How do we Fight Jane Crow?

I have to admit to believing the central right of all rights is control over your own body.  It is a defining right for me.  Up until this election, I stopped voting for candidates who described themselves as anti-choice because to me it indicated the inability to draw a line in the sand on what is and isn’t the business of government.  I’m that way about sex between consenting adults also.  To me, it’s a matter of none of your damned business, let alone a government law.    I know that many men in the Republican party choose the anti-choice stand simply because it is the path of least resistance.  You get a lot of resistance when you choose to be a pro-choice activist.  You risk your life and your family too.  Most of them just aren’t that willing to put their stuff on the line for women.  They know when they get enough money, the can buy a slightly better class of second class citizenship for their wives and daughters.  That includes a trip to an abortion clinic in New York City if need be.

There’s an interesting letter out on Feminists Choosing Life of New York . (h/t to the diary of debbierlus on The Seminal/FDL.) The organization claims–contrary to others’ opinions–that it is not an “organization of foaming-at-the –mouth anti-abortion loons whose only goal is to see Roe v Wade overturned using whatever means necessary”.  They list these achievements to promote feminist causes.

While it is true that FCLNY works to educate the public on the exploitative nature of abortion (efforts we do not apologize for), abortion is not our only concern because it is not the only concern of women. Throughout our history, we have worked on many different fronts to help improve life for women and their children. FCL has worked to oppose capital punishment, war and domestic violence. We have worked to raise the minimum wage, increase funds for quality childcare and advocate for Unborn Victims of Violence legislation. We have protested against over-the-counter availability of emergency contraception for minors, given our support to adoption agencies and have sponsored young women athletes in their quests to be champions. FCL has worked to oppose the use of taxpayer funds for embryonic stem cell research and now leads the fight against compensation of women for their eggs to be used in this research-a dangerous and painful procedure that exploits young women.

Since the Democratic party seems completely unable at the moment to fully support the right to choose and continues to ignore the rights of women in general, is it possible to find ways to work with organizations like these to further women’s rights?

Like I said, the entire anti-choice movement has been anathema to me on a very visceral level. For me to even ask this question goes against much of what I fought for as a young woman and a young mother.  However, if the Democratic Party continues to backtrack on commitments to furthering women’s rights, how much of choose do we have but to seek other allies in other key causes?

Given that we’ve all been put further into second class citizenship by a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress, is it time to find a feminist bipartisanship?

Can we join together to fight Jane Crow?

(You can consider this an open thread if you’d like.)