Breaking… Anthony Weiner to Resign Today

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY)

From The New York Times:

Representative Anthony D. Weiner has told friends that he plans to resign his seat after coming under growing pressure from his Democratic colleagues to leave the House, said a person told of Mr. Weiner’s plans….

The news comes as Democratic leaders prepared to hold a meeting on Thursday to discuss whether to strip the 46-year-old Congressman of his committee assignments, a blow which would severely damage his effectiveness.

Mr. Weiner, a Democrat, came to the conclusion that he could no longer serve after having long discussions with his wife, Huma Abedin, when she returned home on Tuesday after traveling abroad with her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I still don’t understand why he should resign if David Vitter, Larry Craig, and Charlie Rangel weren’t forced to quit. The only way I can explain it is that Democrats are wimps and they are afraid of anyone who is willing to stand up to President Barack Obama (R-Wall Street).

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  1. westwood says:

    I’m pretty sure that “the democrats are wimps” isn’t the only way to explain it. There is a long history of politicians of all affiliations in all countries stepping down in the wake of personal scandals. It may not be right, but it is pervasive.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Welcome, Westwood!

      So when will David Vitter step down?

      • Minkoff Minx says:

        If GW Bush said…”If it was me in a diaper, I’d resign.” I think things would have been different.

        To me, the reason Weiner is resigning, is because the Dems wanted him gone to begin with. The Dems did not make a fuss about Rangel because he plays ball…so he is still there. Weiner has been a problem for them(Dems)…why else would they keep harping on him to resign in the press. They are not going to shut up about it until he is gone. He was stupid to hand them this “scandal” in the first place.

      • bostonboomer says:

        ITA, Minx!

  2. paper doll says:

    I think the key here was there are photos and texts…if there was photos of David Vitter in diapers on the web, things might have turned out very differently for him even with the usual GOP breaking bad press pass ….also there may be more stuff to surface…plus I don’t think this guy has the guts it would take to stop taking the photos ,stop talking about it and handle the heat a liberal Dem would receive ….the rehab story was a blink and this news does not surprise me. My sympathy goes out to Weiner’s wife and unborn child …, not this self destructive jerk.

  3. Minkoff Minx says:

    Well, it was bound to happen. He’ll be back. I would not doubt if he gets a show on Current TV. Al Gore is supposed to be revamping that network, making it more like a cable news channel…

    I wonder if Huma is staying.

    As far as him resigning…and being a weak democrat, well it is obvious they wanted him out. He was stupid to give them a “reason” for his resignation. And when you have a GOP president, in Dem clothing, giving a statement like…if it was me in a towel, I’d resign, what can you do?

  4. foxyladi14 says:

    he should do what right.and so should all the rest of them congress critters 🙂

  5. Peggy Sue says:

    Frankly, I wish they’d all resign. Weiner’s neck was on the chopping block, and sadly, he handed his executioners the axe. His greatest sin? Being a loud, obnoxious progressive voice. Made him no friends but many enemies. Add stupidity and a self-destructive compulsion to the mix and you’re a suicide in the making.

    The Democrats disgust me anymore. They’ve completely sold their souls to the highest bidder and insist on championing Obama and his failed policies. Weiner was sucking up too much oxygen and headline space. Sorry but the ‘we suck less than the other guys’ mantra is worn out and doesn’t play anymore. Our choices for 2012 are the nutzoid GOP, where fiction is fact and God, Guns and Gays rule the day and the equally lying Democrats, who pretend to protect ordinary Americans, while stuffing their pockets with Wall St favors and lots of loot. And oh yes, Obama letting his gray hair sprout and Michelle expressing concern that he’s overworked. Guess he needs more golf time.

    It all makes me want to gag. Despite Weiner’s foolish sexcapades, Americans are still out of work, we’re still spending blood and future earnings in the ME and the economy is slithering towards total collapse. When July raises its ugly head, a new fiscal year for many states, immediate cutbacks in labor and programs will begin. Over 40 states have budget shortfalls, including the Texas Miracle [25 billion in the toilet]. Strange how the press rarely mentions that factoid, something that Perry was able to paper over with Stimulus money, the very fund he so loudly decried.

    It’s a disaster in the making. Weiner’s personal failings are a blip on the national radar. The Republicans may be smirking now but no one’s going to be smiling when the economic blowout comes to town.

  6. RSM says:

    I like this description of Weiner from David Dayen:

    He was not the kind of member of Congress who worked the issues deeply or got legislation passed. He was a backbencher biding his time before running for Mayor of New York City, and then, a bomb-thrower who used cable news to gain the admiration of liberals. What damaged his effectiveness was a scandal that would not allow him to go on TV anymore and yell about Republicans. Because that was really his designated role.

    • bostonboomer says:

      Interesting. Dayen also says Dems were planning to eliminate Weiner’s district anyway. I didn’t know that. He represents Brooklyn and Queens.

      Weiner wasn’t going to have a district anymore. New York loses two seats in redistricting, and the common wisdom on this is that an upstate Republican and a downstate Democrat would be sacrificed. In a way, the Weiner scandal made this easier; now the downstate Dem was obvious. A special election, with a new incumbent, may complicate that.

      • jawbone says:

        Had there been no scandal, Weiner’s district would have been safe. But there was an “embarrassing” scandal and the MCM was not going to let it go.

        Now, NY gets to lay out big bucks to elect a short term rep whose district most likely will be split up to keep two more established incumbents in office.

        And that abominable Breitbart gets to claim another scalp.

        Ironic that this happens just after the GAO released its report that ACORN did nothing to merit defunding. But that’s our wonderful Alice in Wonderland Dem Party: Sentence first, execute second, then investigate..

      • Minkoff Minx says:

        That is interesting.

  7. paper doll says:

    ACORN’s “crime” was its usefulness was at an end…. and the supposed benifits for helping Obama was a lie.

  8. Adrienne in CA says:

    Regardless of ancillary political games, or the hypocrisy of the other side under similar circumstances, or any of that, I’m glad he’s resigning. The extreme sexism this horndog displayed, persuing female online contacts as nothing more than potential masturbatory aids, has no place in Congress or leadership of any kind. Good riddance to bad rubbish.