Late Night Open Thread: Elizabeth Warren Gives Me Hope

I know hope has become a bit of a dirty word since 2008, but that’s what I get when I listen to Elizabeth Warren talk. Hope, and an infusion of energy and enthusiasm. Yesterday, the Morning Joe crowd tried to throw Warren off her stride, but she didn’t even blink. No matter how nasty they were, she was just as nice as can be while putting them in their places. This woman is a natural politician. Watch it:

I can hardly believe I’m doing this, but I’m going to link to a diary at Dailykos by jobu. Don’t feel you have to click on the link. Here’s what jobu had to say:

First up was Mark Halperin. His gotcha question was regarding China and its military and its (blah blah blah) National Security implications. EW took his question, reframed it, tossed it right back in his lap and watched as the oatmeal oozed from from his ears. She rightfully answered the question in terms of our Economic Security and refused to budge from this position despite Halperin tossing his oatmeal all over his high chair. Priceless. But just an appetizer to what was to follow.

The conclusion, the grand finale of her Grucci like display was a follow up question from Willi Geist. He wondering how she was going to be able to take on the special interests all by her poor, helpless little self. What followed was what I have been waiting for from a Democratic Party Candidate for quite some time. EW started with a question to the effect of why should I give up? She built on that to a crescendo of I will fight for you common sense positive.

Warren took it to four snotty men that I cannot tolerate. And what she has to say is so genuine, so intelligent, so empathetic. I’m sooooo ready to vote for her!

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  1. seagirl says:

    Oh my gosh! She’s so good! Suddenly I feel hopeful about the future. The prospect of seeing her flatten more “journalists” like she did in this interview is just so exciting. BB, I truly wish she would win as it is obvious how capable and caring she is. If only there were more people like her. (sigh)

    • bostonboomer says:

      I think her biggest hurdle is going to be getting the nomination from the MA Dems. I think she can definitely win the general election.

  2. northwestrain says:

    The difference between 0bowma and Warren — at least she won’t require on the job training and she understands economics.

  3. Branjor says:

    The contrast between Elizabeth Warren and our so-called “leaders” really shows what we are missing. She makes me wish I lived in Massachusetts so I could vote for her too!

  4. northwestrain says:

    Suskind’s book — not as easy read — but full of information.

    The major problem with 0bama that Suskind identifies — which most of us identified in 08 — was that 0bowma wasn’t ready — he didn’t have the experience nor the legislative background to really understand how the Federal Government works. Frankly I don’t see him ready to be Prez in ’12.

    The primary focus of Suskind’s book seems to be economics — in part it is about the huge job loss and 0bowma doesn’t have a clue how to deal with unemployment. I really get the feeling that 0bama has no clue just how complex America is.

    I’m not sure exactly why he wanted to be Prez — other than play with the toys and be the absolute center of attention. He didn’t come to the job with goals and plans to reach the goals — just arrogance that “he” knows best because he knows everything and is a master of everything.

    It would be hard to name someone who could be more sympathetic and yet give us an insight into the history and the people behind the scenes. It will take other authors somewhere in the future to write the full truth about the 0bama Presidency and the shadow players.

    This book hasn’t changed my mind — I will not be voting for 0bowma in ’12. He isn’t going to be any better at this job than he was over two years ago. He knows it all — so there is nothing for him to learn.

    • madamab says:


      She gives me hope too.

      • northwestrain says:

        She gives me so much hope — real hope. Because she really did the homework to understand economics. What’s interesting that she began her research thinking that she’d find one result (people living high after bankruptcy) — she found that the myths were wrong.

      • bostonboomer says:

        Getting that feeling from her makes me realize how long I’ve been in despair–since Hillary conceded.

  5. northwestrain says:

    Suskind writes (pg. 370 Kindle edition)

    Obama’s method, now clear to all participants, was to sketch overarching principles, wait until others had painted in those outlines with hard proposals, and then, at day’s end, step down from his above-the-fray perch to close the deal. Of course, the distance between overarching principle and concret policy can be so vast that the former becomes invisible. As for the later, others were left to bloody themselves with the hard negotiating over actual policy.

    This is one of the worst styles of leadership — rather like no leadership at all.

  6. northwestrain says:

    You folks go to bed too early — it’s only 9 p.m. here.

    I really think that Suskind got the chapter order of the book wrong — it reads better from last chapter to the Mad Men chapter.

    • northwestrain says:

      Mad Men — is probably the key chapter — showing 0bowma using Chicano Machine politics and giving away the bank to the health whatever insurance companies.

      Nope I’m not voting for this crooked creep.

      “Confidence Men” — doesn’t that also men CON-men — as in crooks?

    • bostonboomer says:

      Great article! Thanks for that link.

    • janicen says:

      It is a great article. Not only are women sidelined by Obama, but he’s totally unsympathetic to their complaints. Clearly, he has never experienced the sting of discrimination. If he had, he would understand the positions of the women working in the White House a little better.

  7. paper doll says:

    Barry is not known to be a deep well of sympathy for any one ….I can’t imagine him giving the least damn about women’s situation in his White House or out …I mean come on. The only time I have seen fire in the belly was when he was kept from a party’s start by a news conferance and had Bill Clinton finish it for him. Wow hat was a deep line in the sand there.