Some Random Thoughts about the Sky Falling …

It's snowing in New Orleansnph-cachecamIt’s one of those rare things in New Orleans. It snowed like crazy this morning and I essentially had a blizzard vacation today. My campus had about 7 inches of snow and the power went off  in Hammond. Down here in NOLA, there were these big huge wet flakes that dropped for several hours.  They iced up my hibiscus, my bananas, my avocado tree, and the roads. My 12 year old lab-mix Karma was a pain to try to walk today because she’s not used to snow. Actually, she wouldn’t walk at all. She just stood there wondering why the sky was falling.

Somethings are rare.  For one, the latest government corruption case has nothing to do with any one representing me. I currently have a state senator, several school board members, and a city council man doing time on bribery and corruption cases.  There’s a Louisiana Governor in Jail right now for the same thing.  My current congressman is just waiting for his trial. Frankly, I’d like to think this current IL thing will catch a few big fish but doubt it.  Most every in Illinois knew Governor 1 was being taped, watched, and followed.  Only Candidate 5 appeared dumb or greedy enough to potentially be caught by the Fed Web.   The exciting information will come if any one from this (including Rezko) turn snitch. If you think these guys may just sing like little girls to stay out of prison, just remember that Jimmy Hoffa’s body is still missing.hoffa  This guy may have been a close associate of Obama, Rezko, Axelrod, and Emmanuel (and basically all part of the Daley Machine) but I’m thinking  the press will be shy to admit they were wrong and could reconsider their fluffing for Obama during the entire election and now.  Also, I can’t imagine any savvy pol that was not careful about what they said to Governor Number 1 when they spoke to him because it was well known the FBI were after evidence for years. If Blagovich just refuses to go any where and continues to stay on the front page, will it help or hurt Obama?  Does it detract from all the problems confronting him or add to them? 

 In the Disrict, Hell freezes over all the time. We’re watching a Republican (supposedly Reagonomics-loving) administration attempt to nationalize its second industry this year.  Banks of course were first because of the general panic..  Now it appears we’re going to nationalize our barely functional auto industry.  My prostitute-loving radical right and moralist Senator David Vitter is threatening a filibuster once the rescue plan hits the senate floor.  Isn’t it interesting how the most self-righteous Republicans are always the ones that have the weirdest sexual proclivities?  Just google Vitter and diapers and you’ll get the idea.

Meanwhile, after MONTHS of being told we were guilty of using racist, right wing Republican memes if we dared use the one’smiddle name, the ONE has decided that he is going to take the oath of office and ensure all the inaugural fal-de-ral will include the Hussein word.  Does this strike any one but me as the least bit hypocritical?  Look for Left Blogosphere to completely ignore this one so that their computers and synapses don’t blow a fuse.  Frankly, I was thrown off blogs for using the one’s name while including Hussein.  It was considered racist and it implied I was pushing the right wing meme that he was a Muslim.  Has the rule changed now the Obama has embraced it again?  Any one?

Some time it’s the sky falling. Some time’s, it’s just that rare thing like a snowfall in New Orleans. Still other times, hell is freezing over and you want to be there with a camera.

UPDATED: Here’s a shot of the Music Building at South Eastern Louisiana University in Hammond.  Seven Friggin inches!!  Unbelievable!  I never would believe I’d have this kind of a snow day down here in the tropics!  The other pic at the top is of my street from my front porch.  Karma retreated to under the bed at this point.


2 Comments on “Some Random Thoughts about the Sky Falling …”

  1. ea says:

    Do you really have a banana tree and an avocado tree?

    • dakinikat says:

      yup, I have quite a few banana trees (they’re hard to get rid of and contain) and two avocado trees. I also have a lemon, basil, and lime tree. The one tree I really like is my bodhi tree … my lama planted it. It’s from a shoot straight from bodhigaya in India where the Buddha supposedly set and found enlightenment.