Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Returns to Vote

A standing ovation was given to recovering shooting victim Rep. Gabrielle Giffords from Arizona.

Republicans won the vote, but Democrats stole the show when Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., appeared on the House floor for the first time since a January shooting.

There was no hint of what was about to happen, when suddenly, as the debt-ceiling vote was proceeding, Giffords could be seen being escorted onto the floor by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., a close personal friend.Giffords, wearing close-cropped brown hair and glasses, walked with a slight limp and wore a glove on her right hand.

Of course, Joe Biden has to make it all about him.

Vice President Joe Biden, with a big smile on his face, walked to the House floor and said, “I came to see Gabby, that’s why I’m here.”

In the hallway just outside, Giffords’ husband Mark Kelly was all smiles as well.

“It feels good,” he said as his wife was casting her first vote since the tragedy. “Great actually.”

Giffords spokesman C.J. Karamargin told Tucson Weekly in an email that “the congresswoman insisted on participating.”

“Congresswoman Giffords has been following this debate closely over the past two weeks,” she said. “Like the vast majority of Americans, she is extremely disappointed at Washington’s inability to confront the debt ceiling issue in a timely and thoughtful manner.”

Escorted by her husband and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., Giffords exited the House floor slowly, giving a small wave to people as she left. She left the Capitol in an SUV shortly thereafter.

When Biden was asked about what he spoke with Giffords about, he joked, “She’s now a member of the cracked head club like me.”

13 Comments on “Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Returns to Vote”

  1. madamab says:

    Glad she is okay and back in the House…not happy with her vote.

    This is how I feel right now, even though I am drug-free:

    (Sorry, “Airplane!” is on.)

    • bostonboomer says:

      I agree. I wish she had picked another day to return and vote yes. Love the analogy to Airplane.

    • djmm says:

      I am happy that Rep. Giffords is recovering and is well enough to vote (even though I oppose the bill)! And Madamab — I love that Airplane clip! I know how you feel!

      I understand it has passed the House. We are toast.


    • Silent Kate says:

      I feel she was brought out at this time to distract us. This gets us talking about her instead of what is really on our minds.

      • paper doll says:

        Exactly…a feel good part to this appalling trashing of what we have known as America into Red zones( for us ) and Green zones ( for the super rich)

        Nothing is scared, everyone and thing will be used to steal the trillions . The cynicism and decay shown by this gesture is shocking…even to me.

        As Lily Tomlin said, ” no matter how cynical I get, I can’t keep up

      • Peggy Sue says:

        I felt the same way. And I hate to sound ungenerous because I know what a personal feat it was for Giffords to appear in public after the injury she suffered. But why this day? Why at the moment another Democratic betrayal is spotlighted for all to see? Distraction? Quite possibly. These people are shameless enough. If they can get on the airways and say this is good for all of us, that they had no choice, they’re capable of even this. It’s going to hit the fan because these cuts will grind the economy to a standstill.

    • Minkoff Minx says:

      Love Airplane…I also feel that Gabby was trotted out to detract the people from paying attention to this horrific bill. On Google News Giffords is the story, as it is on all the other news outlets.

  2. bluelady says:

    Even though I have been hating Olbermann since 2008- his rant which just finished on cable was right on-to the point- angry-passioned. (paraphrasing)He said the time to effect pushback on the wealthy and powerful is closing, we should get out in the streets, use phones/social media (think Egypt etc.)be angry and use that anger. Scathing remarks about politicians and the media. I know the ,messenger is odious but I haven’t heard anyone on the tube talking like this today. Catch it if you can.

    • Silent Kate says:

      I stopped watching Olbermann when he had his contemptuous speech about Hillary. I’ll probably look to see if I can find it but as I recall the word he used was “unforgivable” in reference to Hillary. It kind of applies to him for me. He was so up Obama’s you know what!

  3. AliceP. says:

    I’m going to the Oct. 6 protest. If anyone is interested they have a website. Olberman should have mentioned it as it is gaining traction now.