31 Days of Action

Check it out. Help end violence against women worldwide.

Women Thrive Worldwide presents the 31 Days of Action—a grassroots campaign intended to push Congress to pass the International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA). Watch the video. Get inspired. Take action. Visit us at: http://www.womenthrive.org.

Find more videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/WomenThriveWorldwide

Information from Amnesty International.

Information from UNIFEM.

Information from the Bill’s Sponsors SEN. JOHN F. KERRY & REP. BILL DELAHUNT & KERRY KENNEDY & LARRY COX via Politico.

IVAWA will support innovative programs that challenge public attitudes and cultural practices that perpetuate and condone violence against women and girls. In settings where women are prevented or discouraged from seeking justice, IVAWA will support training for police and judicial officials on countering violence against women and respecting the rights of victims. It will allow long-term prevention efforts such as increasing women’s economic security, expanding access to jobs and education, and engaging men to change behaviors and attitudes. Societies in which women are able to live and function in relative safety, empowered to realize their aspirations and move their communities forward are healthier, better developed, and more stable. Societies that take measures to deter discrimination and violence against women are better equipped to root out terrorism, less prone to conflict, and therefore more secure.

This isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s in our own interests. Investing in women makes sense because when they are safe and free to earn a living they invest in education and grow economies – making U.S. assistance dollars go farther. And, U.S. security benefits from the elevated status of women. The Joint Chiefs of Staff recently stated that one of the most effective forces for defeating extremism is female education. IVAWA will help make this possible