Late Night: A Little Levity

By CarlosLatuff:

(Cartoon) #Mubarak got the chair, Egyptian people got the POWER! #Jan25 #Egypt

This is from Jon Stewart last week, but since we’re living a Groundhog’s day nightmare with both Mubarak and Fox News, this is still entirely applicable to today (H/T Minkoff Minx):

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And, because I still prefer Stephen Colbert over Stewart (sorry Jon)… another clip from last week, again not all that much has changed:

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This is a late night open thread. Do your thing in the comments!

13 Comments on “Late Night: A Little Levity”

  1. Here’s an old Lewis Black one I’m putting up just cause it always cracks me up…

  2. Chris Rock roasts Oprah and Obama…

  3. Congress forgets how to pass a law:

  4. Tweet from earlier:

    angelaperry Mubarak. Dude. Egyptians INVENTED writing on the wall. You really should learn to read it. #egypt #facepalm

  5. RT @AlfredoMendozo: American-trained #Egypt Army walks a tightrope today. Which master is ultimately served? #jan25

  6. RT @mosaaberizing: Today is the third Friday of our revolution. The first was bloody, second was festive and third should be decisive. #Jan25

  7. Last one. Lol…

    someaustralian YOU HAVE Hosni_Mubarak VIRUS! YOUR DATA FILES ARE ALL AT RISK! Click here to purchase the Suleiman(tm) antivirus protection package. #egypt

  8. AJE reporter saying Tahrir unusually full for morning time… usually it’s around/after prayers that it gets to this kind of number.

  9. Woman Voter says:

    Alshaheeed Khaled Said
    If the army can guarntee & implement that:
    then this is what most of us want #Jan25 #Egypt END TWEET & Start of rough Google Translation:

    Arabic to English translation
    We are all by Khalid Saeed on Friday, February 11, 2011 at 2:46 am

    Message from a group of youth January 25 represent only themselves and do not speak for everyone:

    The Egyptian army has vowed to protect the achievements of the popular revolution sparked by young people, and the army confirmed on the guarantee of the peaceful transition of power, and protect the right of the protesters and peaceful demonstrators to express their opinions without prejudice to them, and this confirms a firm desire to establish the principle of a civil state.

    Given the sensitivity of the historical period through which the nation, and because of our confidence in the impartiality of our army of Egypt and its national role, we would demand as a national institution with a great appreciation and respect in the hearts of the Egyptians to be the guarantor of popular demands with clarity of vision and the details of clear and specific timetables because of lack of confidence between the people and the current system :

    [1] to ensure that a serious step down Honorary President Mubarak and he will not return to power under any circumstances

    [2] end the state of emergency as soon as possible and re-elections in all constituencies, which was pre-emptive right provisions of the invalidity of elections

    [3] enabled the Egyptian judiciary to supervise the full electoral process as a whole.

    [4] to control the election by local civil society organizations and international levels.

    [5] to enable Egyptians abroad to exercise their right to vote in embassies and consulates.

    [6] to ensure the right to stand in the presidential election without arbitrary restrictions in line with Egypt’s obligations under the International Convention for Civil and Political Rights, and to limit the right to run for the presidency to two terms.

    [7] elections by national number.

    [8] the freedom to form political parties immediately, and be notified as soon as possible

    [9] the launch of media freedom and open expression of opinion in all its forms, and to ensure the right to establish newspapers, and the launch of the satellite channels

    [10] the release of all detainees, and to prosecute and try all the murderers responsible for the crimes in the right of Egypt’s youth, and to prosecute and shut down the symbols of corruption, confiscation of money stolen from the people’s livelihood and re-institution-building
    And creating the country to conduct parliamentary and presidential elections fair. In order to attain some of those procedures and safeguards to amend articles 76 and 77 and 88 and all other materials which will ensure a peaceful transition of power
    Security on the basis of transparent and prevent the encroachment of torture and intimidation of citizens

    [11] the formation of a government of technocrats assume management of the country during the transitional period until September and creating the country to conduct parliamentary and presidential elections fair. In order to attain some of those procedures and safeguards to amend articles 76 and 77 and 88 and all other materials which will ensure a peaceful transition of power

    We will provide a full detailed proposal includes a proposed timetable and details of legal and legislative Searches

    Our confidence in our army, we were pleased last statement of the armed forces, which pledged to complete the democratic transition, and we accept all that is

    We emphasize the points of the previous eleven

    Long live Egypt, the Egyptians and the Egyptians

    A group of young revolution January 25

    Wael Ghoneim

    Mustafa al-Najjar

    Amr Salama

    Mohammed Diab

    Abdel-Moneim told

    Abdul-Rahman Youssef