Clinton would beat Obama by 20 points according to poll

Okay, it’s a Newsmax poll, but in conjunction with Survey USA:

Hillary Clinton would trounce fellow Democrat President Barack Obama by a 20-percentage-point margin in a head-to-head race for the presidency, according to a Newsmax/SurveyUSA poll conducted after Tuesday’s midterm elections….

The survey of 1,000 registered voters was conducted Nov. 3-4, after Republicans won the House and gained six seats in the Senate — results widely interpreted as a rejection of Obama and raising questions about whom the Democrats might field as a candidate in 2012.

In the poll, respondents were asked: “If there were an election for president of the United States today, and the only two names on the ballot were Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who would you vote for?”

The poll found that overall, 60 percent of respondents chose Secretary of State Clinton, while 40 percent chose Obama.


UPDATE: BTD on what could have been: HOLC

24 Comments on “Clinton would beat Obama by 20 points according to poll”

  1. mablue2 says:

    Wow! Talk about being down in public opinion.

    I think BO needs to talk to BC about how to engineer a comeback.

    • Dario says:

      I believe BC can’t help Obama. I also believe that one cannot teach someone what needs to be learned in jobs over many years. The ability adjust and win after failing, like BC when he lost his reelection as governor in AR. Obama rose to his level of incompetence, also known as the Peter Principle.

      • Pips says:

        “Obama rose to his level of incompetence.” Yes … just too bad it was the US presidency.

        I predict that we’re in for a lot of imitating Bill Clinton, his gestures and demeanor, by Obama. I already saw it in part of his “performance” on The Daily Show and in the press-conference after the midterms.

        Wish someone with the knowledge of body language would get in to that. But then even scholars in rhetoric praise Obama’s eloquence so I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up too high.

  2. Dario says:

    BTD should stfu.

    • mablue2 says:

      Why? What did BTD do?

      I think he has always been one of the fairest “big time” bloggers out there.

      • Dario says:

        It’s true that BTD is fair, but up to a point. I never believed that he could not see Obama’s weaknesses and the risk that he was to the Democratic Party. BTD is 2 years late to laud HOLC, and stick to writing about how the media loves Obama.

        • Dario says:

          I meant to say that BTD should stick to writing about…

        • Teresa says:

          BTD was also one of the pushers of the RFK Clinton’s-waiting-to-see-if-Obama-gets-offed nonsense toward the 2008 campaign.

          Fair blogger, he is not. He’s as biased as any of them. Yes, he used to throw red meat for the Clinton advocates, but that was about blog hits, nothing else.

          And now, to be pushing HOLC? Well, Armando, you had your chance to advocate for the right candidate. So STFU until you admit you screwed up. He’ll never admit that.

        • bostonboomer says:

          I didn’t either, Dario. BTD supported Obama so he wouldn’t get kicked out of the blogger boys club. He knew Hillary would be better.

  3. Dario says:

    Without the Midwest, Obama can’t win. Why would Newsmax do a poll to test the strength of Hillary in 2012? I could understand a big newspaper, but Newsmax? I think Newsmax is being used because the other newspapers won’t touch it. Someone is pushing for Hillary to wrest the nomination from Obama.

    • mablue2 says:

      That’s what I also thought. Why do this poll now?

      • Valhalla says:

        The newsmax article says it polled on a bunch of people for 2012, not just Hillary. Polling on the others could just be cover for people who want Clinton to run, but it could also be one of the others trying to build up some buzz. (of course, in that case, I think they’ll be very disappointed with the results). Survey USA/Newsmax is releasing the results a few at a time. So far they’ve just released results on Clinton and Bayh; Obama still beats Bayh by almost 20 points.

        • bostonboomer says:

          Ooops, sorry–you beat me to the answer.

        • NWLuna says:

          SUSA polls have usually been right on the money. I am heartened by Hillary’s #s on this poll. Not surprised, though.

          Hoping against Hope tm that she does run against this smarmy con man in 2012. Before he can wreck this country beyond help.

      • Sima says:

        I wonder if they are obsessed with ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda’. In other words, regrets. And so they are exploring stuff we’ve all explored years ago. By ‘they’ I mean the press, btw. Or maybe it’s just all a big show.

        I mean it’s not like we didn’t predict that the press would turn on Obama. It’s just interesting how fast and viciously the turning can come.

    • bostonboomer says:

      They polled Obama against lots of candidates–Hillary just did the best.

  4. TheRock says:

    If anyone knows the US political landscape, its the Clintons. Whoever is doing the polling, however it is getting done, it’s letting Hillary campaign without campaigning. With Bill doing the legwork in the heartland where the correct coalition REALLY exists, story after story now filtering into the MSM about Hillary’s accomplishments in Asia, and the MSM turning on teh one, Hillary is slowly positioning herself on the side of the people in the best possible way. If she is going to upend whatever Manchurian candidate shows up in 2012. she will need an airtight plan, widespread popular support, time, preparation and a bit of luck to wrest the White House away from the powers that be.

    The momentum is building. I can’t WAIT to say Madam President!! 🙂

    Hillary 2012