I’m still not going to vote for Obama

My reasons haven’t changed.

My top 10 reasons why I’m not voting for Barrack Obama:

1. His has specious pastors and associates (Rezko, Ayers, Wright, Farakhan, Michelle Obama …).

2. When he’s off the teleprompter and in a debate,  he shows no understanding of policy–especially foreign policy and diplomacy.

3. Whenever there is a vote on something difficult, he doesn’t vote or he votes present so he says things but does nothing.

4. His list of achievements can be summed up in one bullet point:  getting into office, jobs, and schools on something less than merit and hard work.

5. His demeanor reminds me of Dubya. He is smug, arrogant and when questioned comes off as some one whose entitled to NOT be questioned on anything.

6. He got his house and side yard in a sweet heart deal with his friend Rezko, the felon.

7. He got his two terms in the Il. state legislature by getting his opponents thrown out on technicalities and got the U.S. senate position when his Republican opponent quit when his supposedly sealed divorce records got opened mysteriously.

8. Michigan primary (sic):  If he can get pledged delegates by not being on the ballot, then I want some Michigan pledged delegates too.  Basically I hate injustice and every thing the RBC and the DNC did to rig the nomination for him falls into that heading.  The entire primary process was contorted so he could get the election.  The roll call was a sham.  The caucuses were gamed and Florida and Michigan were brought back into the fold only after all the delegates were either replaced or bullied into supporting him.

9. He says he will negotiate with leaders of rogue nations which is just one of the reasons he’s been endorsed by the likes of Kim Jong Il, Khadafi, Hamas, Fidel Castro …

and the number 10 reason I’m not voting for Obama:

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  2. Ann says:

    These are exactly the reasons I don’t want to vote for him! I’m just too afraid of a McCain administration, especially on the “tax my health insurance” front because my husband has congestive heart failure and we can’t afford to have our benefits taxed. (I already pay more deductible on them than I ever have.) But I DON’T trust or like Obama; I don’t believe that he stands for Democratic initiatives, I think he just stands for his own boundless ambition.

  3. warrior princess says:

    Just sent this off to a “friend” who sent me a bs note on how many colleges Palin went to, as opposed to BO. Now, I try to be civil and polite about all of this, but it just took me off the deep end. I paid my own way through, and worked two jobs while in school to do it. First in my family and all that. So, the idea that there is something wrong with Sarah Palin because she didn’t have a Hamas fundraiser to help her through college, just fried me.

    I sent off a rather nasty note about that,and have followed it with this page. Maybe it won’t change any minds, but it gives fair warning that I just don’t want to hear it anymore.

    I was not a Democrat for forty-three years because I liked the club. I was in that party because they said they beleived in and would support the ideals and items of faith that are important to me. They no longer even make a pretense of doing that,so I have left the Democrats. It is their loss, and I don’t feel alone for having done that, but woe to the friends and associates who assume that what they are willing to accept in the name of party, is what I am willing to accept. There seems to be a very big difference in minimum standards of decency out there these days, and I have decided to hold on to my beliefs this time around.

  4. Ben Kilpatrick says:

    What’s wrong with Nos. 1 and 9? I think those are great.