Elizabeth Warren: The Woman Who Would Throw Stones, Radicalize Your Firstborn And Make the Streets Run Marxist Red

It’s becoming clear that Elizabeth Warren is viewed as a major threat by the Republican political machine.  She’s never been a Wall St. favorite and was neatly disposed by a President too weak, too fearful of or beholden to the financial districts’ money to fight the good fight.  Obama would not and did not appoint Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an agency she developed and nurtured into being.  And so, rather than going quietly into that good night, Warren surprised many by tossing her hat into the political arena in Massachusetts, running for Ted Kennedy’s old seat and pitting herself against a Wall St. darling, the handsome pinup, Senator Scott Brown.

Personally, I don’t have anything against Brown.  He seems a decent sort from my long-distance view in Red State territory.  But Warren is my kind of candidate, even though she’s not as liberal as I am nor as liberal as many disenchanted, politically homeless Democrats.  Where she’s won hearts is through her consistent support for the middle-class, America’s working men and women. The working class is the spine of this country.  We lose them, we lose everything.

But now, Elizabeth Warren has really done it, committed another unpardonable sin.  She’s publicly stated that she supports Occupy Wall St.  She’s openly said that her work in the past set the groundwork, laid down the fundamentals that the Movement took to heart and rallied around.

Some people, perhaps a number of Democrats, would take issue with that.  A former Republican, Warren made a rather clumsy statement about OWS early on about people needing to follow the law.  Critics took that to mean she supported the police in all matters, public grievances be damned.

But this is minor in comparison to the reaction Warren’s most recent statement inspired:

“I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do,” she says. “I support what they do.”

OMG.  How could she?

For some progressives this statement has the whiff of conceit.  Far too Gore-like, they wail—Al Gore of the ‘I created the Internet’ fame.  An idiotic wail IMHO, but a complaint nonetheless.

But for the GOP?  We’re in major meltdown territory.  If Warren supports OWS, then the unreasonable can conclude she supports general mayhem, political overthrow, blood running thick and red through the streets.  Because creating hysteria and destructive class warfare is what OWS is all about.


This ongoing spew of misinformation is laughable.  But also dangerous.  Trying to paint Elizabeth Warren as some fuming Marxist and the Occupy Movement as a bunch of mindless revolutionaries [or spoiled brats with romantic revolutionary notions], sets the stage for a political division we have not seen since those grand Red Scare days.  I wasn’t a conscious human being [beyond sucking my toes] during that infamous period, the glorious McCarthy years–our political witch burning era–but I’ve read enough to know we don’t want to go there.  Too many ruined lives, too much shameless posturing and a myriad of unAmerican activities transformed into a hideous art form by righteous accusers who saw Commies and Traitors and a sprawling Red Menace everywhere they looked. And pointed.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee [NRSC] hoping to reelect Scott Brown in 2012 jumped all over Warren’s OWS support statement:

“Warren’s decision to not only embrace, but take credit for this movement is notable considering the Boston Police Department was recently forced to arrest at least 141 of her Occupy acolytes in Boston the other day after they threatened to tie up traffic downtown and refused to abide by their protest permit limits,” wrote NRSC spokesman, Brian Walsh.

You can see where this twisted language logic takes you—Warren supports OWS.  Therefore, Warren is responsible for the police ‘forced’ to arrest 141 of her ‘Occupy acolytes.’

Can we take a break here?

The police acted independently of Elizabeth Warren.  They arrested citizens exercising their Constitutional right to free assembly to voice grievances against a Government and financial system that has betrayed them, betrayed us all.  They were arrested because they threatened to tie up traffic? Did they or didn’t they?  And as we all know refusing to abide by protest permit limits is a major offense.  Off with their heads!  Oh, and let’s not overlook that sweet phrase: ‘her Occupy acolytes.’

Holy Smokes!  Elizabeth Warren is not only an OWS supporter, she’s the Pope of Mayhem.

“Politics is a blood Sport.”

That quote is credited to a 20th century Welsh politician, Aneurin Bevan.  I recall Bill Clinton saying the same thing a number of years ago.  It’s probably true.  He or she who withstands the battle of a thousand tiny cuts, wins.  But let’s not confuse honest criticism with smarmy, unsubstantiated attacks and accusations.

Elizabeth Warren is not Marxist, anymore than the Occupy Wall St. movement is dedicated to the violent overthrow of the United States. Are there some radical elements swirling around the edges of Occupy?  Probably.  Like moths, the fringe is drawn to the swirling lights.  But one would need to question who is on the side of violence with what happened in Oakland over the last several nights.

What Warren and OWS protesters have in common is a cry for economic justice, a return to the Rule of Law in a country where our Government and financial institutions have been overtaken by Big Money and corporate influence.  Warren and OWS’s support for middle-class equity and fairness is as American as Old Glory.

But here’s another reason I like Elizabeth Warren:

Because she really drives the GOP wild and highlights the shallow, ridiculous nature of their arguments and propaganda.

You go, Sister!

14 Comments on “Elizabeth Warren: The Woman Who Would Throw Stones, Radicalize Your Firstborn And Make the Streets Run Marxist Red”

  1. dakinikat says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that Republicans never can seem to run campaigns based on real issues these days. They either have to play ugly with wedge issues or ugly with the candidates.

    • ralphb says:

      If they tried campaigning on their real issue positions, even their own people wouldn’t vote for them. They got nothing else.

  2. Peggy Sue says:

    The material that the GOP is pumping out on Warren is so-o-o over the top, you might think she was the Second Coming of Stalin. It’s bizarre and ridiculous. As soon as you question the validity of the ‘job creators,’ the unflinching and greedy group who brought the world to its knees, you’re painted with a Big Red Brush.

    And then, the Republicans and Tea Party people wonder why people are mounting protests in the street. The propaganda machine is in full tilt. And for the life of me, I cannot understand why so many of the Tea Party members, middle-class people themselves, originally against bailouts, cheer and defend the very people and financial institutions that would swallow them whole without blinking.

    It’s an extreme case of magical thinking. The Wolf is at the door and He comes for Me and Thee. We all taste the same to Mr. Wolf.

    • dakinikat says:

      She’s definitely not all that wild eyed of liberal either, but that makes no difference. They’ve got moderately conservative Obama coming off like a Marxist too. Given she’s running against Scott Brown, it’s odd they think she’s more out there. I don’t think people in MA will fall for it. At least, I hope they don’t.

    • ralphb says:

      I’m going to go ahistorical and say that only a small minority of the current tea party people were mad about the bailouts of the TBTF banks. I think most of them are long gone and those which are left are people who were, shall we say, “inspired” by Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC. Remember that was all about “do you want to pay your unworthy neighbor’s mortgage” and the usual selfish crap they peddle.

      Then there was that mighty piece of “socialism” called Obamacare which kept them whipped into a frenzy. The Tea Party now is just a bunch of far right wing republicans in insurgent garb.

      • Peggy Sue says:

        You could be right, ralph. I’m trying to give some of them the benefit of the doubt.

        But how self-proclaimed ‘former Dems’ [and I usually read ‘life-long Dems’] could fall for this rehashed Republican gobbelty-gook is beyond me. Trickle-down is as fake now as it was when Reagan and Thatcher were banging the prosperity drum of let the rich get richer, remove all regulations and we’ll all have a swell time at the party. I mean how long does it take to prove an economic theory absolute hogwash? By the time some people figure it out, we’ll all be begging by the side of the road. More, please.

        And yes, Santelli’s rant got the blood circulating. Until the words sunk in. I confess, I had hopes for the Tea Party in the beginning. It was the first concerted push against Obama. But then, it went sour and turned into just more ring-wing ugliness.

        I’m hoping OWS has a better fate. We shall see.

      • dakinikat says:

        The entire thing is a front for Freedom Watch these days.

      • ralphb says:

        Peggy Sue, Like you I really wanted them to turn out to be a positive force and I think some of the rank and file are still OK. But, and it’s a big but, their anger seems to have been focused in what I think is the wrong direction. The official position looks like they celebrate Wall St and the greed complex while venting on making government smaller. There is a lot of waste and it should be cut, but I don’t see how deregulating further does anything but make the current problems even worse.

        Then there is the “kicking down” at the unemployed, or undocumented workers, or other groups which are basically powerless in our society. That’s just so fundamentally wrong. Support for candidates like Cain, who seems nice but clueless, and his 9-9-9 plan or some kind of flat tax and assorted other trickle down is just silly now. We have long evidence to prove it doesn’t work and makes society more unequal so I can’t imagine what could get me to do that. Actually nothing could make me do that.

        Since I don’t see candidates to support, I’m putting my hopes on OWS to enlighten enough people about the countrie’s situation that voters throw the bums out in 2012. OWS doesn’t need to support candidates, just get the message out and people can do the rest on their own. In my hopes anyway 😉

  3. ralphb says:

    Have a wonderful evening all!

  4. bostonboomer says:

    It’s great to have you back, Peggy Sue. I’m so glad to learn that Elizabeth Warren supports OWS. I’ve been out of touch for a couple of days–driving from IN to MA, and I hadn’t heard. I probably have lots of news to catch up on. Thanks for a terrific post!

    • Peggy Sue says:

      Hey, BB. Welcome back yourself. I can fully identify with being out of touch. Hubby and I were pretty much sans news and political stuff for 5 full days. No computer, no radio, ect. I was stunned, for instance to learn about Quaddafi. You blink anymore and the whole landscape changes.

      Thanks for the thumbs up!

  5. Beata says:

    Another great post, Peggy Sue.

    Warren is my new shero. Since I fear Hillary will never run again, I hope I am around long enough to see Warren become our first female POTUS. She will definitely get my vote. In the meantime, I will enjoy watching her stir up the Senate. I think she will quickly become a leader there. She has what it takes.

    • Peggy Sue says:

      Thanks for that, Beata. I really do admire Warren’s energy and smarts and the way she’s directed that talent in exposing the faultlines in the system and the real injury it’s causing to a large swath of our population. My only fear is if she’s successful in her Senate bid that her voice will be diluted, even lost to the machine process itself. The average citizen has so few political advocates anymore, I’d hate to see that happen.

      Btw, I share your fear about Hillary. I’m sure we’ll hear her voice in the future, read of her continuing push for equality and the improved welfare, education, opportunities etc. for women and children. But I see that future in the private sector. She’s been pretty clear about her intentions. Breaks my heart but there you go.