Late Night Open Thread: Clean Up After Your Pooch, or Else!

I heard about this a few days ago, and now the NYT has picked up the story. Deborah Violette, manager of an apartment complex in Lebanon, New Hampshire, has begun requiring every tenant with a dog to provide their pet’s DNA.

Everyone who owns a dog in her complex, Timberwood Commons in Lebanon, N.H., must submit a sample of its DNA, taken by rubbing a cotton swab around inside the animal’s mouth.

The swab is sent to BioPet Vet Lab, a Knoxville, Tenn., company that enters it into a worldwide database. If Ms. Violette finds an unscooped pile, she can take a sample, mail it to Knoxville and use a DNA match to identify the offending owner.

Is that really necessary?

Ms. Violette said that at her complex, which opened in December and has a designated building for pet owners, unwanted surprises have sometimes been found on lawns.

“We had a little bit of a problem,” Ms. Violette said. “Enough that I wanted to try to nip it in the bud.”

I can understand Violette’s concerns, but I sure wouldn’t want to have the job of collecting those samples for testing.

One Comment on “Late Night Open Thread: Clean Up After Your Pooch, or Else!”

  1. Branjor says:

    Whoever makes the initial complaint should be required to take the sample.