankrupt municipalities, massive unemployment, record numbers of Americans sliding into poverty were merely a morality play, the audience shuffling home after the last, cautionary curtain call.

But it is not.

The recent Census Report stats picked up by the AP indicates that nearly 50% of the American public is considered low income.  That alone should horrify and shame everyone.  Nearly 50%!  In this country, the United States of America.  The financial debacle, politely referred to as a ‘recession,’ has wiped out staggering amounts of wealth from and security for millions of American households, while the upper tiers of the population, the infamous 1%, has reaped mega-bucks.  Not through brilliance and hard work but through accounting tricks and outright fraud [pull up any number of William Black’s essays for the particulars—here’s one to get you started].

And what do we hear?   Whines and endless excuses, obfuscation and diversion; outright lies and numbers that never add up. Btw, this does not let Democrats off the hook.  Personally, I find the unemployment numbers nothing short of obscene.  8.6% my ass!

Scott Brown’s other complaint about Warren is:

“She’s going to have every advantage. … I don’t have a machine behind me like she will, and she does clearly,” Brown said.

Really?  What do you call this from Karl Rove’s wondrous elf workshop?

And why should Scott Brown or Karl Rove be surprised at the public’s reaction to blatant lies countered by a clear and direct answer?

This response isn’t a Machine talking.  It’s a real live person talking to other real live people who are fed up with business as usual and are waking, slowly but surely, to the greatest heist in history.  Elizabeth Warren is speaking the language of ordinary men and women.  Yes, she wants to do ‘big things,’ as in looking out for the public’s interest.  And yes, I believe her when she says she’ll leave blood and teeth on the floor. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Music to my ears and dare I say to many other voters.  In fact, Elizabeth Warren sounds like the real deal.  Better yet, she has a record of standing up, while under intense, obnoxious fire–a record to match the words.

What a concept!  A candidate for our times.

9 Comments on “From Matriarch of Mayhem to Pampered Princess”

  1. ralphb says:

    Best candidate running for anything in 2012! If there is a better one, I haven’t seen her.

  2. ralphb says:

    Sorry for the OT comment but I think an Elizabeth Warren thread is a good place for this.

    Norman Lear on fighting the good fight

    The Occupy Wall Street movement has unleashed patriotic outrage. If you don’t want to camp out or protest in the street, find another way to let your voice be heard in the new year.

    Many Americans are in despair, and it has left them open to demagoguery and political manipulation. Blame gays, liberals, unions, immigrants or feminists for your family’s struggles, for shrinking economic opportunity, for foreclosures and disappearing wages and benefits. Blame secularists or Muslims, or both, for the sense that our values have gone haywire.

    A year out from the 2012 election, I am already tired of those who use the phrase “American exceptionalism” to reassert the far-right’s claim that God, the Founding Fathers and any decent freedom-loving American must share their reactionary political agenda. I embrace the idea too that our nation should be a “shining city on a hill.” We are the spiritual heirs to those Americans who struggled to end slavery and segregation, to end child labor and win safe conditions and living wages for workers, to enable every American to enrich his or her community and country by finding a place and a way to flourish in the world. We must make ourselves worthy of that legacy.

    Call it the American dream, the American promise or the American way. Whatever term you use, it is imperiled, and worth fighting for. It is that basic, deeply patriotic emotion that I believe is finding expression — bottom-up, small-d democratic expression — in the Occupy movement. We can, and I would say must, fully embrace both love of country and outrage at attempts to despoil it. What better cause? What better time?

    • peggysue22 says:

      It’s a good addendum, ralph. And I have a sneaking suspicion, Elizabeth Warren would embrace the same sentiment.

      The idea that Democratic principles are continually besmirched by the Far Right [and those pretending to be progressive] is truly unpatriotic, even unAmerican. I am sickened by the open bigotry, the inhumane attitudes when the subject of immigration comes up. Rent buses and truck them south of the border. Really? Fence ourselves in with barbed wire and moats? Or the despicable shout outs when the hypothetical 30-year old without health insurance came up in debate. Let him die? A countryman, one of our own?

      That’s not who we are as a Nation. Lear is right. We need fighters, not appeasers.

  3. madamab says:

    Wow, Elizabeth Warren is so obviously fake and slick and backed by a political machine! Just look at her, with her perfect makeup and helmet hair and tailored red suits and vague, sound-byted message and and and…

    (snarkety snark snark)

    The best thing about Elizabeth Warren is how calm and clear and obviously sincere she is. I really think the Rovinator has overplayed his hand. Scott Brown, you’re going DOWN!

  4. bostonboomer says:

    Scott Brown sounds a little whiny.

    • peggysue22 says:

      I thought the same thing, BB. Brown is missing all that good love the Tea Party handed him last time out. He’s complaining in the interview that Warren is never asked the hard questions–the way he is. Almost sounds like a grammar school complaint. Boo-hoo. :0).

      And Madmab, I totally agree. Elizabeth Warren’s major strength is her ability to remain perfectly composed, while answering the accusations directly, clearly. I saw this in her appearances before Congress, where Republican attack dogs went after her with a vengeance. They ended up looking like vicious clowns, whereas Warren remained calm but resolute, barely breaking a sweat. She exudes confidence without arrogance; she speaks a language everyone can understand.

      I’ve got my fingers crossed. She’s one of the good ones, methinks. And God knows, we need some good people who are willing to fight for the public’s interest. It’s well overdue!