Cry me a River, John

Okay, you probably had better things to do on a Sunday night than watch Lesley Stahl interview John Boehner on 60 minutes.   If you can stomach it, that link will take you to Agent Orange’s interview and some of his outrageous statements.  You can also get some short form critique at Politico.

The midterm elections and the prospect of being Speaker of the House have obviously turned this guy into egomaniac of the decade . Yes, that’s even given his stiff competition for the title up the Avenue.  I can only image that it looks like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade when Boehner and Obama are in the same room.  Just one big Giant Floating Head Fest!

We’re sampling some Boehners tonight. Try not to sniffle.

John Boehner thinks President Barack Obama is engaging, smart and brilliant but also remains smarted by the president accusing him of taking taxpayers hostage to secure a tax break for the rich.

In an interview with Leslie Stahl of “60 Minutes” for broadcast Sunday night on CBS, Boehner said Obama showed him “disrespect” by calling him a hostage-taker.

“Excuse me, Mr. President I thought the election was over,” Boehner said, according to a transcript obtained by POLITICO. “You know, you get a lot of that heated rhetoric during an election. But now it’s time to govern.”

I can’t imagine the Boehner definition of ‘govern’.  Boehner’s pledged to tackle the deficit  is achieved by adding a huge amount of unnecessary tax cuts to billionaires into the equation.  Boehner Economics: 2 – 1 + 4 = 1.  That kind’ve stupidity alone defines Boehner-the-red-nosed Speaker.  I’m sure he and Biden can sit around singing 99-bottles-of-beer-in-my-gut together and always come up a few kegs short of a brewery.

But, back to the interview.

Boehner: I listen. I’ve got thick skin. And a lot of words get said here in Washington. You just have to let ’em run off your back. The president was having a tough day.

Stahl: You’re so understanding.

Boehner: I have a tough day from time to time myself.

But later in the interview, it became clear that the president’s jab about hostage takers had bothered him.

Stahl: There have been moments of disrespect shown to President Obama.

Boehner: Well, there was some disrespect, I would suggest, that was shown to me yesterday by the president.

The most powerful Democrat and the now most powerful Republican are sizing each other up. They may have exchanged more words via television than in person. And most of them have been, shall we say, unfriendly.

Mr. Boehner was the one who urged Republicans in the house to vote as a block against all of Obama’s initiatives: health care, the stimulus and on and on. And he escalated the attacks during the campaign.

His strategy of defiance worked.

And on election night, in his victory speech, the public saw something they probably never expected from Boehner: it was called “the sob heard round the world.”

“I’ve spent my whole life chasing the American Dream,” Boehner said, choking up.

Can you feel the smarm tonight?   Evidently the American Dream includes zygotes but excludes a hell of a lot of living breathing thinking people.  Let’s analyze some Boehners.

It’s easy to kick somebody when they’re down. George W. Bush has dealt with more difficult issues than any president since Franklin Roosevelt. And I’ve told my colleagues it’s time that we go stand up for the president.

Let’s see, Franklin Roosevelt:  Dealt with insolvent Banks by shutting them down. Check.  Ensured no more Stock Market crashes caused by miscreant banks/investment firms by enacting Glass Stegall.  Check. Ended the Great Depression. Check.  Started the New Deal to get people back to work and ended elder poverty by enacting Social Security. Check. Helped farmers and homeowners avoid foreclosure. Check.   Drug into world war 2 by the Japanese , fought on two fronts, and ended world war 2 with a victory. Check.

George Dubya Bush:  Started the the Great Recession. Check.  Started the Bankrupt America tax cut program. Check.  Increased income inequality and deregulated securities so that we now have high long term unemployment, a huge market crash in both equities and homes.  Ushered in record level foreclosures. Check. Brought about  record level Long term unemployment.  Check. Bailed out insolvent banks and brokerage firms. Check.   Basically started World War 3 by declaring war on a Bedouin nation and unnecessarily invading its neighbors.  Passed off said wars, said recessions, said unemployment, and said deficit to the next dude. Check.

Wow, that’s sure sounds likes it’s in the same league of problems and level of problem-solving  to me. (SO NOT!)

And then there’s these major untruths, oops Boehners:

Make no mistake, a ‘yes’ vote on the Democrats’ health care bill is a vote for taxpayer-funded abortions.

Stem cell research must be carried out in an ethical manner in a way that respects the sanctity of human life.

I think that translates into, if you’re alive, you can just die and go to hell, vs. if you’re a two cell proto-human, we’ll do everything possible to ensure you’re allowed to kill and bankrupt every one in your path!!

The United States and Israel have a unique relationship based on our mutual commitment to democracy, freedom, and peace. Therefore, just as our commitment to these principles must be steadfast, so must our support for Israel.

Should we tell him that Israel’s kind’ve a socialist state and mention the kibbutz thing or just let him blather on?

They have called Operation Iraqi Freedom a war of choice that isn’t part of the real war on terror. Someone should tell that to al Qaeda.

Okay, raise your hand if you knew that there was no al Qaeda in Iraq until we invaded them?  Yes, all of you!!!  Good. You can see who you’re a lot smarter than, can’t you?

So, that explains why he finds the POTUS  “engaging, smart and brilliant”.  Boehner appears dumber than a post. Eggplants appear more “engaging, smart, and brilliant” compared to him.  Tangerines, however, lose the complexion contest.

Okay, so he’s not even Speaker yet and I’m already depressed.  We are sooooooo F’d.

39 Comments on “Cry me a River, John”

  1. Minkoff Minx says:

    Robert Kuttner: Social Security: The Coming Cave-in

    Dak, did you see this? Was there any mention of Social Security during the interview? I can’t bring myself to watch the Orange Menace….

    • dakinikat says:

      No. Just comments about the Deficit and his humble beginnings mostly. But there’s more clips that weren’t on TV that I didn’t watch over there.

    • Woman Voter says:

      Please, tell me this isn’t going to get WORSE! I can’t take any move cave ins and touching Social Security or Medicare would be a Cave In and An Avalanche. 😥 Oh noooo…

  2. Pat Johnson says:

    We can look forward to this crying fool invading our tv screens for the next two years.
    And I thought that Glenn Beck held the franchise for being able to rustle up a bucketload of hogwash every night but apparently there is enough waterworks in DC to go around.

    This moron is the second of 12 kids who had to share two bedrooms in a crowded home and whose parents had to sleep on a pullout couch. You would think he would have more in common with the average guy rather than with the rich bastards who are out to game every last cent.

    Just goes to show how “power” in and of itself trumps even money in DC. Keep the Kleenex handy because the “emotional toll” of being Speaker is going to be on display.

    Weeping Willie will be blubbering his way through legislation with every drink he takes. That spray tan is there to cover up more than pasty skin tones.

    I hate these people.

  3. Pat Johnson says:

    A moment of verclemp:

    • dakinikat says:

      he is so disgusting.

    • Sima says:

      I was gonna watch it, just to laugh, but I can’t, I just can’t.

      It’s not that I mind it when men cry, I don’t. It’s that I mind it when drunken old sots who hate me and my fellow middle classers cry. That’s what I mind. To dredge up a quote from my younger days, ‘Gag me with a spoon!’.

  4. Pat Johnson says:

    Say what you will about Nancy Pelosi – and we do – but compared to the last three Speakers, Gingrich, Delay, and Hastert, she doesn’t look so bad. In fact, I am willing to bet that after 2 years of Simpering Boehner we will all come to regard Nancy in a whole new light.

  5. Thursday's Child says:

    I don’t know about anyone else here, but I get to a point where I can’t stand to read and talk anymore about what boneheads they are, I just want to DO something.
    But I can’t think of anything to do that isn’t illegal, immoral or fattening.

    • Pat Johnson says:

      I’m with you. If things were not as dire as predicted it might be worth a laugh or two.

      Just thinking of Boehner, McConnell, Bachmann, Barton, Demint, Paul, and an assortment of Teabots, voting, and legislating on behalf of the nation is enough to invite nightmares.

      Toss in the those who are about to line up and announce their intent to run in 2012 as presidential material and the hilarity somehow begins to dissipate.

      Yet somebody is voting for them which in itself is astounding considering that some of these people are just plain nuts.

  6. Thursday's Child says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be a maudlin 2 years with Boehner in office.

    • dakinikat says:

      Buy extra tissues now and beat the rush! All I can remember is the rethugs crucifying muskie for crying. Didn’t want him to be 1 away from potus. Boehner is 2 away. Hypocrites!

      • Thursday's Child says:

        Hypocrites through and through.
        I’d need the tissues to wipe my eyes and blow my nose after laughing so much if the situation wasn’t so dire.

  7. cwaltz says:

    Larry, Moe and Curly will be running our country. Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck
    I just want to freakin cry because this is probably as close to tragic comedy as you can get.

  8. fiscalliberal says:

    Dak – not a darn good article, its a damn good article. So many fronts covered and spot on for all topics. Also the right touch of snarky smart 🙂

    I find it interesting that Boehner represents the best of thinking for the Republican House. I think they have a problem just like we have a problem with Obama. Both of them really are not that original, however Boehner has more spine. He is successfull because he keeps his message simple and stands up for what he beliieves. At least he seems to be consistent for what he says and does.

    The sleeper in all of this is Pelosi who has more spine and organizational skills than Obama, Reid, McConnel (?) and Boehner. You are right she has been hampered in having to carry the water for Obama. It is so much like Thatcher and Bush I, she told him to not go wobbly.

    I hope she starts adopting some of the independence Tip O’neil had. If you recall, he slapped down Hillary and Bill. I really thought he was wrong, but Hillary made the mistake of not being able to bridge that gap.

    Just to reiterate a previous point, Clinton took the situation and got us out of the hole created by deficits. Obama is digging us further in the hole and we as a country do not have the luxury of a person haveing to learn the trade in the presidency. Clinton had the smarts and experience to do it. Obama is deficient on both counts.

    Our current hope is Nancy!

  9. fiscalliberal says:

    Joe Scarbourgh is creaming Mica this mornign as she is trying to defend Obama and he is beating her on logic. Halpern is a Obot

  10. fiscalliberal says:

    Morning Joe is playing up of the take over of the Friday podium. Joe has hit the nail on the head, Obama is a slow learner. Obots are trying to reserect Obama

  11. fiscalliberal says:

    Amazing – the Halpern Obot is trying to align Pelosi with Palin

    • cwaltz says:

      Well some of the dolts on the other side actually think they cab get a better deal

      Exhibit A would be at Redstate where the are calling to kill the deal. These morons actually think the GOP would get no blame for blocking the deal since the liberal faction has been so vocal in their disgust.

      Yeah, they’re that stupid. Somehow they figure they can stealthily get a better estate tax. Oy!

  12. cwaltz says:

    This is bad news if true.

    We need to start getting a scorecard for the Democrats, so we can figure out who needs to be primaried.

  13. dakinikat says:

    Every time @johnboehner cries, a demon gets its wings.

    My favorite retweet today!

  14. dakinikat says:

    View Women take on “Weeper of the House”